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Slimming through the principles of TCM techniques @Slim Couture

Discussion in 'For Business' started by Slim Couture, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. 30012011

    30012011 Member

    Hi, any promotions currently?
  2. Gwendolyn Jill

    Gwendolyn Jill New Member


    I joined slim couture about 2 months ago at 63.4kg and have lost 8kg after 15 sessions with them. I lost a total of 23.5cm in total from my arms, waist and thighs. I have no loose skin nor stretchmarks although I lost so much weight in such a short period. Overall I feel much healthier and happier too as my family, friends and colleagues have shared that I look slimmer and that i have lost alot of weight. I think what was amazing was that you didn't have to take any pills or supplements and you could lose weight healthily just by following their diet and doing their treatment. To top it off, the ladies Rivy, Yvonne, Angie and Jasmie were really sweet. They will try their best to advise you on things to eat and not along your journey. They know best because all of them have also gone through the treatments to lose weight. I guess that's what makes Slim Couture different from others. As seen below are my before and after photos.


    fat.jpg fat 2.jpg


    skinnier.jpg skinnier 2.jpg
  3. Tracy Tang Choi Pin

    Tracy Tang Choi Pin New Member

    I'm a person who love food so much..but my weight just keep increasing like my age.So I desperately want to lose weight, I read a lot of articles about tcm treatment which does not need to take any medicines or pills. Hence, among all the tcm centre I have chosen SLIM COUTURE because all the reviews seemed like very good.

    I start my 1st treatment on 29/2/16. Until today I have lost 8.3kg and 5% of body fat. My overall measurement total lost 30cm. I feel so much lighter than before.

    I love shopping for clothes, but last time I only can buy L or XL. It is so limited choice and all the clothes doesn't look good on my. But now, I can wear M and I wear it with more confident.

    I really would like to thank SLIM COUTURE's staffs for fighting the battle with me.

  4. masaki04

    masaki04 New Member

    Dear all, it is expensive? Need to take any medication?
  5. beejaja

    beejaja New Member


    I've always had problems losing weight. Tried many types of slimming programmes and nothing seemed to work for me. Not only were they pricey, they were a torture for me both physically and mentally. In the end, I just gave up and let the amount paid for the slimming packages go to waste. I'm also not a big eater to start with, which makes me wonder if there was no hope for me to be slimmer and healthier.

    Just when I was just about to give up all hope, I got to know about the slimming programme at Slim Couture through my sister. I saw for myself how she has lost weight over the past few months and was keen to find out more. Of course, at the back of my mind, I was doubtful if this programme will work for me. Nonetheless, I went ahead for the first consultation. And thereafter, it was no turning back for me.

    After 16 sessions, I lost a total of 13.3kg and 33.5cm off my body, and my fat level had dropped 8.5% body fat! The slimming programme worked really well for me. The combination of gua sha and cupping, together with the professionalism of the staff at Slim Couture helped made it happen. I have not regretted my decision. For those who are still looking for something that may work, try finding out more if this may be the one that works for you, as it did for me.
  6. sotong80

    sotong80 Member

    How much?
  7. Nuisance diana

    Nuisance diana New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I remember when my friend first talk about this TCM slimming I was very skeptical. I’ve tried various “brands” to lose weight… but after it’s done and you get back to your normal life.. wah la~~ the fats will return for its revenge of you “ditching” it!!!

    However… when my friend “graduated” & started her normal life seeing her indulging in food she loves and nothing seems to change much... I decide to take the leap of faith… Today I stand by Slim Couture, the pain, the time; the determination and the money… are sure well-spent.

    I’ve lost… 8 kg, 5.1% of body fats and a total of 32.6cm in measurement. In theory this doesn’t seem much… since picture speaks a thousand words I’m going to share 2 for you to judge and decide if this is worth your time and effort. After all there isn’t any ugly woman in this world just lazy ones…

    On a side note… the staffs are friendly, encouraging, and professional; they sure know what they are doing. If in doubt always asked, they are more than willing to share their knowledge with you!!! Kudos to Slim Couture!

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  8. Rachiex

    Rachiex New Member


    I've researched on slim couture more than a year ago but did not go for it until 2 months ago. Mainly because I hated cherry tomatoes and thought it was expensive. Also was abit skeptical.

    But I decided to go for it when I reached my heaviest weight in my life after a surgery. I put on 7kg in 10 months. My doctor thought I had thyroid. It's crazy.

