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Slimming through the principles of TCM techniques @Slim Couture

Discussion in 'For Business' started by Slim Couture, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. luvtamago

    luvtamago New Member

    I am not consider over weight but always consider as a chubby girl. I also have problem hitting my ideal weight of 49kg. But with the help of slim couture, I have reached my goal. My initial weight was 51.3kg and now I weigh 48.9kg. I thought going from 50s to 40s was impossible, it is like a miracle! I have lost 2.4kg, 1.4% fat levels and 14.5cm in total after 11sessions. Though the loss is not drastic but I am happy with the result.

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  2. Jann.L

    Jann.L New Member

    TCM SLIMMING @ Slim Couture

    I have been overweight since young and have tried numerous ways of slimming but never succeeded. There were times when I have lost weight but gained back very quickly.

    The first few weeks with Slim Couture was not easy, having to be on a strict diet. I am a stress eater and I binge eat a lot. With the strict diet, I learned self control and discipline. After following the diet for 2 weeks, I have to admit that despite the frustration of not being able to eat freely, I actually felt that my body feels lighter & happier with the healthier food intake. It's like there's no toxic in my body, the whole body system felt throughly cleansed
    This is also the first time I experienced weight lost at such fast speed not depending on medications but solely on one's own will.
    I've lost 7kg in total with 3.9% fats and 24.1cm overall. Results had exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to achieving my target weight soon than I thought!
    Lastly, I know many like me must have met the pushy facial companies forcing you to take up packages everytime you visit. The therapists I met at Slim Couture aren't pushy at all, so you don't have to be afraid. With no obligation, they'll encourage an initial trial of 1 month (8 sessions) and whether or not to continue is totally up to you to decide.
    Seems like too good to be true? You have to try it to believe it.
  3. cheery

    cheery New Member

    TCM SLIMMING @ Slim Couture

    Since my teenage years I have been facing weight problems. No matter how much I diet and exercise on a regular routine, that flabby waist and thick arms doesn’t seem to go away. But things changed after I step into Slim Couture.

    I knew I made to right choice by choosing Slim Couture within 2 weeks into the treatments (4 sessions) I have lost 2.9kg, 1.4% fat and a total of 7.7 cm from my thighs, arms and tummy. I see visible and effective results to my weight loss through their TCM slimming. With my progress closely monitored by my friendly consultants Yvonne and Rivy, I am confident I will be able to achieve my ideal weight pretty soon.
  4. Jaslyn90

    Jaslyn90 New Member

    I'd put on a lot of weight due to the nature of my job, which involves a lot of eating. Had tried many ways to lose weight, but didn't manage to lose any. A friend recommended Slim Couture to me, and thankfully I've lost 6kg in about one and a half month time. The diet plan is quite strict, but manageable as I'm still able to eat chicken, fish, vegetables and my favourite fruits. Worth a try if you have been trying to lose weight. Their treatment is really effective!

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  5. DIVA02

    DIVA02 New Member

    TCM SLIMMING @Slim Couture

    I'm pleased to announce that I can finally put a stop in my long slimming journey after this TCM based treatment is being brought into my life, Slim Couture!!

    I've started my 1st treatment mid of Nov and till now, I have lost a total of 4.6kg(weight still continue to go down),2.5% in fats and a total of 15cm in body measurement.
    It has proven to be effective and most important, no crash diet or replacement meal supplement to be consume during these slimming period.
    Normal diet resume, 3 meals a day, except that the type of food group we eat needs to be selective.
    No carbo,no red meat.
    Take white meat, vegetables and low in GI fruits.
    Most important adding cherry tomatoes in your daily diet as it helps to burn fat.
    Also our body will be loaded with lots of nutritional value derived from this little but mighty fruit.

    Though Gua sha has been quite a pain to me, leaving me bruises each time, but I know there's where my body needs to be "treated" and detox,due to my poor blood circulation,accumulated cellulite and water retention all these while.

    I'll trust that I'm in the good hands of the professional therapists, Yvonne and Rivy, and will continue to shed off more fats and regain the body shape and desired weight after completing my sessions!
    Feel healthier and more conscious to the type of food I am putting into my mouth now! Haha

    #bloggers #Yinagoh #MissTamChiak #Shiberty #lovesTCM #longtermhealthmaintenance #healthierlife #nevergiveup #moneywellspent

