Travelling with baby


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Hi all the mummies out there!
Have you taken any overseas trip with your baby below 6 months?Any experience to share? Tips to give?

My baby girl was just born end Sept2016. Hubby has been working very hard and complained about having too little time with baby. At home, my mum is helping to take care of the baby. Her (old) ways often conflict with our beliefs and learnings (from childcare books and prenatal classes).

As such, we have been longing for an exclusive trip where there are just the three of us. Hope this trip would give us more bonding time and also make us appreciate more about mum's help.


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Hi, I travelled with my 3-month old recently and was thankful that she was calm throughout the flight. We followed our Doctor's advice and gave her nose drops before takeoff. And during takeoff and landing we either gave her pacifier or bottle to keep her jaws moving.
Packing wise, you would need to bring stuff like breast pump and accessories if you are pumping, baby milk powder, toiletries, washing liquid if you are not sure if the country carry the brands you use and buy a container to sterilize milk bottles etc.
Lastly, do a search on the clinic location near where you stay in case of emergency. Hope you have a great trip!


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Hi sorry I just saw your message. Hope it's not too late to reply. I went to Jakarta and recently to Perth.


We brought our 5 months old to Japan in November. We nursed her during take off and landing on our way there, but on the way back she was sleeping soundly so we just let her sleep and she was alright. I will try to find a nursing room when I'm out but if can't, have to nurse her under nursing cover which she doesn't like. We babywear her too and bring diaper bag like what we bring around in singapore. We also took medicine from our PD to standby in case she falls sick.