Support Group - Mid Term Termination Of Pregnancy


thats good to hear they gave you longer HL. Please rest well n do a mini confinement if possible. Take care and be positive!
Anyway did kkh give you appointment for follow up? They told me they will give me appointment but till now no news from them yet


they did, at clinic C like 3 weeks after. Perhaps you can call them or login and check?
They did told me they gonna give me appointment 3 weeks later, but I login to health hub still nothing yet. Maybe by next week still don't have I gonna call and check.


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hi all, my baby was diagnosed with t21 n we r terminating the pregnancy this coming wed.. my heart is so full of pain each and every day n i feel so guilty as a mum.. my 1st born has been telling me that she wants her didi so much that i feel so so sorry...
i am so afraid of going through the procedure of 'delivering' the baby out.. any advice?


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Hello all

i just joined the forum.

about 3 weeks ago, i terminated my first baby at mid term due to trisomy21 via d&c. The baby was conceived naturally. It was like a dream come true until the nightmare came. My whole world came clashing down following the phone call and the next few days

it was the hardest and most painful decision i have to make. Been crying non stop for almost 2 weeks.

I wasnt considered high risk because of my age but i opt to to NIPT because i wanted to have a peace of mind since oscar tests gives many false positives. But we are really glad we done the NIPT rather than finding out at a much later week of the pregnancy. The diagnostic came as shocking to my doctor too. As i know my gyane for years since my teens for ladies issues and pap smear.

Doctor says it is a random error of chromosomes. There was nothing we could have done to change it.

Did a mini confinement of 2 weeks, had confinement food, herbal bath and miscarriage massages. Now seeing TCM to hopefully get my body back in shape for next pregnancy.

I just wanted to say, for those that is going thru the same. Dont give up hopes and dont put the blame on you. U have done your best. Focus on recovery and u will have your rainbow baby soon