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  6. Ch3rryt0mato

    Ch3rryt0mato New Member

    TCM SLIMMING @Slim Couture
    I've never know slimming can be done without consuming supplements or dieting pills until I met slim couture. I'm skeptical of the results TCM could bring and even doubted the reviews written by the bloggers. But I'm glad I made the right choice to still try out the treatment, for you'll never know until you try it for yourself. I've managed to loose 9kg, 5.4% fat and a overall lost of 30cm. I would think I could fare better if it's not for my snacking habits. (Old habits die hard! Haha). But my snacking frequency has largely reduced and would try my best to look for healthier snacks. THe team at Slim Couture has been exceptionally encouraging and I really feel a majority of my perseverance is a result from their encouragement and motivation. Thank you Slim couture! I would think this is the best investment I had invested in myself in the year 2015.:)

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  7. Xeniatjm

    Xeniatjm New Member

    I was a fat kid since young and even though through my teenage years i grew taller, my stubborn fats still remains. I'm a huge foody & I never make it a point to go on diet. Stress and the busyness of life also made me eat irregular meals & resolve to comfort food.
    Because i am tall so hiding those fats are not an issue, however I never felt great about my shape and weight.

    I have been with Slim couture for 5 sessions(2.5weeks) and the results are AMAZING! My waist shape has changed and my belly fats are SHRINKING. i dropped 2.4kg and a total loss of 7.8cm. I have to admit that i did not follow the meal diet plan fully as its just so difficult during this festive season. However Slim Couture has proven to be so effective! Can't wait to finish my treatment! <3 Thank you Slim Couture.

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  8. ashly84

    ashly84 New Member

    Tcm Slimming @ SLIM COUTURE:)

    I didn’t like taking photographs as I felt that I'm plump among all my friends:( but now with the help from Slim Couture professional therapists, Yvonne and Rivy I've lost 2.6kg / 1.4% fats / 15.8cm only after a few session by going through Slim Couture's slimming program! Now my hubby and mother-in-law commented that I look better;)
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2015
  9. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    As the clock strikes 12, the team at Slim Couture would like to wish all a MERRY Xmas! Have a great holiday and don't worry about expanding your waistline because we promise to be your Fairy Godmother that will whip you back in shape!#xmasmood #slimcouture #tcmslimming #slim #scjourney #slimmingsg #slimming #xmas2015
  10. shiying41

    shiying41 Member


    Slimming have never been easy for me as i am food lover. I was introduced to Slim Couture by one of my friend and then read so many good reviews about it. But i was still very skeptical about Slimming with slim couture using TCM methods as i had tried several ways to slim down Eg: accupuncture, dieting cutting carbs, meal replacement etc but my weight just will not go down. I was weighing 69kg when i started my treatment on the 1st October and barely 2 months now i am already weighing 59kg. Fat% went down from 35% to 29%. The therapists over at China Square Central are all very professional and nice. They stoodby me and gave me encouragement during the toughest period in the beginning.

    Well, all i have to do during this period of time is to cut away all my carbs like rice, bread and my favourite cakes :(. When i am hungry i will snack on my favorite cherry tomatoes. For dinner and lunch, I will eat vegetables from those economic rice stalls, Yong tau foo with no processed items without soup and meat like saba fish, batang fish or chicken meat which are easily available in the food court. And of course going for the gua sha and cupping which i usually dosed off during the treatment. I used to always photoshop my photos to make myself look good but now i do not need to do that anymore;). This is the best investment i ever had and will continue on till i reach my ideal weight. Give it a try! There's really nothing to lose.

    Screenshot_2015-12-31-11-24-33-1.png FB_IMG_1451532601860.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2015
  11. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    HAPPY NEW YEAR!❤Thank you to the team at Slim Couture! You are the ones that make everything possible at Slim Couture!❤Thank you to all our ambassadors and working partners! You are the ones that make Slim Couture beautiful! ❤Thank you to our countless numbers of past and present valued customers! You are the ones that make a change to your figure and life, by trusting in us! ...❤ Thank you to our competitors. You complete us As we embrace into 2016, we would like to thank everyone who are part of Slim Couture! Thank you for being with us for the past year and we promise that we will continue to deliver our promises to you! #happynewyear #happy2016 #feelingthankful
  12. mandytan2116

    mandytan2116 New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I have been facing weight problems since my teenage years. No matter how much I diet and exercise, I'm not able to lose any weight. But things changed after I step into Slim Couture.

