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WTA: Enfalac & Enfapro

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by beezewax, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    I'm just wondering Enfalac stated it's for NB-12mths and Enfapro stated it's for 6mths-12mths.When can we change to Enfapro?At 6mths or can continue with Enfalac til 12mths?Many thanks in advance.

  2. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Hi beezewax
    I have the same question as you earlier [​IMG]
    Different stages of formula milk like enfalac & enfapro contains some different kind of nutrients that cater to different needs at different stages. According to my PD, its better to change to enfapro after 6 mths, tho it is still ok to carry on using enfalac.

    I did asked my PD as well if gradual switching of milk powder is neccessary since they are of the same brand but different stages.. she says its alright to switch directly. However, a fren told mi gradual switching is still necessary to avoid diarrhae in case the bb cannot take it..... well........
  3. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Hi soudez
    Many thanks! Anyway, the Mead Johnson staff called me up today.Hmm..Wondering if they can listen to me.hehe.Took the chance to ask them dis query.

    She said that Enfapro is higher in protein & carbohydrates.If bb is fussy bout food during weaning,bb shld take Enfapro due to the nutrients.But if bb is fine with the food and not fussy, can continue with Enfalac.. Hmmm.. I'm thinking of changing to Enfapro when my bb is 7 or 8mths.. [​IMG]
  4. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Hi beezewax

    My intention was oso to change to enfapro ard 7 to 8mths too.. haha... but my initial thots was because Enfalac has higher DHA/AHA then enfapro, and since Enfalac can drink till 12mths, so i'll change in between the 6-12mths period :p... din know abt the weaning facts that Mead Johnson staff mention tho... hehe

    btw, juz wondering.. how come Mead Johnson staff will contact you leh?
  5. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Hi [​IMG]
    No idea why they contact me.I think it's because I join their membership.Was given this leaflet by my gynae & sign up for free.The lady asked me what milk I drank during my pregnancy and what milk my baby is drinking.As my baby is drinking Enfalac, she's gonna mail me some info on weaning stuff..Can't really concentrate on what she's talking as my daughter was crying..haha..

    Are you Mead Johnson member?If yes, I think you can request for some pamphlets.Hope to update here once i received the mails from them [​IMG]
  6. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Hi Beezewax
    Oic... i'm not their member... Maybe i should join...haha

    How many months is your daughter now? mine at 4+mths now...
  7. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    [​IMG] my daughter is 4+mths too.. born on 21 Oct [​IMG]
    now can flip herself! How about ur daughter; born on?
  8. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    mine on 18 Oct. hehe [​IMG]
    wow, your girl very fast! my girl needs a little help in order to flip over. she still cant adjust her inner shoulder..
  9. aneesa1110

    aneesa1110 New Member

    [​IMG] hi mummy... my bb is a boy.. born 27th oct.. nw cn already crawl.. at 3 month he starts turning.. b4 he reaches 4mth, he cn already turn.. kids nowadays r super fast..
  10. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    my girl suceessfully flip over only at 4.5mths. now couldn't crawl yet... she can make only 360 degrees turn, move backwards, move forward.. but not on fours yet.. she can sits unsupported for a few seconds.. and loves to stand (with support of cos)!

    did you realised that recently prices of enfalac & enfapro had all increased! my hb found a shop at AMK which is still selling b4 the price increased and grab all the tins they have to stock up! How about ur side?
  11. aneesa1110

    aneesa1110 New Member

    my bb also drinking enfalac... but i notice he have phlegm but its nt coming out.. is it bcause of t milk? cause my elder 2 drink similac.. im breastfeeding my bb n also gave him formula milk so he cn sleep longer.. im worry abt his phlegm..
  12. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Mine has been drinking enfalac since birth. So far so good...
    however, juz over the weekends, she seems to cough a little... still monitoring if its really cough/phlegm...
  13. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Yes!the price increased!Previously,bought at 35.50, then 36, now 37.All bought at a medical hall.NTUC increases the $ by almost $5!Faint!

    my bb drinks enfalac since birth..nt sure if it's becos of the milk but she does hv this phlegm sound.No phlegm came out bt juz the sound.Was very worried.Went PD but she said it's ok.But in 3rd mth onwrds, no more that phlegm sound..hmmm
  14. boyie

    boyie New Member

    sousdezne and beezewax: where are the places still selling enfalac at $30odd ? cos ntuc is selling it at close to $42 now
  15. joylin_bb

    joylin_bb Member

    I have 2 tins of enfalac to let go... Cos I have enough of EBM for my gal and my FIL overbuy it.
    Anyone interested?

