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TTC Again

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by poohmum, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. poohmum

    poohmum New Member

    I used to come into this forum last year when I was expecting. Unfortunately for me, when I was in my 10 weeks, I had a miscarriage.
    Since Jan 05, we have been TTC but no good news.Especially these 2 months been trying trying. Any good or useful advise to TTC again? I had been very paranoid these 2 months that my mense was delayed...... currently in my 3rd of mense and once mense over, will want to try again. Actually I and my hubby will be going to Melbourne for holiday on May 7 and hope to make a baby then or even before it....

    Desperate Poohmum

  2. aspire

    aspire New Member

    sad to hear tat.....
    do not b discourage by tat incident. learn to relax n take things easy.
    so glad to hear tat u r gg for ttc. it's really good totake a break from here n go for a trip for baby making.
    i believed that u will have good news soon if u keep on trying....mayb can start tonight cos it's friday night!
  3. poohmum

    poohmum New Member


    Thanks for your encouragement. Are you a mummy already? Well.. wait to hear my good news ok?

  4. aspire

    aspire New Member

    Dun mentioned!
    sad to say i not a mummy yet but also like u ttc.
    me also waiting for news to c whether i preg cos tested twice '-' but AF not here yet....[​IMG]
    i was thinking mayb lately too stress up plus my menses is irregular one & mine is longer cycle periods of up to 41days & now i in my CD55 days.
    not still no courage to test again bcos scared of "-" result [​IMG]
    Anyway, lets hope & pray for good news!
    BABY DUST To Us! [​IMG]
  5. poohmum

    poohmum New Member

    Keep on praying... good news will be on the way to you soon..

    We need a lot of baby dust......
    My only worry is my hubby is 10 years my senior so I really want this baby if not both of us(especially my hubby) will not have anymore energy to look after a kid or even to have another kid.

    I am trying very hard but my hubby kinda take it as it comes....

    Well.. positive mind that's all we need to have and take it as it comes.

  6. takahara

    takahara New Member

    dear poohmum,

    Sorry abt ur previous preggie..Had gone thru the same thing b4. Whole idea is to b positive and look forward to future. Surely, lady luck will shine on u n grant u a bundle of joy soon!
  7. poohmum

    poohmum New Member

    Thanks Elleana,

    Are u a mummy yet?
    I'm sure going to be positive and be a mummy soon.......

  8. takahara

    takahara New Member

    yup..mother of two now..my miscarriage was 11 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy .

    Luckily for me, my hubby was a strong support during that time n I was able to pick myself up quite fast. In fact I got pregnant again the following mth, now we cant tahan our 22 mths hyperactive gal!
  9. poohmum

    poohmum New Member

    Congrats Elleana. May I ask how old r u now?
    So this is your 3rd pregnancy? wow.. u r so lucky... my already been trying for 5 months. still no luck.... not gonna give up so soon
  10. takahara

    takahara New Member


    turning 27 this yr..yup..3rd pregnancy 22 mths ago..anyway..i think we had enuff liao..but who knows..2 yrs later..baby no 3?
  11. poohmum

    poohmum New Member

    Hi Elleana,

    got pix to see your cute kids..
  12. takahara

    takahara New Member


    here's my pic wif kiddies..

  13. poohmum

    poohmum New Member


    both looks like you. If you really like kids, why not baby no 3... anyway got bonus from government...hehehe. What is their age different?
  14. takahara

    takahara New Member


    Baby no 3? Oh No!!..err..mayb sometime later..both hubby n I - we had planned that our kiddies are to be at least 4 yrs apart. So as to not deprive the elder one of our love. (N also ezier to look after also lah..elder child independent liao)Now my elder kid is turning 6 n little one is turning 2. FYI, we are also enjoying the bonus now too!!
  15. gabby

    gabby New Member

    Hi all,

    am ttc again... but i suppose must first regulate my time of the month... sigh... its so erratic... anyone has an idea what I can do... always think that I am preggie only to find that AF very late... at times almost 50 days... help
  16. goose

    goose New Member

    hi gabby mum,

    you may like to use a basal thermometer to check your temperature daily and also any fluctuations. You can determine if ovulation has taken place. 24 hours after a drop in temperature is considered the best time for conception.

    if you wana get 1, m working in a jap healthcare co., can get 1 for you at staff price..

    just some recommendation since your period is irregular.
  17. gabby

    gabby New Member

    Hi goose...

    thanks for the hint... have a thermometer at home... sorry but isn't it the same? can you share with me the difference?

