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November 2015

Hospital Maternity Tours in Singapore: Mt Alvernia, Mt Elizabeth (Orchard), & Mt E Novena

Last week our (blissfully!) pregnant writer took you on hospital maternity tours though Gleneagles Hospital and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This week, we’re bringing you through the rest of the 10 maternity hospitals in Singapore — a few at a time — as you choose the best place to birth your precious one. Do note that these accounts are based on our writer’s personal experiences when she went on the maternity tours. Please get in touch with the hospital if you require further details and more information about its maternity services or if you’d like to attend the maternity tours.


Mount Alvernia Hospital

820 Thomson Road, Singapore 574623. Tel: 6347 6688

I’ve heard many good things about Mt Alvernia Hospital. A friend whose baby was recently delivered here enjoyed her stay. She said that the nurses are friendly and helpful, and that she’d definitely go back for the birth of her next child.

I had the same impression during the tour, and was pleased to find out that the congeniality of the staff wasn’t restricted to the nurses. The administrative staff were also warm and genuine, and went the extra mile to make us comfortable. The tour co­ordinator showed us each of the available room types, answered our questions knowledgeably and affably, and even stayed back after the tour to attend to further questions.

The warm atmosphere was justified when I found out that despite being a privately-­owned hospital, Mt Alvernia is a not-for-profit organisation. This stems from their Catholic roots, when the FMDM Sisters from the Franciscan Missionaries started the hospital out of compassionate care and with canvassed donations.

This brings me to one of its most unique features, the Mt Alvernia Chapel. A serene spot nestled away from the hustle and bustle of human activity, parents can arrange to have their babies presented and blessed here before discharge.

Mt Alvernia Chapel (Edited)The MAH chapel is also a wonderful place for anyone seeking calm and tranquility.

In terms of maternity wards, the hospital offers lots of choice. My recommendation, after having been on several hospital maternity tours, is to go on these so you can get a feel of the rooms for yourself. Each ward is distinctive in design and décor and you might find yourself preferring one to the others. Some rooms even offer a view of MacRitchie Reservoir! You can also opt for a suite which comes with a guest lounge area.

Single Room (Our Lady's Ward)Single room in Our Lady’s Ward.Single room (St Michael's Ward)Single room in St. Michael’s Ward.Single room (St Raphael's Ward)Single room in St. Raphael’s Ward.

For the single rooms, lodging and three meals are included in the maternity package at $80.25 per day. The newly constructed multistorey carpark has helped ease parking woes. There are also shuttle bus services to Bishan and Novena MRT stations.

Food-wise, there is a cafe on the first floor which sells local favourites, western dishes, sandwiches and snacks. The hospital also has a Subway outlet, and counters selling sushi, and Mr Bean snacks and drinks.

Cost of tour: ​Free
Cost of 1-BD normal delivery 2­-day stay: ​​$3,103 ​(excludes doctor’s fee)

Mount Elizabeth (Orchard)

3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510. Tel: 6737 2666

Mt Elizabeth (Orchard) is the older sister of Mt Elizabeth (Novena) and unfortunately, not really high up on my list. While the other hospital maternity tours showed us around the delivery and maternity wards, the tour coordinator at Mt E (Orchard) kick­started the tour with a lengthy explanation about admission procedures, payment methods, and birth registration details.

While such information is good to know, it’s not my priority while on the tour. As a potential customer, I would like to know what the hospital can offer me in terms of the birthing experience, not get a crash course on admin details which I can get off a brochure!

There are positive aspects about Mt E, of course. One, the tight security. There are security cameras keeping surveillance on the wards, and you have to request for access through a speaker before entering. Babies are tagged, and an alarm will ring if a baby is brought outside of the ward.

Mt E Orchard - Delivery suite (edited)Delivery suite.

The delivery suites are on Level 3, with seven rooms and one on standby. The tour coordinator told us that once the birth starts and Hubby hasn’t appeared, he would be barred from entering the delivery suite due to bacteria concerns. A fellow tour mate pointed out that this means that Hubby will miss Baby’s birth!

Don’t worry, I’ve asked the hospital, which has assured me that this is not the hospital’s policy. Perhaps the tour coordinator that day was unclear about hospital procedures. Still, this is a good reminder to ask, clarify, and confirm anything that you feel is unusual.

A plus point is the luxury of the rooms. Patients also enjoy exclusive use of the hospital’s private garden. New mothers get access to daily classes on breastfeeding and baby bathing, and lodging is at $98 per night inclusive of three meals. If you choose the Daffodil or Magnolia suites, the package includes a personal butler, a private nurse, free parking, and a special celebratory dinner for two or cocktail party for up to six persons. On the tour, you’re also able to sample some of the herbal soups from the hospital’s confinement food menu.

Mount Elizabeth Orchard - Single Room (selected)Single bedded room.Mount Elizabeth Orchard - Daffodil Suite (selected)The Daffodil Suite is twice the size of a single room.

There are two eating places: the staff canteen (open to the public, closes at 8pm), and a Delifrance cafe. Lucky Plaza is a stone’s throw away. If all else fails, there’s Orchard Road.

Cost of tour:​ Free
Cost of 1-BD normal delivery 2-­day stay:​ ​$3,180​(excludes doctor’s fee)

Mount Elizabeth (Novena)

Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore 329563. Tel: 6898 6898

Built fewer than four years ago, Mt Elizabeth (Novena) is gleaming and its facilities are spanking new. This is a hospital that caters to the more affluent crowd, with luxurious rooms and an emphasis on security.

The maternity wards at Mt E (Novena) are all single-­bedded. There are 30 1-BD rooms and each allows lodging at $97 per night with three meals included. These wards offer a premium experience beyond a simple hospital stay. With hotel­-grade silencing doors, individual temperature control, and Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries, the birth experience will be as relaxing as going on a holiday.

Mount Elizabeth Novena - Single Room (selected)Single room.Mount Elizabeth Novena - Junior Suite (selected)Junior Suite.

You can also choose to stay in a suite, which offers not just a private space but also ample room for loved ones. The Junior Suite comes with a living room and an alfresco balcony.

Like Mt Elizabeth (Orchard), the hospital has invested in security features to give its patients peace of mind. Every level has restricted access –- you need an access card to gain access through the glass doors to the wards. At the maternity wards, the access restriction is in force 24/7.

When babies are born, they are tagged with ‘Hugs & Kisses tags’. Mom and Baby will have matching tags, which sound a melody when in close range but buzz an alarm if it’s a mismatch. This means that you can be sure it is your baby you’re carrying.

Mt E Novena - Delivery suite (edited)Delivery room.Mt E Novena - Florist (edited)Lots of flowers and gifts for personalised flower baskets.

Parking is complimentary for one vehicle. Dining options include Salad Garden, Starbucks, and Samsara Gourmet, a restaurant which serves Cantonese food.

Cost of tour: ​Free
Cost of 1-BD normal delivery 2-­day stay: ​$3,330​ (excludes doctor’s fee)

That’s it for the moment. We’ll have another three maternity hospital tours coming up soon. Check the SingaporeMotherhood homepage or our Facebook page for updates!

In the meantime, see the rest of the hospital maternity tours here:

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Do note that these accounts are based on our writer’s personal experiences when she went on the maternity tours. Please get in touch with the hospital if you require further details and more information about its maternity services or if you’d like to attend the maternity tours.

All costs and facts are accurate as of October 2015. GST and service charges not included.

All content from this article, including images, cannot be reproduced without credits or written permission from SingaporeMotherhood.

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Hospital Maternity Tours in Singapore: Mt Alvernia, Mt Elizabeth (Orchard), & Mt E Novena