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June 2022

5 Winning Ways to Bring Back Shine, Volume, and Health to your Hair

Working mothers juggle a multitude of balls, from career to household, family (extended as well), friends, and more. Though our time is limited, our to-do list seems to be never-ending. Hence it is no surprise that self-care is low on our list of priorities. In fact, most mums are laissez-faire when it comes to taking care of themselves, in particular, their hair. As a result, many of us suffer from issues such as hair loss, hair thinning, and dandruff — whether we realise it or not!

Work stresses and parenting problems can make matters worse, leading to hormonal imbalances that exacerbate hair fall and troublesome scalp conditions. So what can you do to bring back shine, volume, and health to your crowning glory? These five winning ways could help.

1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is good for your body, but did you know that it benefits your hair as well? Steal some time in between when kids are asleep or at school/tuition to exercise. It is believed that certain exercises — such as forward fold and the downward dog in yoga — can aid hair growth. Essentially though, as long as you are being active, you will be giving your tresses a boost. That’s because exercise increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your scalp. In doing so, hair follicles are enriched, encouraging healthy hair growth.

2. Eat foods that benefit your hair

Like your body, your hair needs nutrients to thrive. Eating certain foods, especially those rich in omega-3 (like salmon, walnuts, and tofu), can also help hold back hair loss. Your hair follicles also need protein (lean meats, eggs), vitamins B6 (bananas, potatoes), B12 (meat, poultry, fish, dairy), and folic acid (fresh fruit and vegetables) in order to remain nourished so that hair grows well. You can apply these healthy eating habits for your family too.

3. Choose the right products for your hair type

Did you know that your scalp is an extension of facial skin? Just as you choose and use products for your face with care, the right products can help ensure that your scalp is properly cleansed. Consequently, your hair too, will be healthy, shiny, and lush. There is no “one size fits all” product where everyone in your family can use the similar products for themselves. Using the wrong products, conversely, could lead to increased hair fall, hair damage, and coarse hair texture.

4. Start using a hair mask

Hair masks can help to improve the condition of your scalp, which in turn will enhance the quality of your hair. Many are easily available off-the-shelf, but professional hair masking at a hair care centre such as Topp Care Hair Solutions ensures a more thorough cleansing, which in turn is more beneficial for your hair.

Because I have an oily scalp and clogged pores, I was recommended the Dead Sea Mask when I went to Topp Care for my treatment. With its rich mineral content, the mask absorbs impurities, giving the scalp an intensive deep cleanse to balance and regulate sebum production.

5. Invest in regular hair treatments

Even if you wash and condition your hair every single day, there is no guarantee that your scalp is as clean as it should be. Over time, oil can build up and clog your pores, leading to an itchy scalp, skin sensitivity, and eventually, hair loss. That’s why hair experts recommend going for regular hair treatment sessions — like the customised hair spa treatment at Topp Care — to keep your hair follicles clear and your locks, healthy. Topp Care’s hair specialist will assess your hair and scalp condition on your first visit and recommend you the appropriate treatment for your existing hair and scalp condition.

Based on my hair and scalp analysis, my hair specialist Helen recommended the Dead Sea Mask (see #4 above). The mask applied feels pleasantly cool on my scalp. After 25 minutes the hair therapist removes this using Topp Care’s Botanical Wash shampoo and conditioner.

Following this the therapist dots a fragrant liquid onto my scalp. This is Topp Care’s Hair Fall Rescue Lotion which harnesses the benefits of ingredients such as ginseng root extract and lavender to encourage hair growth.

Topp Care, which is certified by the US Trichology Institute, uses only botanical ingredients in its formulations. These natural ingredients are not only safe and effective, they are also extremely gentle on follicles, to treat and improve hair health in the safest way possible.

Following the lotion is a stimulating scalp massage (which also includes a lovely neck and shoulder massage!), then Infra-red therapy to further encourage nutrient absorption. The hair scan after the whole treatment process shows significant improvement in my scalp condition. By the time I walk out of Topp Care, my head is lighter, my hair has more movement, and my scalp feels as if it has had a five-star facial treatment.

Topp Care’s award-winning Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment

Worried that you may not have time to do separate sessions of treatments for different hair issues? The award-winning Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment at Topp Care only takes around two hours. This first-of-its-kind treatment offers multiple benefits to hair and scalp, helping to counteract age-related hair changes (like thinning hair) and reversing symptoms of grey hair. In addition, the treatment infuses essential nutrients that help with hair loss prevention. Why spend hours on two separate sessions (of thinning hair treatment and greying hair treatment) when you can solve both issues in a single one?

Want to have lush, shiny, and smooth hair again? Start with Topp Care’s award-winning customised hair treatment, and get a Free Hair/Scalp Analysis + Hair Care Kit (valid for first time customers, aged 21 years and above) at $40 (U.P. $309) only. Book your appointment here now!

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5 Winning Ways to Bring Back Shine, Volume, and Health to your Hair