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July 2021

Save your #StayHome Hair with this Award-winning Treatment from TK TrichoKare

The #stayhome life has made us all a little less meticulous about hair care. Consequently, many are experiencing hair problems, with falling hair being the most common. In fact, doctors have reported an increase in the number of people complaining about hair loss over the last year and a half.

But with the pandemic looking set to become endemic, saying “Oh I’ll take care of my hair when all this is over” is no longer a plausible excuse. What can you do now to keep your scalp healthy, and bring your messed-up mop of bed head hair back to its crowning glory days?

Why am I Losing so much Hair?


Losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is normal. If you have excessive shedding though, there could be a problem. Common causes of hair loss fall into a few general categories, and they can affect anyone, male or female.

Genetics / Hereditary

The most common form of hair loss, this affects both men and women, and is known as male, and female pattern hair loss respectively. Up to 40% of men in their 30s have hereditary hair loss, increasing to 50% in their 50s.


Stress affects the immune system, and attacks hair follicles. Worry and anxiety can also put a pause on hair growth. Remember the saying “tear your hair out”? People with trichotillomania feel a compulsive urge to pull out their hair. Stress can also prompt this urge in people who do not have the disorder.

Image: Elsa Tonkinwise on Unsplash

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Illness & Medications

Certain illnesses, such as thyroid diseases, can cause hair loss. So can scalp diseases, as well as fungal and bacterial infections. Some medications and treatments (for example, chemotherapy) for chronic illnesses will also exacerbate hair fall.


Pregnancy hormones prevent normal hair fall. Once baby is born, however, you lose all that extra hair as hormones shift. Birth control pills (starting, or stopping them) can also trigger hair loss, and so can menopause, ladies. In men, a male steroid hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can cause hair loss.


Lack of iron can cause hair loss. So can deficiencies in zinc, protein, and Vitamins B, and D.

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Finding a Solution to Hair Loss problems

What can you do to remedy your hair loss problem? A change in your diet and lifestyle is a start. But getting professional help can certainly speed up the healing process on your journey to healthier scalp and hair.

I have been experiencing rampant hair fall, and an itchy scalp, so when TK TrichoKare offered SingaporeMotherhood a trial of its award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, my hand shot up.

Image: Bach Tran on Unsplash

Established in 2004, TK TrichoKare (pronounced as Try-ko-care) provides European herbal hair remedies customised according to your individual hair and scalp condition. As all treatments are validated by certified trichologists, you know you are receiving genuine care for your scalp here. Similarly, the products used are formulated by professional herbalists.

On top of these, TrichoKare harnesses the benefits of technology, using photodynamic therapy as a finishing touch. I know my hair will be in good hands with TrichoKare, and am looking forward to my session.

Review of the Award-winning Treatment at TK TrichoKare

The Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment starts with a hair and scalp analysis. This is done with a lens that magnifies up to 200 times so I can see the horror story that my scalp is in full high-definition glory.

There is redness because of skin sensitivity, flakiness, sebum build-up at the hair follicles, and scabs from over-enthusiastic scratching. Yikes. It looks like this scalp detox and care treatment couldn’t have come at a better time.

First, my scalp is carefully coated with a premium European herbal scalp masque. This helps to detox the scalp, removing impurities and excess sebum. Every masque is customised to each individual, and mine has Vitamin E to help my scalp heal better.

Like a face mask, the scalp masque has to remain for a while. Twenty minutes later it is washed off in a revitalising hair bath using TrichoKare’s in-house shampoo and conditioner, which are specially formulated with natural European herbs. This is the most comfortable part of the treatment, as I am lying down, and it includes a relaxing head massage that I wish could go on forever. But oh, it is time to get up for the next step of the treatment.

My scalp is now properly clean, and ready for nourishment. The hair and scalp specialist divides my hair into sections as she applies a customised ampoule (mine is a Peptide one). This is to help encourage hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation and damage, and delay scalp ageing — all of which I definitely need.

The OxyJet is the next step. This uses a little pump-like tool to send oxygen to the scalp, helping to accelerate the scalp’s cell metabolism, and improve blood circulation. The sensation of these targeted bursts of air upon my head is unexpectedly soothing!

My hair is blown dry, and styled, but there is one final step before the end of the treatment: Photodynamic Therapy. A futuristic-looking lamp-like contraption hovers over my head, with red light emitting from its numerous ‘eyes’. This uses laser light technology, which supports hair regeneration, and helps accelerate healing.

It has been two pampering hours at TrichoKare, and a second scan of my scalp shows massive improvement. The flakes are no more, there is less redness, and the itch — what itch?

Save your hair with TK TrichoKare Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment

My head is lighter as I walk out of the salon, and my scalp feels squeaky clean. I do not have shampoo commercial quality hair yet, but with additional sessions of the customised treatment at TrichoKare, I am cautiously optimistic that this could be in my follicular future.

If #StayHome life has wrecked havoc on your scalp and your hair too, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a treat with this award-winning TrichoKare treatment!

First-time customers enjoy TK Trichokare’s award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment at only $40 nett, plus a free Hair Care Kit, and a Hair Ampoule (usual price $758). You could also stand to win a 10.2″ iPad (worth $499) after your treatment! Book your appointment here

Participating TK TrichoKare outlets: Clementi Mall #05-11 | NEX #02-24 | Ngee Ann City #05-22A | Velocity@Novena Square #03-19

Terms & conditions: Valid for new customers only. Strictly by appointment, on a first-come-first-serve basis. One parent must to be present for those 20 years and below.

Featured image: Henri Pham on Unsplash

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Save your #StayHome Hair with this Award-winning Treatment from TK TrichoKare