    Can email me at joylin_bb@yahoo.com.sg
  16. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    I bought it at a medical hall at teck whye...
  17. aneesa1110

    aneesa1110 New Member

    hi ive gt an open tin.. change my bb milk to S26 cause whn he drinks enfalac, he has phlegm.. i only use 12scoops.. willing to sell at $25.. pls sms me at 96483949.. its jus sitting in the cupboard.. i rather sell it off.. bought 3 wks ago..
  18. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    Hi all

    how's your bb stool after drinking enfalac / enfapro?

    My bb having soft / watery stool, now drinking isomil 2 as advised by PD.
  19. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    My baby's stool is still ok... not watery at all...

    btw, just to share... a good place to buy enfapro now... WATSONS!! they are selling it at $35.90 per tin while NTUC sells it at $38.80.
    If you have POSB everday card, additional 3% rebate = $34.82 per tin! i have ordered 12 tins from Watsons... :p
  20. first_born

    first_born Member


    I'm thinking of giving my baby Enfalac A+ too. My baby just turned 2 months old. Is it ok for such a young baby? it says for infants below 12 months.
  21. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Hi frist_born
    My baby started consuming Enfalac the first day she arrives on earth... [​IMG]
  22. ngan

    ngan New Member

    Hi all,

    Which Watson sell Enfalac at S$35.90?? The cheapest i found is S$39.90
  23. soudezne

    soudezne Member

    Hi Ngan
    I bought mine from TPY watson. As at yesterday, it still selling at $35.90.
  24. ashwen

    ashwen Member


    Need advise in preparation of enfalac.
    I use 60 ml room temp water + 30 ml hot water + 3 scoops of powder. Always find lumps of powder remaining after feeds. If shake very hard will create too much bubbles....
  25. donroxx

    donroxx Member

    Hi Ashlegih. My guess is you are using standard neck bottles? Try shaking it mid way thru your feed. Shake it like how you shake nail polish, rubbing back and forth between palms. I find the powder dissolves better in a wide neck bottle (more space to shake).
  26. ashwen

    ashwen Member

    Hi Donroxx,
    thks for ur advise. I will try your suggestion. I have tried the Cocktail-shake, Up-down shake, Red Wine Swirling... none worked.
    I am using Avent bottles.
  27. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member

    Hi Ashleigh,

    How about using teaspoon to spir?
  28. zes

    zes Member

    hi can i know does enfalac cause constipation compared to similac ?
  29. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    BB has been on Enfa series since birth. He is 14+ months now. and drinking Enfagrow. So far so good.
  30. chocolate15

    chocolate15 Member

    my son also has been on Enfa series since day one. no problems with bowels. he's now coming to 13months.
  31. angnwei

    angnwei Member

    may i know if you give exact amt of water to match the number of scoop. example, now my bb gal is taking 4 scoop of milk powder with 120ml water. but after mixing them, the amt went up to 140ml. so does it means she's taking 120ml or 140ml? do u mummies give lesser milk powder to the water to prevent milk too heaty?
  32. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    120 ml. volume is considered before putting the powder.
  33. lvgal

    lvgal New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    any advise where to get cheap Enfalac A+?
    Supermarket are selling at $43.50
  34. carol0425

    carol0425 Member

    sheng siong selling $40.65 per tin now..
  35. lim_baby

    lim_baby Member

    I have few cans of enfagrow which bought from Malaysia (1.7kg) and willing to sell it at $45 as my girl not taking enfagrow anymore. Anyone interest to buy?
  36. binchotan

    binchotan New Member

    better check the expiry date for items sold in sheng siong.

    also check whether the packaging is old or new due to the selling price @ $40.65
  37. smilewithme

    smilewithme New Member

    Hello Lim_baby, I am interested to buy enfagrow. Please let me know if this is still available. Thanks.
  38. yoon_ping80

    yoon_ping80 New Member

    I have 3 tins of unopened Enfagrow (1700g) bought from Malaysia. Their expiry date is 9th May 2013. My daughter has been having diarrhea after drinking it. I am willing to let go for SGD 55 each. Anyone interested to buy?
  39. boonkengbb

    boonkengbb Member

    Hi Yoon Ping,

    Im interested but you do not accept PMs. PM me to discuss. Thanks.
  40. mummykitty

    mummykitty New Member

    Hi Senior mummies,

    My boy is having diarrhea after having enfragrow . now he is 6 months only and i thought time to change to stage 2 enfrapro as he is drinking enfalac since day 1 .
    I am wondering why he cant drink enfragrow.

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