    I knew I made to right choice by choosing Slim Couture. Within 4 weeks into the treatments, I have lost 5.9kg and lost a total of 16cm. I see visible and effective results to my weight loss through their TCM slimming. With my progress closely monitored by my 2 consultants Yvonne and Rivy, I am looking forward to achieve my ideal weight pretty soon.
  13. Newlfye

    Newlfye New Member

    I went to slim couture after seeing results from a Friend who went there.
    I have been putting on weight since I started working and could not seem to lose the weight.
    After 12 treatments, I lost around 7kg
    The treatments involve a combination of a healthy diet and tcm.
    The treatments were very effective in a relatively short period of time and I managed to keep the weight off after my treatments have ended.
    The staff are always friendly and encouraging, helping me along my weights lost journey.
    I have recommended slim couture to several other friends, and we are all happy with the results!
  14. Geraldine LHS

    Geraldine LHS New Member

    TCM Slimming At Slim Couture

    My diet has always been quite unhealthy all the while since young. I've always been quite a big eater and I do not like to drink plain water, but still managed to keep within my small frame when I was younger. But for the past 3-4 years, I have felt my metabolism slow down. As I ate, my weight increased. I put on 8kg within 2 years. I was upset.

    I started dieting. I started exercising. I tried slimming pills. But I can't seem to shed off more than 1-2 kg from doing the above. I was inconsistent, tired, lazy. I was depressed.

    I came across Slim Couture when I was reading about a food blogger post on how she slimed down after coming to Slim Couture. So I decided to give it a try.

    Slim Couture uses safe TCM methods like guasha and cupping. Although there is a diet plan to follow, we did not need to starve. The staff always encourage us to eat healthily and always drink alot of water.

    After 8 sessions within a month, I lost 2.8kg. My fat level was reduced by 2.4%. And I lost an overall total of 19.5cm around my arms, waist and thigh area. I did not have to do any strenuous exercise. I just turn up for my appointments and the staff will do the rest.

    I will definitely come back to Slim Couture for maintenance after hitting my goal weight.
  15. Candy.lee88

    Candy.lee88 New Member

    TCM slimming @Slim Couture

    After trying means and ways to lose weight, I finally found thee answer to my weight woes. No one really likes to be told that they are fat and heavy, but these were the words that described who I was. I hated having to be so self-conscious of my looks and hiding behind people when taking photos.

    The experience at slim couture has been very pleasant. After all the fad diets and the horrors of rebounding weight, I am glad Slim Couture helps me lose weight from within. Working on the metabolic rate and the overall well-being of my health, I find myself making wiser choices and eating well rather than eating less. After 8 sessions, I have lost about 5 kg and 15.5 cm overall. It may not be much to many but I feel happier to be smaller.

    The therapists have been very kind and encouraging. They are the friends to cheer you on when you are feeling down or you went off track with your eating. Neither do they hard sell anything to you because it has to be decision that you want to make for yourself. I am glad I made the choice and I hope you will too if you are just like me.

    Moving on, I have a few more sessions to go and the challenge is great with CNY around the corner. I am still working for that thigh gap and to confidently meet my friends and relatives. It may be a journey but it is one worth your time and effort. To the new year, a new you!

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  16. yvonnee

    yvonnee New Member

    TCM Slimming at Slim Couture

    I always envied girls with slim tights. Due to age and slow in metabolism, my heaviest was 60kg. Till I saw on magazine about slim couture, I decided to go online to see others people feedback and to give it a try as I never try TCM before. To my surprise only a few session,I can see e result fast & without any exercised needed! I can see my tummy & tights getting smaller & not so flabby. I am very happy with the result! How I wish I have found slim couture earlier!

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  17. AliciaAng

    AliciaAng New Member

    TCM Slimming @Slim Couture

    I love to have snacks and coffee after having my main meals, as a result I gain quite abit of weight. I was also living in denial because whenever I asked my hubby am I fat, he would say no not really just abit meaty so I continue to indulge. My last straw came when I went shopping I could no longer fit myself into a M-size and I looked really awful with love handles around my waist and bulging tummy. I decided to slim down so I google and came across Slim Couture, I read all the positive reviews online and decided to give it a try and I have never looked back. In a span of 3 months I lost a total of 15kg from 62kg to 47kg and I could even fit into XS. The best part of Slim Couture is no diet pills, no physical exercise needed just need to follow a healthy no carbo diet, twice weekly session of guasha and cupping. Going to Slim Couture is like killing two birds with one stone for me, beside achieving a slim body, I could also achieve a healthy body, my blood pressure from moderately high level went down to a healthy level of 110/70.

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  18. dorin

    dorin New Member

    Tcm slimming@slim couture

    I hd difficulty slimming down after giving birth to my 2nd child in 2014. Between the year 2014 to 2015, i had been suffering problems losing weight. I was constantly unhappy with my looks and never took much photos when it comes to gatherings. Luckily i found out about slim couture. They gave me the security and confidence back one again. I managed to lose a total of 4kg in just a short time spend of less than a month, a result which i have never seen before. Furthermore, they specialised in tcm and omitted the used of pills and needles which is very safe. No words could describe how happy i was with the results after joining them.

