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February 2015

KidsSTOP: Where The Learning Never Stops!

The Science Centre Singapore has been around for 37 years and is constantly foraying into fresh areas of interest in order to widen the horizons for learning as far as our little ones are concerned. KidsSTOP is one of the establishment’s newer exhibitions, which spans a hefty 3000 square metres! This one-of-its-type edutainment hub in Singapore functions with the purpose of exposing children of pre-school to lower primary ages to the marvels of the realm of Science during their formative years.


In an environment specially designed for our young ones, trained science communicators assist and facilitate play and education in different thematic sectors. The various exhibits and zones are designed to encourage and boost parent-child bonding via interesting hands-on activities and programmes. KidsSTOP is a pioneering venture that invites children to enter a fascinating imaginary world that promises an exciting and inspiring journey of enlightenment. There are four different zones within the sprawling KidsSTOP; “Imagine”, “Experience”, “Discover” and “Dream”. These have been created bearing in mind the imaginative and inquisitive traits of children.


The “Imagine” zone features a Built Environment (a child-friendly replica of a busy construction site), a Supermarket (where kids can also learn where our food comes from), and a Dino Pit (for all aspiring palaeontologists) which is a guaranteed hit with all Jurassic Park fans! The “Experience” zone is divided into three segments: the Stop-Motion Area (budding filmmakers can direct their own animation films here), Critters (learn about the intriguing animal kingdom) and a Nature Area (explore different types of animals, plants and weather patterns). Over at the “Discover” sector, your children can have all their curious questions regarding the little miracles of the world answered in an engaging manner. Finally, the “Dream” zone is an enthralling partnership between scientific facts and fiction. Children are free to explore their wild imaginations! The outstanding highlight of this zone happens to be an amazing two-storey climbing structure which boasts hanging doors, flying fish and other hands-on exhibits which come together to form a zone of child-friendly fun!


Upcoming Exhibits at Science Centre Singapore

So what’s in store for you at the Science Centre in the upcoming months and years? A Digital Planetarium is currently in the pipelines; it is a significant upgrade of Omni-Theatre technology. It will feature a software with 38 million pixels projection technology, the world’s highest resolution. The Digital Planetarium promises an immersive learning experience – watch planets and astronomical phenomenons before your very eyes! There will also be live lectures on space science for interactive learning. An attraction featuring butterflies is also set to thrill visitors later in the year. It will be Singapore’s first indoor butterfly enclosure which will offer better environment control and a pleasant experience for everyone. Children will be able to learn the various stages of a butterfly’s life cycle here.


Where could it possibly be snowing all year round in Singapore? Why, at the neighbouring Snow City of course! This attraction that has been a perennial favourite amongst kids since its launch is set to undergo a revamp. Following that, it will feature a new “Arctic Expedition” adventure concept. Visitors can learn more about the Arctic Circle, its wildlife and inhabitants, through interactive elements. An “Igloo Learning Pod” will allow your children to transport themselves to the Arctic in a matter of seconds – such an astounding replica it will be! There will also be a hands-on fishing experience; dip your magnetic fishing rods in and reel in a catch! You will also be able to read on what your catch says about itself!

Look forward to those great exhibits coming up! In the meantime, keep the kids busy at the ever popular KidsSTOP, which is open on weekends and public holidays as well. Have a jolly good time!

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All pictures courtesy of Science Centre Singapore.

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KidsSTOP: Where The Learning Never Stops!