    Was very hopeful because nothing else I've done seemed to make me lose weight so I put down the money and hoped for the best.

    I'm so glad I did this!! I should have done it a year ago really. In 12 sessions, I lost 10kg. Everyone could see the difference, my clothes feel looser and suddenly I have more options on what I can wear. And, I am much happier now. I was constantly so upset about how I looked before.

    I still have a long way to my goal but I'm very confident I'll be able to reach it. As long as you keep to your diet, take your tomatoes(I'm ok w it now), drink lots of water, go for your sessions, you'll be able to drop the weight fast. You don't even Have to do anything else.

    So to whoever is considering, just. Do. It. It'll be money well spent.

    Photo on the left is taken just before my sessions started. Never going back to that!

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  9. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    Slim Couture offers a 100% Natural and Effective way of TCM Slimming. We have a 100% results guaranteed else money back guarantee policy.

    Kindly call us at 6536 8586/ 6336 8665 to find out more. Alternatively, you can also write to us at askexperts@slim-couture.com

    Slim Couture
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  10. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    Thank you for your interest.

    Slim Couture offers a 100% Natural and Effective way of TCM Slimming.

    Kindly call us at 6536 8586/ 6336 8665 to find out more. Alternatively, you can also write to us at askexperts@slim-couture.com

    Slim Couture
  11. Jennnice83

    Jennnice83 New Member

    TCM SLIMMING @Slim Couture

    A sedentary and stressful office lifestyle has resulted in me putting on weight in my tummy, thighs and arms. All thanks to Slim Couture, they helped me reshape my silhouette. I have lost about 2-3kg within five sessions. The treatment is not pain-free, but the guasha and cupping helps with my blood circulation.

    The team is friendly and encouraging, and gives good advices about my food intake! I will recommend SC to anyone who is looking at losing excess weight.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  12. SYBL

    SYBL New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    Losing weight has been a constant struggle for me since the birth of my 2nd child. I tried all methods from exercising, dieting to consuming weight control pills but nothing really works...until I tried Slim Couture.
    Initially, I had my reservations about TCM slimming techniques until I personally experienced the treatments and the positive effect it has on my body. I lost a total of 8kg, 7.9% of body fat and 38.5cm of measurement over a period of 3 months. In addition, I have also inculcated a healthier food consumption habit based on the advise given by the staff there.
    I feel healthier and more confident with myself now. Thanks to Slim Couture and all their friendly staff! :)
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  13. Shelly Lee

    Shelly Lee New Member

    After my 40th birthday, I have been putting on weight and despite trying to go on different diets, I've not been able to lose the weight I've gained. Going through early stages of menopause, hormonal changes, change in lifestyle etc lead to a weight gain of 8kg in 5 years. All the attempts of weight lost were not successful until I came Slim Couture.
    I lost 6.5kg, and 6.5% of fats with 12 sessions of treatment and more importantly, I am able to regain a slim and shapely body. Now I'm very happy to be able to wear clothes that accentuate my new figure! So happy :)
    The best part is when I went for my annual check up, my blood sugar, which has been on the high side in the last 2 years, bordering diabetic level, has revered to healthy normal level! I think this is a bonus for me.
    Thanks to Slim Couture and everyone who had worked with me... :)
  14. Gabbylicious

    Gabbylicious New Member


    I came to Slim Couture through my sister's recommendation. Have been battling weight issues all my life and am glad to be able to find this gem.

    Therapists are friendly, and they use new technology for baguan and acupuncture without fire and indeed has also help to boost my metabolism.

    Thus far I have lost 10.1kg after 11 sessions, and my fat level went down 5.3%.

    Thank you slim couture. <3

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  15. jlel24

    jlel24 New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I get to know Slim Couture through my Friend's recommendation. I went for 11 sessions and have lost 7.3kg and 23 cm in overall measurements. TCM Gua Sha and cupping is good for your body as it helps blood circulation and there are many other benefits to our body. Most importantly, you do not require to take any medication used during the whole slimming process. The staffs are friendly and approachable. They will advise you to choose the correct type of food to eat.

    I have tried various ways to reduce weight but TCM Slimming is one of the best slimming solution. You should give it a try. Cheers!

    I will not wear sleeveless clothes due to my flabby arms. After been through the sessions, I feel more confident to wear sleveless clothes:)

    Thank you Slim Couture!