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    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  19. Wendy Koh

    Wendy Koh New Member

    TCM Slimming at Slim Couture!
    Finally a slimming Centre that really makes you slim! Slim Couture used traditional Gua Sha and cupping to assist us to lose weight! The Therapists are all so friendly and accommodating and they will give you advices on the types of food intake so that the whole treatment is effective. So far after just 12 sessions with them, I have lost more than 5 kg and dresses getting so much looser. No shopping yet as I know more kg will go down after a few more sessions with them.

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  20. janecc

    janecc New Member

    TCM sliming at slim couture- great & encouraging staff. With a controlled diet plus their cupping and guasha.. managed to lose 5kg over a period of time
    And no hunger pangs throughout the treatment plus feeling so much energy nowsadays ☺
  21. asyleoet

    asyleoet New Member


    Like many other girls, I adopted a sedentary lifestyle when I started working. Stress from work, together with lots of snacking, has caused me to put on weight in the wrong areas. Even though I was not overweight, my clothes started feeling tighter, and I grew chubbier. I also became really self conscious and was upset that I am no longer as slim as my younger self.

    I read about Slim Couture on a few blogs but did not think about trying as I have always been skeptical about slimming centres. However, after about a year of dieting, juice cleanses, tea detoxes, and working out 6 times/week with NO visible or permanent results; I was exhausted, disappointed and frustrated with myself. It was then that I decided to give Slim Couture a try.

    2 months into the treatment, I’ve lost 1.6kg, 4.9 fat%, and 16.5cm! Numbers aside, people around me also commented that I look visibly leaner. My clothes felt more loose and I also learnt to be more conscious about my food choices. The recommended diet was simple to follow and I never once felt like I starving myself. The treatment is natural and safe, without any slimming pills or extreme dieting. I look forward to every session and am really grateful for Slim Couture’s team of therapists who have been very helpful and encouraging throughout my journey with them.

    FullSizeRender (1).jpg FullSizeRender.jpg
  22. jingyan

    jingyan New Member

    {TCM SLIMMING @SLIMCOUTURE} I've tried many ways to lose weight, but none of them seemed to work(slimming tea,slimming pills,cut down on carbo). And instead i gain even more weight(ard 6-8kg) so i was feeling so devastated. Luckily i I found out about Slim Couture through Yina and kaykay blog. And decided to give it a try because i saw many good reviews about it so why not right. And after eight session i had lost 5kg.In fact I did not follow the diet plan strictly because starting for me it was kind of difficult to follow their diet plan strictly. But after a few days I'll get used to the diet plan and actually it wasn't that difficult .Huge thanks to Yvonne , rivy and others professional therapists at slim couture guidance and I am feeling even more motivated to lose more weight.I will definitely recommend to people and my friends who are extremely lazy to exercise but wish to lose weight.thanks slim couture !

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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
  23. Sarah_qb

    Sarah_qb New Member


    Growing up I was never a slim girl. However my weight piled on even more after I started working for a few years. I did not look good in my wedding photos but I have no choice as I tried all ways including exercising, eating healthily and cutting carbs from my dinner but those methods did not help much. One year after my wedding, I'm at my heaviest weight. I feel very fat and my self esteem is low as my clothes size is getting bigger.

    I found out about Slim Couture from Wanting, Yina and Shiberty's blog so I decided to turn to them to help me lose weight. The cost was not cheap but I feel that it is worth it. I managed to lose 3kg in around a month and I can see that my arms, thigh and tummy are getting slimmer. In addition, I manage to fit into clothes which were too small for me for the past 4 years.

    The diet plan was not easy for me at the beginning. However, I slowly get used to it and now I eat more healthily as I'm more aware of portion controls. The results that I see during every session help to motivate me to continue to work hard. I'm really thankful to Slim Couture as now I can be more confident of my body.
  24. Belinda_88

    Belinda_88 New Member

    I read up on this company on blogs and bloggers reviews were very good on how natural it helps to slim down without even need to exercise and eat any pills. I have tried exercising a lot but to no avail, it still doesnt helps until I decided to turn in to Slim Couture for help. To date, I have lost 3.3kg and 1.9% of my fats at my 4th session and total lost of 6.2cm. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Slim Couture!
  25. Jing Ting Ng

    Jing Ting Ng New Member


    Thanks to the TCM slimming(GuaSha & Baguan), I'm able to cleanse my body thoroughly and shed off unwanted fats! I used to binge on every thing I see and resulted in a tummy with 4 level of fats!! It's a burden to carry that fats around and it's really a disappointment whenever I looked myself into the mirror. Hence, I would never wear any tight dresses..

    Slim couture has taught me how to control my diet and not gobble down everything. I have cut down on processed food, liquor and fast food! It's a great achievement!

