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March 2022

House call Services in Singapore that Every Mum should know

There are many reasons why a mother may not want to leave the house. Perhaps there’s no one to watch the baby or the kids and she doesn’t want to leave them home alone. Perhaps she already has a million things to do and doesn’t need to add another one to the list. And maybe she’s just tired. With the many hats she wears, that’s not a surprise. So here’s a handy list of house call services to the rescue!


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Going to the supermarket alone to shop for groceries is every new mum’s idea of me-time, isn’t it? There’s something so soothing about walking the aisles and looking at colourful produce displayed in neat rows. But if there’s no one to help watch the kids and you’ve run out of diapers and toilet paper, why not let your fingers do the walking instead?

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Giant’s ‘Lower Prices That Last’ campaign gives you discounts of up to 20% on hundreds of everyday items including rice, Fuji apples, Vannamei prawns, Perdigao Frozen Whole Chicken, and Dettol Antibacterial Body Wash. If you have young ones, you’ll be happy to know that you can get Huggies Gold Pants (Size M – XXL) at $18.85 (u.p. $21.95), and in-house brand Meadows Fresh Full Cream Milk (1L) at $1.95.

Shop on the CART app for same day delivery (subject to availability on orders made before 10am). It’s free when you spend more than $50 and frankly, that’s so easy to do when you can get items from Cold Storage, Giant, CS Fresh, and Guardian Pharmacy on the same app!



Running out of baby necessities in the middle of the night won’t be a problem if you use pandamart. The grocery shopping app operates 24 hours 7 days a week, offering over 40,000 essentials round the clock and to your doorstep in 20 minutes. Delivery fees apply, but the minimum spend is only $5 so you don’t have to stuff your cart with unnecessary items just to make up an order. Look out for pandamart days when you can get one-for-one deals, discounts of up to 50%, and 99 cent delivery.


FairPrice Online

Trusted, tried, and tested. Furthermore, if you are a Plus! member, you can collect Link points, making this a very worthwhile online shopping option. In addition, there are promotions galore, from purchase-with-purchase deals, marked down to clear items, and weekly deals. What we really love is how Fairprice supports homegrown with its #supportlocal initiative, partnering over 15 farmers and suppliers across Singapore.

Furthermore, you can stretch your dollar with FairPrice on Fridays which offers a 5 per cent discount on 100 key items every Friday till the end of the year. Some prep and planning is required though as there is no same-day delivery. Apart from the delivery fee (free beyond a $79 spend) there’s also a service fee to cover processing, picking and packing online grocery orders.



Every busy mum needs more help. Whether you’re looking to engage a part-time cleaner who drops by to wash and mop weekly or just need extra help deep-cleaning on occasion, now you can just book online or via an app, and wait for the doorbell to ring. Some even offer babysitting and cooking services!


Cleaning your home doesn’t get any more fuss-free than with Fuss. The model is straightforward and simple. Book a cleaner, pay online, and your cleaner will turn up at your specified date and time. The icing on the cake: you’re only paying a flat rate of $25 per hour with no surcharges on evenings or weekends.



If you’re the type who errs on the side of caution, you’ll appreciate all that Helpling does to ensure its customers a good experience. For one thing, they only hire Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents, so you can have peace of mind that your part-time cleaner isn’t working illegally. On top of that, they also back every cleaner with a $1 million public liability insurance policy. They also offer a Covid-19 Home Recovery Disinfection Service.



Apart from domestic cleaning staff, Sendhelper also has a pool of personal chefs who will purchase ingredients and cook a meal for you. The best part? They’ll clean up your kitchen after they’re done! You can also book professional caregivers who are experienced in taking care of the elderly.



If there were ever a Jack-of-all-trades, HelperGo (previously AgentBong) would be it. They do regular cleaning, office cleaning, renovation cleaning, cooking, elderly care and even babysitting. What’s cool is that you get to see the profile of each helper, with their average job rating, number of completed jobs and number of hours worked clearly displayed. It’s said that HelperGo’s system even automatically bans helpers whose job ratings slip below 4/5.

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Then there are those moments when your sick kid has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, and it’s 2am in the morning. But you’re not sure if it really requires a trip to the A&E. Keep these numbers on hand and you’ll be able to get a doctor to make a housecall.

Homage: 24/7 care for the elderly

Maybe it’s not you, but one of the grandparents, who needs medical attention. And it’s in the middle of the night. You could go to the A&E at the hospital, but what if your elderly person is bed bound, or unwilling to go out? That’s where Homage, with its team of local licensed doctors who can respond 24/7 anywhere in Singapore, can help. They can also do health screenings in the comfort of home, and perform simple surgical procedures.


Doctor Anywhere

Download the app, and you have a doctor at your fingertips whenever you need one. Doctor Anywhere offers a full suite of health and wellness services for every healthcare need, and ensures that you are connected to a doctor online in less than five minutes. If you are travelling, they also provide supervised ART (Tele-ART) for pre-departure, pre-event and on-arrival testing.


Trinity Housecall

Trinity Housecall’s fees typically range from $250 to $450. Should you have a problem that needs to be attended to urgently, they will be able to send a doctor within the hour. They’re on call 24 hours a day and will travel islandwide.

Hotline 8223 4999

Raffles Medical Group

Skip the clinic queues and consult a doctor anytime, anywhere with the Raffles Connect Video Consult in-app function that provides 24/7 Video Consultation with a Raffles Medical doctor. They also deliver medication to your doorstep, and can issue medical certificates and referral letters. If you prefer to go to the clinic, you can also use the app to get a queue number first.


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Whether you’re a tired mum-to-be, exhausted new mummy or would simply like to enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home, one of these should do the trick. It also means you don’t need a babysitter and dads are welcome too. Time to work those kinks out!

The Outcall Spa

For mummies-to-be, The Outcall Spa offers prenatal massages designed to ease all the back pains and aches you’re facing. If you’ve recently given birth, postnatal massages help to tone stomach muscles, and expel wind from the tummy. They also offer a CelluSlim treatment to help you regain your perfect figure. Or how about including the hubby in a romantic couples massage? Besides the massage bed, towels, oils, music and soft spa lighting, The Outcall Spa also brings with them decades of proven massage skills.


Aleyda Mobile Spa

This popular mobile spa comes complete with ergonomic massage equipment, fresh linen, spa music and expert therapists. Treatments include Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue and prenatal massages, as well as foot reflexology and aromatherapy. They also organise bespoke spa parties for ladies and even for girls aged seven to 16 years. If you plan to book regular massages, consider signing up for a membership plan for more savings.


Gamsa Birth

Syahirah from Gamsa Birth is a WSQ-certified Swedish massage and postnatal massage therapist. Her services run the gamut from prenatal EO massage to postnatal jamu massage. She can also assist with infant massage, teaching new mums how to bathe and massage their newborn. Also a certified birth and postpartum doula, she provides doula support and even supplies postpartum tingkat meals!


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We’d all like to achieve that highly coveted work-life balance and there’s no shame in enlisting the help of house call services. That way, you can carve out a bit more time for your family and friends. Here’s to spending less time running errands and more quality time with the ones who matter this year!

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House call Services in Singapore that Every Mum should know