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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
  16. Sharonnly

    Sharonnly New Member


    I have been gaining weight ever since I entered into working society. I was then introduced to Slim Couture by my friend who has shown great results with Slim Couture. There are food restrictions but it's not that hard to follow as it has helped me to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. This is definitely much more safer than consuming slimming pills.

    I have lost 4.5kg, 2.4 in fat level and 14.5cm in 3.5 weeks.

    Staff are very professional, friendly and motivating! What's most important is that I find myself more refreshed and confident now!

    You have to join to believe it!
  17. rosavee

    rosavee New Member


    Losing weight has been difficult for me and my weight keeps increasing once I started working. Through my friend, I heard a lot about this TCM treatment. Upon consultation, the consultants advises on the target body weight and fat level to achieve. After which, they advise on the recommended diet, which makes sense whereby you do not deprive your body of the essential vitamins required.

    Throughout the session, they will monitor your progress and give you tips on whether there is problem with your diet. They are helpful in-terms of explaining to you when you are in doubt. Encouraging.

    During the treatment, the gu-sha portion hurts especially in the first few treatment when your body is not used to it and gets better after several times. The cupping on the other hand, just felt like cups like suction- little pain.

    I have lost 3.8kg, 3.1% of body fats, and 15cm in 3 weeks. Happy with the results!

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  18. Cynthia_84

    Cynthia_84 New Member

    I started my slimming journey with Slim Couture in January this year. It has always been my dream to slim down in a healthy way. My dream came through when I embarked on my slimming journey with Slim Couture. The slimming process is definitely very healthy with the use of TCM methods. Within 4 months, I managed to lose a total of 21.5kg and 15.2% of fat. My dress size dropped from XXL to M. My friends all commented that I look like a total different person. I feel so much healthier and more confident now. I am also more aware of the type of food that I eat. I learnt to stay away from processed food and I fell in love with eating fruits and vegetables. My slimming journey is not lonely as Slim Couture consultants are very friendly and encouraging. I will definitely encouage those with weight issues to turn to Slim Couture for help.

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  19. ewitches

    ewitches New Member


    Like all ladies here, we have been battling with weight issues our entire life. I believe most of us have been there (skinny/slim) and suddenly, BOOM! it just happened. Your body decided that since you have been over-zealous in indulging in good food, snacks and processed food.... so much so that it cannot shed it off for you and there you go, it decides to expose it (the fats) and making us face the music.

    Straight to TCM. I got married and had our house back in late 2014, being a newly wed couple with zero experience in cooking etc. many of our meals are takeouts, fast food, and PROCESSED FOOD. My freezer is always packed with ready processed food, from sausages, hot dogs, nuggets, fries, sotong balls, frozen chicken wings.... so you get the point. By mid 2016, I had gained 10kg to an astounding 68kg for a 1.6m me.

    I came across Yina's blog on Slim couture and is determined to find out more. To be honest, I saw Yina's post last year but only approached Slim Couture in May'16 as I'm a zero-veggie taker person so it took me alot to overcome this step.

    One fine evening, I just went in Slim Couture without any appointment. Despite not making any appointment, the consultants/practitioners were very pleasant and got me a seat while waiting for them. I had a detailed consultation, got all my queries and concerns addressed and due to start the sessions a few weeks later.

    2 times weekly. During the 1 hour treatment, consultants will target your fat area and 'gua sha', after which they will place "ba guan" (cupping) on the acupuncture spots. There will be ugly bruises in the beginning (due to fat clogging) but fear not, it will go after a few weeks.

    Your consultants will give you a proper direction on what to eat and not eat during the treatment period. Heed the advice and follow as closely as possible.

    A changed me:
    I had never like vegetables, and throughout my teens till my late twenties, I avoided all greens at all cost. I hate plain water and never drink what was needed for a normal person. Somehow, this treatment changes everything. I now eat lots vegetables (of course I pick the greens I like), drank 2.5L - 3L of water every day. I never knew I can do this but apparently, never say never.
    You are not alone in the weight loss journey when with Slim Couture. Your consultants will work through with you tightly, constantly reminding and motivating you.