    My tummy fats level has gone down to 2 and I have lost 9cm in total.. And my size has gone down from M to S.

    I highly recommend Slim Couture as the treatment and daily diet would help improve our body condition. Most importantly, There isn't any slimming pills or proteins need to be taken. It would not cause any side effects!

    Thank you Slim Couture <3

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  26. Emily chan0048

    Emily chan0048 New Member

    Tcm slimming at slim couture
    IMG-20160128-WA0006.jpg My journey with slimming couture.
    Its the most satisfying slimming treatment ive ever had. I joined in mid december 2015 for 1 mth and ive lose up to 3 kilos. Unlike previous treatments which ive undergone thru various machines and still seeing no visible results. But... Slimming couture is totally different, it uses tcm method together with a diet plan which ive to follow accordingly leads to very good results. Although some food are restricted but there are still many options available. But to think ahead , you just have to control for 1 month, which after that you still can continue to eat whatever you like. Maybe with a more wiseful way which i learned from slimming couture. Thanks to them, im slimmer now.
  27. Siti2903

    Siti2903 New Member


    I gained a lot of weight due to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices. I decided that I need to make a change as continuing to be obese is detrimental to my health.
    I chanced upon Slim Couture as I was googling. I decided to embark on my slimming journey with Slim Couture because it is a natural way to losing weight without consuming pills or meal replacements. After the first consultation, I started my treatment in October 2015. After 2.5 months, I managed to lose 11.3kg. Thus far I have loss 46.5cm in measurements. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I feel more confident and comfortable about my body image. Looking forward to losing a few more kilos with the remaining sessions.

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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2016
  28. TMichelle

    TMichelle New Member


    I am a person who love food and when I am stressed out, food is my only comfort. I started to pile on and my weight went to 64kg and I always needed to wear a jacket to take cover of my love handles and bulging tummy. My daddy offered me an alternative to Slim Couture and I took up the offer. Within a short span of one and a half month, I lose a total of 7kg and I could fit myself into a M size now. With my remaining sessions with them I believe I would continue to lose more weight and inches. It was not as tough as I thought it would be, in fact I could continue to enjoy some indulgence in KFC!
  29. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    Slim Couture 的全体人员恭祝大家: "猴年行大运; 心想事成; 永远苗条美丽! 来一个猴-say 的年啊!" #恭喜发财 #happynewyear * Photo credit to Fotolla
  30. Andrea Sim

    Andrea Sim New Member

    For about 12 years l have been on the chubby side, have tried quite a few slimming treatments, which typically uses machines, at other slimming centers as well as tried replacement meals. However, they were not effective, have either lost negligibly little weight or after losing weight l gained them back fairly soon. Also, I find that those treatments did not help my problem areas such as my arms and thighs.

    I have been to 12 sessions (about 1.5 months) so far and have lost 3.9 kg, 3.5% fats and 14.5 cm overall. The treatment involves guasha and cupping paired with a recommended diet plan.

    What I like about the treatments at Slim Couture is that they were very effective and fast. After about 2-3 sessions, I noticed my pants became slightly loose Now for the past one week or so, people around me have been telling me that my face has became smaller and I have dropped one dress size.

    Throughout the process, the therapists have been very helpful and patient in answering my doubts and making sure that I eat the right food. Honestly, I am a food lover and I have never been the most obedient person when it comes to following a diet plan but after seeing the results of following the diet plan along with the treatments, I couldn't not do it for myself. It took a bit of effort for me but it was worth it. All in all, I am glad that I tried Slim Couture and would recommend it.
  31. Andrea Sim

    Andrea Sim New Member

    For about 12 years l have been on the chubby side, have tried quite a few slimming treatments, which typically uses machines, at other slimming centers as well as tried replacement meals. However, they were not effective, have either lost negligibly little weight or after losing weight l gained them back fairly soon. Also, I find that those treatments did not help my problem areas such as my arms and thighs.

    I have been to 12 sessions (about 1.5 months) so far and have lost 3.9 kg, 3.5% fats and 14.5 cm overall. The treatment involves guasha and cupping paired with a recommended diet plan.

    What I like about the treatments at Slim Couture is that they were very effective and fast. After about 2-3 sessions, I noticed my pants became slightly loose Now for the past one week or so, people around me have been telling me that my face has became smaller and I have dropped one dress size.

