Super BAd Confinement lady, Please beware.


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I would like to share my very very bad experience with this confinement lady by the name of Li Rong. A Malaysian ,She is about 1.75m tall, wear specs long hair with fringes and always bundle up.
Her contact number : 8509 3189. Please dun get cheated by all her bullshits on how good she is ad how many CL prizes she has won.
1) Super poor hygiene. I highly suspected that she might be the one who caused my boy to have diaherra and was hospilaised . It was such a heart pain experience,
- Once i found a piece of raw meat on the leg of my boy. When i questioned her, she smiled and apologised, said might be because the meat dropped on her pants when she cut it.
- My mum told me she never washed the bottle properly and she told my mum just raise will do, coz end of the day the steamer will sterilise and kill all the gems. And i only get to do this after my confinement as my mum, being inexperience, believe whatever she said..
2) Inexperience CL and i do not understand why she claimed that she has wont alot of prizes as a CL
– My girl has been passing very hard stools during her care. As an experience CL you should know that this is unacceptable and something must be wrong with her milk power. Instead she told us that this is perfectly normal. My poor girl has been crying so hard everything she pooed and she even joked constantly that my girl very naughty, whenever she pooed, the whole world know. WTF.
3) Super love money and keeps complaining that PEM etas her money
- She repeatedly said that PEM has took so much commission from her clients and that these money should be hers. She also said alot of her clients felt that she has been shortcharged so gave her very big angbao (like 400 to 800 bucks) at the end of teh confinement. Is obvious tahts he is trying hard to hint us, hoping taht we will give her such big angbaos. She think we are stupid meh.
- Then it happened that we have this free coffee machine that we received from some credit card promotion. She actually hinted a few tmes that last time her client gave her some of their free stuff coz they felt that she is very good.
- She even bought the Chinese newspaper to read without asking and charged to us. When we questioned her, she was smart enough to say she bought it for my mum to read, even when my mum didnt request it at all.
- It is also expected of us that we have to provide her with apples and whatever desserts my brother bought for us when he visited us, You dun give her, she keeps complaining that i am super ngeow.
- I have asked her to cook more dishes so that all if us has enough to eat, Yet she choose to cook very little. When i questioned her why, she said no worries, ask us just eat. And said she eats very little. But behind my back, she complaint to my mum, said i very ngeow never let her eat. I have asked he rto just buy what is necessary to cook and get teh money from us, yet she refused, said she prefes to save money for her client, Then why the F she complaint that I never give her enough money? Oxymoron bitch.
- She claimed that last time her client give her a TV in her rooms she can watch TV. Are you here to watch TV or take care of my babies?
4) Doesn’t know how to prepare confinement food at home and sometimes Chow Kang , doesnt want to cook. She old my mum i requested her not to cook, when i din even say a damn thing.
- Stupidly, i have actually extended her stay with us for two weeks, as we really feel quite lost and do not know how to cope with our babies (twin), She actually refused to cook and keep saying that i can eat outside food.
5) Keep waning to on the aircon , just because she is hot and not for my babies
- She will complain again and again (till i feel like slaping her coz is so lohson) that the weather is too hot and that my babies couldn’t sleep. Please, babies are not afraid of the warm weather.
There was once i caught her wrapping herself in thick blanket when i allowed her to on the airoc at 26 degree the whole night. Can you imagine how cold my babies were when an adult reacted that way.
There are so much more issues that i was really fluming mad when i talk about it. In fact, i called her after sheleft and i scolded her for being unprofessional. And she just kept quiet. SO ladies, please be careful this woman, i seriously feel that she knows nothing and is just coning money. She is those taht will say behave very well and nice infront of you, but will complain to you rmum or even maid and in law taht you are not good.
All in all, we paid around 5k, 3 k to her and 2 k to PEM for the intro fee. blood suckers. And PEm is so niave enough to believe that she is good, when she has been going around telling ppl that they cheated her money. I actually called PEM and feedback all these to the boss, but well who knows if any actions have been taken.

Dear All,

The original confinement lady that was referred by a friend in turned referred another one from Malacca as the former suffer knee injury towards my wife’s EDD.

Be warned of Khaw Por Lee from Malacca (M’sia Mobile: XXXXX 1995, S’pore Mobile: XXXX 2654), height 160cm, age approximately 50, charges S$2400 for 28days. She started well but became very restless after a few days when my child couldn’t sleep well at night. 10 days later she claims that she had rheumatism and was unable to carry on her duty. She gave us less than 24 hrs notice period and refused to look for a replacement CL for us. This has caused us huge distress as first time parents.

Anybody has such similar experience? Do you think she has found a better offer?
Im sorry ody25 for hearing your bad experience too. I think is really good to share the experience here so our future mummies wont get cheated by all these suckers.
Im not sure if this confirmenet lady of mine, Li Rong is still with PEM. Like i said she was complaining about PEM that time and said she wants to move to another company. I was just talking about her with my mum the day before. the more i think about it, the more pissed off i am. How could she, as a confinment lady, feed my babies and at the same time, turned her head one side to read the newspaper! my babies may be sucking in alot of air! I rem it was the malaysia election that time, She even hinted loudly to me that she must DIE DIE watch the news and follow the election tonight, So she expected us to on the TV for her to watch lah. Then my mum is kind enough to offer in helping me to take care of my twins. But she kept tellig my mum not to kpo and not to take care for me and just let me place my babies at the infant care. is that her business? I know she doesnt want to take care of her china daughter in law babies in future , but that doenst mean she can be such a busybody. She rather earn ppl's money then helping her own son to take care of babies. So this speaks for her own character : love for money.
There are a whole lot stories that i can share about her. So mummies if are keen to know more, just PM me.
I really do not want her to go around cheating pl's money.
Hi, I would like to warn going to be mummies out there on my confinement nanny/lady Lian Jie (tel:+60 12-9340113). I had engaged her out of desperation as called a couple of recommended ones but they were all engaged, only Lian Jie was available.

