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Trying to Conceive 2018

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ACB, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. ACB

    ACB Member

    Hi, any ladies who are ttc via ovulation sticks, TCM & gynae? Interested in a whatsapp group for support?
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  2. ACB

    ACB Member

  3. mrsgoh7788

    mrsgoh7788 Member

    Im ttc but not on any of this only monitoring my CM if i O.
  4. tingtingong

    tingtingong New Member

    Hi, I'm ttcing my #2 via ovulation sticks. Hubby and I drink tian yuan xiang chicken essence for pregnancy plan and chicken essence for men to nourish our body as well as my ovum and his sperm quality, trying really hard to increase the chance of getting pregnant. Read lots of positive reviews of this brand chicken essence and hope get good news soon!
    Tyx chicken essence is cheaper now with their road show special offer at Westgate!

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  5. hopeful2015

    hopeful2015 Member

    i was also interested to buy the chicken essence at west gate this weekend but this weekend is suppose to be my 2nd week after ovulation. So I abit dilemma whether to buy the pregnancy chicken essence.. but the origins type so exp.... can just drink regular brands or EYS or new moon, etc brand much cheaper leh..
  6. Cynthia 91

    Cynthia 91 New Member

    I’m keen! Can add me in?
  7. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    Hi, am interested too.
  8. Chickydee

    Chickydee New Member

    Hi! Can you please teach on how to monitor CM for O?
  9. babybleep

    babybleep New Member

    Can add me to the WhatsApp group too?
  10. Cxt123

    Cxt123 New Member

    Hi, am interested in joining the group too!
  11. ACB

    ACB Member

    Hi all, can pm me with your numbers and names? :) thanks!
  12. Charlene C

    Charlene C Member

    I'm interested to join the WhatsApp too!
  13. the fat cat

    the fat cat New Member

    I’m keen too! Sometimes don’t even know what’s happening a support group would be really great
  14. Tiffany Wang

    Tiffany Wang New Member

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    I have used it to asked questions related to weight loss, and really got a legit doctor replied me with detailed info. Don't have to pay money got free advice, really like not bad wor.

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