    Throughout the process, the therapists have been very helpful and patient in answering my doubts and making sure that I eat the right food. Honestly, I am a food lover and I have never been the most obedient person when it comes to following a diet plan but after seeing the results of following the diet plan along with the treatments, I couldn't not do it for myself. It took a bit of effort for me but it was worth it. All in all, I am glad that I tried Slim Couture and would recommend it.
  32. Judy lai

    Judy lai New Member

    TCM slimming at Slim Couture 20160216_105034.jpg Slim Couture is the place to go to if you want to shed those kilos. I have tried many reputable slimming salon and none produce the results that I get from Slimming Couture. I was 62 kilos when I started with them and after 8 sessions which ended yesterday...I am now 58 kilos..What surprises me is that with the lo hei dinners and cookies I had consumed during this CNY, I thought I will put back the kilos but my weight and fat level remain the same as my previous session ..I am so happy that I have decided to sign up for another 8 sessions...I have faith and confidence that I will lose more kilos..Keep up the good work Slim Couture!!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2016
  33. Chua leng leng

    Chua leng leng New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I always enjoyed eating. When I was younger, I was able to eat a lot without putting on weight. However, after the birth of my 2nd child, I realised I was putting on pounds with my 'eating hobby', and my face also grew rounder. I heard of TCM Slimming and its effectiveness. I decided to give it a try at Slim Couture. Within 4 weeks, I lost 5kg! Even my chubby face 'shrinks'. My colleagues also commented that I no longer has a chubby face!! See my before and after picture (the lady in red is my recent picture taken with my daughter during Chinese New Year, after I am on SLIM COUTURE maintenance). I will continue with Slim Couture for monthly maintenance. The professional therapists helps to keep my weight and fat % in check. I am very satisfied with the results. With SLIM COUTURE, I know im in good hands!!

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  34. mich1314

    mich1314 New Member

    TCM slimming at Slim Couture

    I've always been on the chubby side since young, tried countless exercise and different diet methods but all didnt work for me. It was until i read yina and shiberty's blogs and saw how they have slimmed down that i decided to sign up for slim couture. I signed up for 12 sessions, however as i am rather muscular due to active sports previously, the first few sessions were spent softening my muscles. I really liked that my body felt much lighter through dieting, and healthier through baguan and guasha techniques. i also do not get cold easily as compared to last time, can really see that the blood circulation is improving through tcm techniques. in 12 sessions, i've managed to lose 3.9kg, 4% body fat and 32.5cm off in total. in particular my waist and my legs. initial weight was 53.9kg and was at 50.0 during my last session. Am considering doing portion treatment now after 3 months, as my weight has maintained and not bounced back despite going back to a normal diet (of course to eat everything in moderation). i am currently an S size for many clothing brands.

    the therapists are always encouraging and there are always constant reminders for you to eat clean, so do not worry!
    12765566_10154510492739186_1685435524_o.jpg 12752169_10154510493229186_953985193_o.jpg
    12767885_10154510494219186_260080089_o.jpg 12699225_10154510494954186_1174843783_o.jpg 12755443_10154510509314186_694946589_o.jpg
  35. Stella Ngiam

    Stella Ngiam New Member


    Found out Slim Couture through a local food blogger and decided to give it a shot and glad that I had made the right choice. With years of sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dinner dates, I have pound up quite a kilos of weight especially on heavy bottom and thick chunky thighs. Obviously visible cellulite on thighs has always been an ugly sight to me and thus making me refrain me from wearing jeans and shorts. Thanks to slim couture and their wonderful therapist (Yvonne, Rivy, Angie & May) for getting rid of those eyesore and bring back my college days weight. I could now fitted into size of 25 skinny fit jeans and I'm confident in wearing shorts again. Went thru 2 months of treatments and see effective result progressively with current weight of 45kg, I feel lighter, happier and healthier now. Thank you Slim Couture once again for making this works.
  36. yannil0ve

    yannil0ve New Member


    It has been almost two years since I started my journey at Slim Couture. Due to a hectic and stressful working life, I was vulnerable to emotional eating and no matter how much I exercised, I was unable to shed the stubborn kilos. The friendly and patient therapists at Slim Couture encouraged me and supported me as I learnt to adopt better eating habits and I always looked forward to each session as there was visible results. I've been going back for monthly maintenance sessions now and I'm happy that my weight has been maintained at 49kg despite indulging in good food every now and then. Thank you Slim Couture!
  37. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    Celebrate International Women's Day with Slim Couture!

    Sign up with a friend and your friend gets to enjoy 38% off off her total package!