To Cut the story short, below are reasons for not recommending:
- Had bought some expensive herbs (not for confinement use) for my husband and kept it separately from the rest of the confinement herbs, had wanted to brew for hubby after my confinement. Had told Lian Jie too. But after Lian Jie left and I opened the box, to my horror it was empty...
- she was caught pouring all baby bottles and teats into the dirty sink to run under tap water for washing
- she was caught placing my baby on the toilet floor on top of her feet when bathing him. She explained that like this she will then not drop him.
- she spoke ill of all my family members and enjoyed gossiping everyday, including gossiping about all her past clients
- she had never clean the baby room for as long as her stay. It was dusty like hell
- she refused to stay for even 2 more hours in the VERY early morning on the day she was supposed to leave, 'explaining' that she was meeting her cousin for shopping. I needed the 2 hours badly to settle some family issues while she help me take care of my baby boy.

The list could go on. Just wanted to save some going to be mummies out there the pain by voicing my bad experience.
My CL was a nightmare to my confinement period too. Hired her from PEM since my confinement period was around cny period. Paid almost 4k total with herbs from PEM (don't buy the herbs from them, think it is over-priced). Though PEM offers Free exchange of CL, we didn't opt for it when we found that our CL is below expectation. The CL kept asking us if we were going to replace her and caused her to get demerit pts etc. Knowing that she is still in the house and handling our bb and food, we didn't want to invoke her anger and emotions. We endured through with her but it was such a nightmare!
Hi, all.

Just to share my bad experience with this horrible confinement lady (CL) named XiaoCui from JB, her SG hp: 93517509 and Msia hp: 0167437840.
I engaged her services in March 2013, paying a S$200 deposit upfront during the meetup for my EDD in Nov 2013.
I called her early Nov to remind her of my EDD to which she is not contactable till just two days before my EDD.
I asked her why she didn't answer her HP or call my number back despite my several calls.
She claimed that she didn't top up her SG mobile, to which I gave her benefit of doubt since I was about to give birth soon.
I even double checked with her on my address and food to buy for my confinement to which she replied that she will be coming at 1.30pm on the day I checked out of the hospital.
After my baby's birth, I tried calling her several times but to no avail.
Only on the day I checked out, this horrible CL called me back only at 12.30pm saying that her fil is sick and she can't come and she will return the deposit when she is in SG. I was already on verge of breakdown as I am a first time mum. The thought of handling a crying baby was very terrifying to me.

In the end, I managed to find another CL the very last min. Then on 2nd week of my confinement, I called her to ask about the deposit since I didn't receive it. She just repeated herself like a broken record saying that when she will definitely return when she is in SG. Obviously, she has no intention of returning the $$ back. I had to resort to telling her that if she don't return my $$, I will make a police report. Upon hearing that, she promptly returned me my $$ that very afternoon through internet banking.

That's not all. I also discovered that she had accepted my friend's deposit when her EDD is only 2 weeks away from me! In the end, she told my friend that she broke her arm and she can't come to do the confinement. This means that this XiaoCui has the intention of cheating us of the deposit when she knew that she will not be able to do either one of the confinement!!! What a fraudster!

Hence to those who want to engage this fraudster CL XiaoCui from JB, please hire her at your own risk.
My CL told me that she usually accepts 2 or more jobs.. If she really cannot make it for the job, she will just find any friends that she has to go do the confinement on her behalf. From there, she earns some commission too. Also, the mummy usually doesn't know if the lady is the original one that she had requested too...
Honeystory, Can i know the confinement lady name? I am hiring my confinement lady with PEM, but I am looking for those BAD confinement lady name, so that they dont pass me them.

Kindly share.
Hi all mothers, would like to warn you that the confinement lady recommended by a member here called ferfer8 who is auntie Yulian is not a good confinement lady.
i delivered on 15 Jan 2014 and engaged this auntie Yulian based on ferfer8 recommendation and agreed to pay her cny rate of $3.3k but she is a real nite mare.
First day she only arrives at 10pm claiming that she can't get bus tickets early those I have told her in advance my C-section date. The first nite, when bb cried she will claim that he is hungry without even checking for soil diaper or bb does not feel secured. I had to feed bb for the whole nite.
The Next day, she kept saying I have not enough milk. But after I told her to swaddle bb like in the hospital, bb managed to sleep quite well. However as bb has jaundice I am also afraid that he slept for too long so I said to wake bb up every 3 hour for feed, she said oh, if bb can sleep let him sleep. In the end, I wake up the bb myself and she continue to sleep in the nite. She does not bother when bb cries. When she bath bb, bb will cry from beginning to the end. I almost had depression with her.
She did not cook well. Only some simple homeroom food. Did not even put ginger at all. Her fish soup is sour and pork rib soup is full of water. The red date water is also not boiled long enough. She waste so much ingredient in the red date water and added sugar to it.
I sent her home after 6 days and she still have the face to demand the cny rate. I paid her as I am afraid she will do something funny to the bb or myself. I regretted not taking a picture of her to warn the mothers here. There are m'sian who are trying to con Singaporean mothers. Please beware.
This evil confinement lady Yulian mobile is 6016 6048468 and 84504313.
Mothers, please do not just read the comments on the websites for recommendation. Do visit the mother who is being care for by the confinement lady during the confinement period.
Ahda and honeystorey,
Why don't you give feedback to PEM? Tell them they gave you sub-standard CL when they claimed their CL are experienced?
Mine was from PEM too. Overall I think she's ok. Has good points but areas to improve too but definitely not as bad.