(With warranty) Tecno 130L Chest Freezer

Ms Teen

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Dear mummy, the above was bought in Jan 2018 to store for breastmilk. Selling at $269.
Tecno 1.jpg
Tecno 2.jpg

The main features are as follows"-

- 130 litre
- Fast freezing for heavy duty usage
- Front thermostat control for easy access
- Temperature dial control
- Complete with lock and key
- Low energy consumption
- Recessed door handle
- Power on light indicator
- Embossed aluminium inner body
- Square edged body
- Easy access drainage located at front of body
- Accessories: 1 pc basket
- Color: White
- Dimensions: W565 x D555 x H860mm
- Warranty against manufacture defect covered by Tecno

Please arrange for self-collection @ Hougang Ave 8 or top-up for delivery by courier