    To embark on #scjourney, book an appointment with us now http://www.slim-couture.com/appointment/

    Call: 6536 8586/ 6336 8665

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  38. peaqee

    peaqee New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I was introduced to Slim Couture by my aunt because I wanted to lose weight in time for my wedding. Indeed, it had helped me to shed off 5kg and I looked great on my big day! I have dropped down a dress size and personally am very glad with Slim Couture's services & their advice about eating better. My friends and family have commented that I look better with my slimmer self. I am healthier and more confident thanks to Slim Couture.
  39. Ylzy

    Ylzy New Member


    I first found out about slim couture from blogger Yina, Shiberty blog and I was really amazed by their weight loss through slim couture. After much deliberation, I decided to go for the free consultation and give slim couture a try. It has been difficult for me to lose weight all these while (especially my tummy and thigh) and after seeing how other people did it, I was more eager to try it out myself. At slim couture, they uses TCM techniques such as gua sha and cupping for their treatment. There is no medicine and no hard core exercise or dieting needed. You just have to follow a strict diet plan that has been drafted out for you and go for your treatment twice a week. Moreover, you learn to eat healthier with no hunger pangs ! Over a short span of nearly one month, today is my 7th session, I have lost a total of 2.4kg. Overall, I have lost a total of 15.5cm on my arm, thigh and waist. There are attached photo below to show that my arm and thigh had become slimmer. I'm looking forward to the remaining session of the treatment to lose more weight and to see the final result! Not to forget, the therapists in slim couture and encouraging and friendly. Thanks Angie and May for your encouragement throughout my slimming journey. :) image.jpeg

  40. mummy<3

    mummy<3 New Member

    Tcm slimming @Slim Couture

    Yet another satisfied customer coming over to share her satisfaction. 4 sessions in 2 weeks, and 2kg lost. Thats about 1kg a week. I used to dread going for such sessions with other parlours, because of the lack of result and package pushing. With the therapist at Singapore shopping centre, it's entirely different. Their warmth and sincerity are truthfully felt, it makes me even more determined to slim down with their constant encouragement. They are detailed in their explanations with dietary intake, to the extent of going the extra mile to ask me to take pictures of my meals just to make sure I was not cheating on myself. No other parlours have taken such measures. The onous was always on ourselves. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal weight. Placing myself in the good hands of the therapists at ssc. :)
  41. aggiex06

    aggiex06 New Member


    Mindless eating and greed has caused me to gain almost 8 kgs!!! I gained weight even though I EXERCISED. Desserts were my favourites and I snack a lot during work as well.
    I first encountered slim couture when I read Yina Goh's blog. It really opened my eye to the results and I actually went down to pay them a visit. During the consultation, Joanne took my statistics and found that my fat level was way too high at almost 30%! For my age and height of 164cm, 30% body fat was way too much. I started the treatments shortly after and after just 2 sessions, there were already results! The diet that I had to undergo was not too tough as well because I honestly did not feel hungry. Greed and "mouth itchy" feeling were present but nothing that willpower to lose weight cannot solve.
    Overall I lost about 10 kg in just 16 session, 2 months. I never felt more confident! Thank you so much for changing my life, SC~!!!
  42. Whimsical_

    Whimsical_ New Member

    TCM Slimming at Slim Couture

    I joined Slim Couture after a recommendation from a friend. Before this, I had not gone through any weight loss plan successfully before and was skeptical with slimming centres.

    However, Slim Couture was different. Together with a reasonable diet plan, I lost 9kg and a total cm loss of 45.5cm in 2 months, around my thighs, arms and tummy! I must say it was very effective and the staff are very friendly and professional. They know what they are doing and do not hard-sell.

    I highly recommend Slim Couture if u are looking to slim down fast and effectively!
  43. may2004mom

    may2004mom New Member

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    Due to hormonal imbalance, I started experiencing menopause symptoms and my weight also crept up day by day, month by month....I put on 12kg over the span of 12 months. Not only I had trouble fitting into my loose clothings, my self confidence suffered. It was time when I knew I can no longer live in self denial and had to do something about it.

    I came across Slim Couture facebook page 1 year ago, I was skeptical at about it initially so there was no push factor to give it a try earlier. However, having seen testimonials after testimonials I decided to give it a try. With no expectation, I thought if I could even lost 5kg I would be pleased.

    With the therapists' encouragement and strict diet (I tried although I cheated at times!), I am very proud that I had lost 8.3kg / 4.1% fat / 28.6cm in total over the 2.5 months on the program. I could now wear some of my old dresses and regain my confidence. I just bought 2 shorts over the weekend (my ugly cellulites reduced significantly on my thighs)! `

    The therapists are not pushy in selling their treatments and products, they normally only recommend according to your needs. They are professional and respect the ultimate decision of the customer.