    Anyway, me very forgetful tried to chart but sometimes forget to take temp when I climb out of be. in addition a light sleeper so at times, I wake up in the middle of the night to read... How? What should I do?
  18. helen_of_troy

    helen_of_troy New Member

    I have a 1+ yr boy and trying ttc again. I have tried for 3 months but nothing happens. I am thinking of ways to help increase my chances of conceiving. I tried taking my thermometer but it doesn't work for me. I am taking TMC at currently and trying to catch my ovulation period with OPK. I am thinking of taking Primrose oil. Is there anyone who have experienced EPO and can share with me? I heard and read on the net that EPO can help increase cervical mucus to help in conception.
  19. mulberrypixie

    mulberrypixie New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Just discovered this forum. I've been feeling depressed lately. Been trying for a BB for about 5 months now and still no hope. Each passing month had been a disappointment. *Sigh*
    What can I do to successfully conceive a child? I'm beginning to think I can never have babies! :<
  20. zzprincess

    zzprincess Member

    Hi, all. can i ask, i start taking my temp this month. i realised that there are 2 dips in temp at day 14 &amp; day 20. at day 20, i also saw some whitish discharge, so i think i may be ovulating, as such i also use the ovulation kit to test my urine, which showed positive 2 dark lines, while when i tested at 13th day, the result was kinda faint. can i be ovulating at so late while my menstrual cycle is quite regular at 30days.

    or is it that after ovulating, the test kit remains at 2 dark lines? so which means i hv ovulated and i have missed the critical period?? pls help to advise urgently, thanks!!
  21. lina

    lina New Member

    it's been so long didn't log on.. i m ttcing again .. fly to meet my hubby in shaghai and try try try... again.. hope to hear my good news ya...
  22. ger11

    ger11 Member

    me n my hubby is actually nt trying to conceive, but last yr we had a gd news, i find that im pregnant, but recently theres a bad news to me n my hubby, i found that my BB is nt kicking me when im ard 5mths+ preg, n my gynae has already cnfrm, this is call stillbirth, luckily my hubby n my family n frds have been supporting me, so nw i only focus on recovering my health, but then i got a qn, i wan to try another BB for my hubby, so when cn i try to conceive?
  23. ger11

    ger11 Member

    btw hw do i know when is m ovaluation?
    hw to calculate it?
    pls help, tks
  24. valc

    valc Member

    elleana, 1mth later got pregnant?? my gynae told me to wait 2mths after d&amp;c to try again. how come??
  25. geekysnoop

    geekysnoop New Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry to disturb, I have just delivered and have the following to let go.

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  26. witch

    witch Active Member

    Hi ladies, I am selling my brand new, unopened box of Pre-Seed.

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  27. babyjosh

    babyjosh Member

    I have this for sale as I conceived without using it. Bought @ $71.50 but letting go @ $40. There are 7 tests in the kit. Pls PM me if interested. Thanks!


    Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test – The most effective ovulation test kit

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    The Clearblue DIGITAL Ovulation Test is the most effective home ovulation test kit. It gives you clear digital results, so there’s no need to interpret the lines and gives you more test sticks than any other brand, making it more effective at detecting your LH surge.

    You use the Clearblue DIGITAL Ovulation Test once a day at the same time each day, on the days around the time when you expect your LH surge. It identifies the days in your cycle when you are most likely to conceive.

    The Clearblue DIGITAL Ovulation Test

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  28. xlad

    xlad Member

    Ovulation Test strips selling at $0.70 each

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  29. babydustshop

    babydustshop New Member

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  30. jox2

    jox2 New Member


    i've a set of clearblue fertility monitor which I bought last year March. I have successfully got the gender that I want
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  31. bbshop01

    bbshop01 Active Member

    A Big Hi to All!

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  32. memorablechocolate

    memorablechocolate New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Here to share an old method for people trying to conceive. The BBT method (Basal Body Temperature) where u can identify your ovulation day using BBT. This is my blog:


    Hope this can help. *Baby Dust to all of you. Good Luck
  33. pkum

    pkum Member

    I dl a iphone apps call period tracker, dunno if it will help..
  34. budbellyz

    budbellyz Member

    Hi all

    I still have some pieces of ovulation test kits from guardian (2 plus boxes of 5) and 1 plus box of preg test kits (also from guardian - 2 tests in the box) left.

    If any mummy needs it pls sms me 93679627. Willing to let go at a reasonable price (cant remember how much i paid) but i guess can let go all at $28.

    Self collect from pasir ris.....
  35. pinkdoll

    pinkdoll Member

    Hi gals,

    Anyone keen to get Pre-seed lubricant (fertility friendly). I just BFP with IVF and has a box of Pre-seed to let go. Inside there are 6 pre-filled applicators. Bought it from Guardian last year at S$40plus while I was TTC naturally. Expiry in Feb 2012. Letting go at $28 including registered mail postage. Please email me at jaime.ang@live.com if interested.

    Wish all BFP soon [​IMG]
  36. pinkdoll

    pinkdoll Member

    Realised that I have 2 new boxes of Pre-seed lubricant left instead of 1. There are 6 pre-filled applicators per box. Anyone interested? I don't mind letting go cheap at S$30 for 2 boxes. Do email me at jaime.ang@live.com if you're interested.
  37. fr0stie

    fr0stie Well-Known Member

    Got a pre loved clear blue fertility monitor for sale! Selling cheaply.. Pm me.
  38. sparkiegirl

    sparkiegirl New Member

    Hi a friend of mine is interested. How much?
  39. fr0stie

    fr0stie Well-Known Member

    Pm u.

    If anyone else keen, please do PM me since I seldom come into this thread.
  40. chase

    chase Member

    Selling the following ovulation strips and comes with english instructions.

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  41. sgmon

    sgmon New Member

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