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May 2018

New exhibits at KidsSTOP™ Teach Kids all about Healthy Living through Fun!

These new exhibits at the Science Centre’s KidsSTOP™ – which teach children about healthy living through fun – are here just in time for kids to enjoy during the upcoming June holidays and more!

It isn’t enough to confine our kids’ learning to the classroom. Parents, too, have a duty to take learning “out of the classroom” and impart wisdom to their children. The latest exhibits at Science Centre’s KidsSTOP™ are perfect for a fun yet educational day out with the family!


In collaboration with the Health Promotion Board, the new exhibits at the ‘Supermarket’ and ‘Know Your Body’ zones teach children about healthy living through fun. Kids aged 18 months to eight years can learn about healthy habits through hands-on activities, interactive panels, and much more. Read on to find out more!

The Healthier Choice Game

The Healthier Choice Game teaches pre-schoolers to identify the Healthier Choice Symbol when eating out, and why some foods are healthier than others. Based on the concept of a game show, little ones can compete against each other to identify healthier food and beverage options. We’re sure pleased that our kids will be more wary of sweet drinks!

My Healthy Plate

My Healthy Plate is a charming interactive exhibit that teaches Junior about the importance of a healthy diet. How many times have you had to coax your toddler in eat some vegetables? Here, kids are introduced to the four food groups, and they’ll learn how to select foods from all groups to fill their plate! This exhibit is fun for adults, too. Try your hand at tapping on the 3-D, physical food items with the spoon wired to your plate and see what happens! Messages on healthy eating are also wired throughout the game, so kids can pick up tips while role-playing with you.

Cycle with Sally

Do your children detest exercise? Cycle with Sally is the perfect exhibit for them to learn about the importance of outdoor activities! As they paddle on the bicycle, the kids will observe the movement of bones and joints through Sally, the skeleton. The scenery on the screen also changes according to how fast they paddle, showing them the joy of being outdoors! They’ll also be introduced to trivia about the human bones — sure to score them some extra cool points at the next party.

Lift Yourself

Lift Yourself is undoubtedly the most popular exhibit in the Know Your Body Zone. Kiddos get to pull themselves up with a pulley in a test of strength! As they do so, they learn about how their muscles, bones, and joints work together to move. Plus, they also learn about how physical activity keeps them strong and healthy. Not to mention, this exhibit is tons of fun for both kids and parents! This activity is suitable for children 5 years old and above only.

And there you have it – our favourite exhibits for parents and children at the newly re-vamped KidsSTOP™! We’re sure you’ll enjoy interacting with your kids and imparting wisdom to them through the fun exhibits. Furthermore, in September, KidsSTOP™ and the Singapore Kindness Movement will be presenting “One Kind of Science” Musical. Let your kids experience a musical that not only teaches them about science, but also about kindness too! Early bird tickets are now on sale here.


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New exhibits at KidsSTOP™ Teach Kids all about Healthy Living through Fun!