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January 2015

Interior Adjustments for An Auspicious Year Ahead!

Earlier on Tuesday, AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paints and coatings company, and Way OnNet Group, a local geomancy consultancy firm, came together to provide an informative session on designing positive interior spaces at the Raffles Hotel. A global study of international trends by AkzoNobel has designated ‘copper orange’ as Colour of The Year for 2015. If the name AkzoNobel has not yet rung a bell, surely the name Dulux would! It is AkzoNobel’s best-known brand which is available in more countries than any other.

The ‘copper orange’ shade hails from the family of paints comprising reds, oranges and yellows. Recent trends in the interior design sector have noted a move towards warmer colours which generally signify optimism. They exude a sense of cosiness and comfort when used in the right spaces. ‘Copper orange’ is said to work well with metallic elements and features constructed out of natural substances. You must be wondering, “What’s in it for my family?” Fret not – there’s always something for everyone.
Dulux PureAir is the brand’s newest range of paints which are recognised by Singaporeans as the most odourless paint (even when freshly painted). It not only provides a smooth, luxurious finish but also keeps the air fresh after painting. ColourGuard technology (keeps colours looking fresh longer) and mould and fungus resistance are its other plus points. It is the perfect range of paints for expectant mothers or new mothers who are concerned about their little ones’ respiratory systems being exposed to harsh chemical odours. So, keep calm and go ahead and treat the walls of your home to a fresh vibrant look! With the Lunar New Year coming up next month, what better time could there be to revamp your home?

For those who are parents to budding Picassos who enjoy doodling on walls with a myriad of crayons, Dulux has the solution for you – Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology. The protective paint film prevents stains from penetrating, making cleaning a breeze! The range keeps colours looking gorgeous for longer and lets kids be kids. (so you can sit back and watch them create their masterpieces!)

Master Jet Lee of Way OnNet Group, a well reputed feng shui consultancy firm, imparted his expertise on methods to create an auspicious home environment. Here are some pro-family and child tips!


The Living Room

Here is where the most amount of qi resides and circulates; it should flow and collect in a harmonious manner so that your family members interact comfortably. It is important for living rooms to be well-lit and contain plenty of yang energy. For the upcoming Year of The Goat, pregnant ladies are advised to take note of safety, especially in the living room.

The Study Room

Is your child sitting for the PSLE this year? If you’re a firm believer of feng shui, you might consider making some changes to his or her study room. The direction which the study desk faces is of importance; this year the auspicious stars are in the North, Northeast, South, Southwest and Northwest.

Eight White Star (North): induces perseverance and allows for stable progress in academics

Six White Star (Northeast): drives students to go against all odds, adopt patience and stay optimistic

Seven Scarlet Star (South): studying will be enjoyable and it will be easier to absorb new knowledge but be mindful of your health (no burning the midnight oil!)

Nine Purple Star (Southwest): take note of carelessness and seek advice from family and friends when you encounter problems with your schoolwork

Four Dark Green Star (Northwest): plan your study timetable well and maintain the discipline to follow it strictly whilst taking regular breaks

The Kitchen

In the feng shui context, the kitchen serves the purpose of suppression. The stove has a dual function; to suppress and to receive qi. The best situation is to have the kitchen and stove in inauspicious sectors, North, South & Northwest for this year, (suppress) while facing (receive) auspicious directions. Kitchens must only have one stove to prevent tension amongst females in the household. Utilising blue shades in the kitchen would aid in easing tension between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law. This can also be applied to other common areas like the living room.

For the upcoming year, parents should look out for digestive and limb issues in young children. Do note that all of the above are general pointers for the impending Year of The Goat. For specific tips to improve your domestic realm, a personalised feng shui reading would be best!

To explore more safe and dazzling colour choices for your home, do visit the Dulux website.

If you are interested to know more about what the Year of The Goat has in store for you, read up on it here.


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Interior Adjustments for An Auspicious Year Ahead!