    It's been around 1.5 mths since I started the session, I've lost 4.5kg, 3.5% fats level and a total of 24cm. My pants/dresses are now feeling loose and big on me and my relatives who saw me last weekend were commenting that I've lost weight. It just boost my confidence again. I have 1 more month to go and I'm so looking forward to losing another 4-5kg by the end of the journey :)
  20. Jessica1991

    Jessica1991 New Member


    I been overweight when I was young. Everytime I went to window shopping the sale girl will say to me you cannot wear it too small for you , sometimes it really hurt me when they say that to me . I always wish to wear pretty clothing like what my friends used to be. Everytime I looked myself into the mirror I hated myself born to be so fat like giant . Family member like to say me fat like pig . I also went thru alot of slimming way but nothings can make me slim until I found slim couture . When I stepped in I was worries that it will be wasting money again if I don't slim down but I was wrong this is my last stop at slim couture I lose total of 16.3kg and 9.1 of body fats. Overall measurement I lose 47.5cm . The staff there is friendly and nice too . And now I from XL drop to M.

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  21. 林雪琴

    林雪琴 New Member


    I used to weigh around 55kg before I gave birth to my 2 children. An ideal weight, I would say, given that I am around 1.63m tall. Sadly, I have not been able to get back to around the same weight since and am about 73kg currently. Physical appearance aside, my health has also been affected because of the weight gain and I have been suffering from irregular menstruation. I tried doing exercise in the past, hoping to slim down, but could not do so on a regular basis due to my knees condition.

    Things started to really change when I started my weight loss program with Slim Couture. My first treatment began about a month back. Under the tender therapy of the professionals in Slim Couture, including specific advice on my diet, after 8 treatments, my weight has dropped by some 5 kg, from 73kg to 68kg. This is to me an amazing milestone. All my friends that met me recently commented the significant change to my waistline. My cellulite has also loosened up and thankfully, my recent menstruation has also appeared to become more normal. In addition, further to the recommended diet, my blood glucose level has also dropped to the normal level.

    I am confident of seeing another major “achievement” in the next 4 weeks. Thank you, Slim Couture!
  22. rottenraisins

    rottenraisins New Member


    I had always wanted to try this out and now it has been 2 months into the program! It has been, by far, the best experience I've had with any beauty-related clinics -- the ladies are always cheery and supportive. They are honest and never try to push for sales ever, except for things they believe are good for you.

    the first few weeks had been difficult for me but from the third week onwards, the difference in my body and the way it feels is pretty amazing. I have since looked forward to all the sessions.
    In 2 months, I've lost 2.4kg and 1.2% of body fats. It isn't much compared to the rest due to the nature of my job (I work in F&B) but the most important thing is that I've lost 22cm in measurements!!!

    Thank you ladies, you guys are amazing!
  23. babybaobei

    babybaobei Member


    As i get older, my metabolism slows down. I was not a big eater however the weight just kept on increasing. The worst part was i have consumed medicine for my skin problems which caused my weight to increase 6kg. That was the side effect of the medicine.

    I was very depressed and was finding ways to go back to my usual weight. I got to know Slim Couture through a friend. Slim Couture used TCM methods like gua sha and cupping. There were no pills involved and i was taught to eat the correct food. And i still get to eat delicious food during the treatment!

    After 2 months of treatment, i had shed off 5.8kg and 2.8% of body fats! And a total measurement loss of 17.5cm!! I dropped a size down from L to M! I felt so much lighter and my complexion had improved as well. My hubby was amazed by my changes and complimented that i looked younger and even more energetic.

    I am thankful that i have found Slim Couture as my slimming partner. Special thanks to Rivy, Yvonne and Xin Yi. You have given me the encouragement and the concern throughout my slimming journey with Slim Couture. Greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, ladies! Thank you, Slim Couture!
  24. Slim Couture

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  25. Slim Couture

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  26. Slim Couture

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  27. Slim Couture

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  39. Xi Xi

    Xi Xi New Member


    Ever since I was down with hypothyroidism about 7 years ago, I always dread stepping on the weighing scale as it upsets me every time when I see the numbers on it. Hypothyroid patients would know and understand how tired it is to constantly battle the body weight, which just pile on even when we already cut down on our food intake.

    When my friend first introduced Slim Couture to me, I was a little skeptical then. However, after witnessing her astounding results (she lost about 10kg in 2 months) and realising that Slim Couture uses TCM slimming method through "gua Sha" and cupping, I decided to give it a try!