    Thumbs up!
  44. winterfr0st

    winterfr0st New Member


    Having a sweet tooth and indescribable excitement each time I see beautiful and rich desserts trigger the inner gluttony in me. In addition to the pressure I faced during work and school gave me another excuse to sought for food to relieve stress. However, learning that I am growing horizontally each day added on to my level of stress. I can't take this vicious cycle anymore. Weighing a smacking 55kg was too much for me, with all the triacylglycerides accumulating at my trunk area, I resorted to Slim Couture. I would say... this is the best decision I've ever made! Although it is tough to resist all the temptation from eating my favorite food, the sacrifice was worthwhile in exchange for a slimmer and more confident self. I lost 5kg throughout this ~1.5 month journey. My progress may not be that fantastic since I was having cheat meals most of the time, seeing the end result was satisfactory for me. I will not hesitate to recommend Slim Couture to the ladies out there who want to achieve the ideal body and confidence :)

    Attached Files:

  45. Alistair Chow

    Alistair Chow New Member

    I read up on this company on blogs and bloggers reviews were very good on how natural it helps to slim down without even need to exercise. I was recommended by a friend who have successfully lost weight and she she is even maintaining her weight till now even though she finished her treatment. I have tried exercising a lot but it still doesnt helps me to slim down a lot, in fact I gained muscle mass.

    However, when i came to Slim Couture for help, i lost 3.3kg and 2% of fat lost 11.4cm in total. Simply follow the diet plan and you can easily lose all the excess fat in your body. I'm very pleased with the results and will defintely recommend to my friends.
  46. Bebeclaire06

    Bebeclaire06 New Member

    TCM Slimming@Slim Couture

    I was recommended to this place by a colleague who had successfully shed off all her maternity fats. Inspired by her, i decided to check out the place.

    I started my treatment on 21 Mar and after 6 sessions (3 weeks), I managed to loose 3.9kg from 68kg and my fat % drop 3%. My body shape looks better as well. My main problem is with my thigh where I have lots of fats and cellulite which has been there for 30+ years. Just after 3 weeks, i can see my cellulite softens and my thigh gotten smaller by 4cm! That's a lot considering it is just 3 weeks.

    I like the method that they use which is based on gua sha and cupping which helps to improve the blood circulations, get rid of toxins and improve my metabolism. The diet that i have to follow is very simple and i don't feel hungry. Combining the massage and the diet, it helps to burn up the fats that are stored in the body and it is natural because it uses the body natural process.

    I would recommend this place because i see the result in my colleague and even after she finish her treatment, i did not see any rebound and she is able to maintain it. I am looking forward to that day myself when i am done with my treatments! Can't wait :)
  47. Angel95

    Angel95 New Member

    TCM Slimming@Slim Couture

    I was recommended by 2 friends of mine who have successfully slimmed down effectively after 16 sessions.

    In a span of 1.5 months, I lost 5.9kg, 5.4% fats and 20.5cm for overall measurement.

    This is the most effective and least stressful slimming method I have ever witnessed.

    In general, the consultants are all very encouraging and I just have to exercise self-discipline in maintaining a healthy diet.

    After this treatment, I become more conscious of the food I consume and the method of cooking. Also, I see the importance of drinking more water and to monitor my fat level daily too.

    I would strongly recommend this treatment! :)

    Thank you, Slim Couture!
  48. tyxtyx

    tyxtyx New Member


    I am overweight since young, especially after giving birth to a kid. For health reason, slimming down is the only option but I have not been successful all these while. Temptation of food coupled with laziness in work out resulted in weight gain which seems to be out of control until I heard about Slim Couture from a friend.

    I signed up for a package with Slim Couture after understanding that it is a TCM treatment which does not require pill, work out or starving. The treatment consists only gua sha, cupping and follow a healthy diet plan. After 7 sessions, I lost 5.5kg, 2.1% fats and12.8cm for overall measurement. This is an effective slimming treatment which I would recommend to friends.

    Thank you, Slim Couture and the friendly staff! :)

    Attached Files:

  49. Slim Couture

    Slim Couture Member


    It's time of the year again!

    To our valued clients.. thank you for your kind understanding for allowing us to have our annual company retreat!

    We will be close for our annual company retreat from 30th April to 3rd May 2016 and will resume operations on 4th May 2016 at 10am.

    For enquiries, kindly write to us at askexperts@slim-couture.com

    Have a great long weekend ahead!

    Team at Slim Couture

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  50. Slim Couture

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    As your metabolism slows with age, maintaining your weight can be just as hard as losing weight.
    This is why at Slim Couture, we boost your metabolism in a healthy, lasting way that ensures your weight doesn't rebound.

    Aedan joined Project Superstar in 2014 and came in as the second runner-up! Due to his job as a performer, Aedan wishes to lose weight to bring out the best in himself and look his best! He came to Slim Couture in 2015 and is still maintaining his lost weight and hes back to resume his slimming journey! Stay tuned for his greater transformation!

    Find out how Aedan 江韩文 experienced this effect for himself .

    Call: 6536 8586/ 6336 8665 now

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