1. A

    Similac Neosure Brand new milk powder

    Selling a Brand new can of locally purchased milk powder. Similac Neosure Infant Formula 1, 850gm Deal at my place, Tampines. Other locations can be discussed if I happen to travel there. Price $58. Retail price: $62.40
  2. F

    Stop milk supply

    Hi, FTM here. My milk came in 3 weeks postpartum & They came in Full force. I’m having an overactive let-down & of course oversupply. This cause my baby to gag, choke and fuss everytime during BF. I know BF makes you bond more with baby but due to this experience plus sore nipples , made me...
  3. E

    Australian Family looking for a full-time nanny to start in mid July

    Hello. We are an Australian family living in Jurong East near the Chinese Garden MRT. We are looking for a nanny for our new born son. He will be approximately 2 months old when we will need a nanny for him. The job will commence in mid-July 2019 (exact date to be discussed). We are looking...

    Baby Bouncer at $59

    Mummies who are thinking to purchase a baby bouncer for your newborn, you may like to check out this website - Use code: BBSAVER for $110 off (U.P $169) Free shipping. Valid till 23 April 2019
  5. D

    Baby Nasal Aspirator / Nose Cleaner

    Hi All, I'm selling Nasal Aspirator for baby. My experience before having one, I had problems using manual suction. 1. My baby not cooperative, keep moving.. 2. Fear 3. Cry till the whole village woke up (haha!) So i have no choice to bring baby to A&E to get the mucus and phlegm out...
  6. R

    Baby massage

    Anyone sending their newborns for massages?
  7. S

    Confinement nanny

    Hi. For future/soon moms to be. To care for u and your newborn. U could whatsapp 98986277 for details or booking for your confinement nanny. Registered agency in sg for more than 20years. Hope to be of your service. Congratulations moms to be... wish u all safe and healthy delivery.
  8. M

    (With warranty) Tecno 130L Chest Freezer

    Dear mummy, the above was bought in Jan 2018 to store for breastmilk. Selling at $269. The main features are as follows"- - 130 litre - Fast freezing for heavy duty usage - Front thermostat control for easy access - Temperature dial control - Complete with lock and key - Low energy...
  9. G

    Breastfeeding - How do you know if your body is ready to produce?

    Hi, first time mum here. Expecting my LO pretty soon in a couple week's time. I was just wondering how mums breastfeed their child on the first try. So I have plenty to ask! 1. Is the supply already there upon LO's birth? 2. Otherwise, how do I start off? Do i pump first and see if anything...
  10. D

    Baby boy for adoption

    I have a babyboy for adoption who is in Malaysia. Pm me if you would like to adopt him.
  11. X

    WTS: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (newborn)

    Pampers baby dry diapers (newborn, up to 5kg) - soft Touch-Dry layer quickly absorb wetness - Magic Gel helps to absorb and lock it up to 7 wettings - wetness indicator: the line turns into BLUE colour and notifies urine Selling 33 loose pieces @ $7
  12. S

    Does pacifier use cause more night waking?

    Hi i'm a first time mum in desperate need of some help. My baby is about 6 weeks old and we have recently introduced the pacifier to him to help him sleep at night. Before the pacifier, we patted/ rocked him to sleep, and he would sleep for 4 hours, then 3 hour stretches. After the pacifier...
  13. Ebiko8

    WTS: Hana wrap in teal colour

  14. B

    3 Newborn Photography Package giveaway

    We are a newly established photography company and currently building up our portfolio. We will be giving away free 3 newborn photoshoot package worth $499. only valid for April EDD mummies Package consists of : Up to 1.5 hours of professional indoor studio photography Artistic newborn...
  15. Bendi

    Recommending my mum as a confinement lady

    Hi all, i would like to recommend my Singaporean mum who is an experienced CL. She has 3 children, all grown up now all taken care by herself, including my son. She has experience in looking after newborn, children, and knows how to cook well. Unfortunately she only speak Chinese and hokkien...
  16. C

    NB diapers

    Sharing info for people in same plight as me researching on NB diapers: Huggies has just changed their packaging from green to white. What was previously known as Huggies M in the green packaging is now known as Huggies Newborn (white packaging). (only found out from the sticker on the diaper...
  17. K

    Baby playmat

    Brand new playmat. Opened box to take a look. Self collect at telok Blangah crescent. Letting got at $75. (UP:$185). WhatsApp 91255952 for quick deal.
  18. CQ_2015

    (0-6M) Assorted New/Preloved Baby Girl's Clothes for 0-6 months

    1. *New* Mothercare Baby Girl's Dress • Brand: Mothercare • Size per tag: 3-6 months, up to 8kg, CN 66/40 • Measurement: PTP 24cm, Length 40cm • Condition: - As good as brand new - Washed but never worn • Note: - The dress is very cute and suitable for parties - It was a gift from friend last...