    It was a decision that I never regret, especially when I started hearing compliments from my colleagues about my weight loss! In total, I've shed off 5kg since I started the treatment about 2 months ago. Given my medical condition and coupled with my poor determination for not following through the diet plan, I feel that the 5kg weight loss was already pretty amazing! For those who have been battling with heavy weight issues, you may wish to consider the treatment services at Slim Couture! I'm sure you will be amazed with your own results!
  40. jennytan80

    jennytan80 Member

    just wondering... is it safe to do this, if you're suffering from hypothyroidism?
  41. Alicia Fong

    Alicia Fong New Member


    Slimming down has never been an easy task for me since my younger days... No matter how much I exercise or watch my diet, my weight always does not seem to
    go down.. So with a colleague's recommendation and the good results she achieved, I decided to start my slimming journey with Slim Couture. They came up with a good diet plan which is easy to follow and healthy. And most importantly, the results was significant for all my friends and colleagues to notice. It was never a wrong decision to take up the plan. Though my results may not be the best among their many successful customers, with their help, I was able to achieve a weight which I would never think I can. Thanks to Slim Couture and their ever encouraging staff who have made me a more confident person!!!

    My result is
    total lose 3.3kg and 3.6% of body fats. Overall of measurement is 17.2cm.

    Alicia Fong
  42. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member

  43. G3rmaine

    G3rmaine New Member

    Tcm slimming @ slim couture

    Saw some of my colleagues who lost weight and maintain and decided to try out myself. Had tried many slimming methods but found it hard to last. So slimming couture is my saviour

    Overall, Great experience for weight and fat reduction! Gua Sha and slimming sessions were reasonably bearable, importantly I have seen a great improvement in reducing my weight and fats. And a change in a more healthy lifestyle!

    In 2 months, I lost about 5.2kg, 19cm of measurement loss.

    The Staffs are friendly and helpful. Provide good and useful eating habits to adhere to. Positive experience so far!
  44. Wei ping

    Wei ping New Member

    i have signed up with slim couture for 8 sessions and already had my fifth session today. I am not fat to begin with, but i am born with heavy bottom. I tried all ways to get smaller thighs such as crash diet, exercise etc but my thighs are still the same. after seeing my friend achieving good results with slim couture i decided to give it a try. Though these few weeks my results flucutate, i can feel my thighs getting smaller and shorts getting looser, i hope to get a good results after finishing the 8 session. And last but not least kudos to the therapist at slim couture for always putting their best effort when performing gua sha on me so that i can get most out of it. Will update my results after i finish all the sessions.
  45. 30012011

    30012011 Member


    I chanced upon this when i met an ex colleague whom i Have never seen for a long time and saw she slimmed down alot alot.. Knew from her that she went to slim couture in order to achieve that. So , been bothered with my post partum body with the weight that i cant shed off, i went for consultation with slim couture and started my journey with them.
    Thusfar, on my 8 sessions with them, ive lost 4.5kg,13.5cm off and 3.1% fat level dropped, although this might not be the best results, but so far, im pleased with the results, ive managed to wear all my dresses n shorts that i cant even fit in before preggy days.

    The gua sha session was, indeed unbearable to me initially but it really got better after my 4th session. Diet wise, really made me go healthier and got less hungry that easily. The therapists are friendly n is motivating and encouraging.

    Jia you to all n im looking forward to my another 8 sessions to achieve my ideal weight n figure.
  46. Slim Couture

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  47. Slim Couture

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  48. Slim Couture

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    Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

    In conjunction with the celebration of the Nation's 51st birthday, Slim Couture will be offering a $51 for 2 sessions of #DivineSlim's treatments!

    Hurry as it's only valid for the first 51 sign-ups only! http://www.slim-couture.com/appointment/

    *T&Cs apply

    Call: 6536 8586/ 6336 8665 now to secure the irresistible deal!

    #HappybirthdaySIngapore #SG51 #Birthday
  49. Slim Couture

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    Dear Valued Clients & Friends of Slim Couture,
    Thank you for the overwhelming support for our SG51 promotion! We have gotten 51 signups within 1 day!
    As an appreciation to our past, present clients and friends of Slim Couture, we will be extending this promotion till 20th August 2016 subject to the following terms & conditions:

    (1) LIKE Slim Couture's facebook page
    (2) Choose any of the VIDEO TESTIMONIAL that's feautured on our page
    (3) Press the SHARE button and share it on your facebook page
    (4) Screenshot this and present it to any of the Slim Couture's staffs to redeem this irresistible promotion

    Hesitate no further and make an appointment now: http://www.slim-couture.com/appointment/

    Call: 6536 8586/ 6336 8665
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