hi arielle,
No need for you to fill in my spreadsheet lah - just do according to your format will do.

For flashcards, the SM teacher said to flash picture cards to the babies first. Single words can be introduced gradually.

For the variety and organised dots cards, I use them with the random dots only after the random dots have been used for 2 cycles.

Has any mummy introduced foreign languages (other than mother tongue) like French and Japanese to your kids? Which method do you use?


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Hi arielle
I actually signed up yesterday's parent seminar (on kids > 3 yrs old), but cos gonna work OT, so no choice but to call SM to cancel my slot. Tried to get a place for 10/05/07 seminar, but was told that booking was full. so sad. Do let me know whether it is worth going. I will try to catch a slot next term.
Thank You

Hi grace, does your kid's teacher do sawako set with them in class?


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Hi Grace,
My format very messy! I will send to you the last few classes after I attend tomorrow's class ok?

If single words introduced gradually, by then they only like picture cards dun like word cards how?

How do you intro variety and organised dots together with random dots?

I am also looking at foreign languages now. Thinking of getting those foreign lang audio CDs like French, Japanese etc and play to her as background music so that she gets used to listening to them?

Mummies, any idea when do their ears/brain shut off foreign lang? Any other methods of exposing them to foreign languages? Do you do sawako at home as part of home practice?

Hi Sharon,
My girl was 7mths when she joined in Apr term, now is 8+mths
how old is yours? Which class and branch is he/she attending?

hi Constance,
When I filled up for the Parents Seminar last Sat, 3rd may was all full! I managed to get the last 3rd slot for 10th may. When I asked anymore such seminars, the recept mentioned that will be in August. Ok, will update you
realised many hardworking mums here.
i m a lazy mom!
Shall we shall hw we conduct our home-training session so that we can learn from one another?

For my 2 yrs old dd, I will try to do the following daily.

Making energy balls
ESP games
Flashcards (abt 20 categories of pictures, 15 categories in English, 5 categories in Mandarin)
Speed Reading
Some motor/coordination activities such as threading, scooping

Are we supposed to flash pictures only? Or pictures & words?

I am lazy to start the 65days thingy!
Grace: For me, we use sawako set to intro foreign languages. Also used the AEUIO Kiragana chart. Too bad, I don't have the kiragana song that is sang in shichida. anyone knows where to get this song?


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My girl now 19mth old,actually i'm not from shichida class , hope u all don mention, i join tis thread to steal some method of teaching .
because e class too ex liao


hi mummies,
Regarding the SM Home Practice session, if you have not attended before, it's worthwhile to attend. You'll have some idea what/where to get/use for home practice. SM probably has improved but 2 years ago when I attended, the sound system was off, so those seated at the back of the room had no clue what the parent volunteers were saying and doing in the front. So try to sit in the front rows or near where the parent volunteers are seated (I know, very kiasu) because you'll get to see the materials they have prepared at a close range.

hi Constance,
For Sawako, my dd's teacher will play the cd and flash the cards accordingly for both English and foreign language.

I feel that the amt of foreign language exposure in SM is little. I would like to introduce the foreign languages to my kids at home, but my dh and I don't speak those languages. So wondering how other mummies are doing in this aspect.

hi arielle,
For flashing cards with words, perhaps out of the, say, 10 topics you flash, you can include 1 topic in words. Then gradually introduce mixture of words and pictures in a topic. For example the topic of fruits, flash picture of 'apple', then flash the word 'apple'. As babies like varieties, you can incorporate different words/pictures. In this way, they won't get bored.

For organised and variety dots, what I do is flash them after I have flashed the random dot cards. I usually flash the same number series together. For example, random dots 1 to 10, then variety and/or organised dots also 1 to 10.

hi Wei Lin,
For 2-year-olds, you can flash more words and/or picture and word cards in a topic for variety.


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hi mummies,
do you flash 10cards/sets among all the sets in the flashcard session or it may be 20 cards of this category, 5 cards another category etc?

anyone using the "I can read" series of Chinese cards to flash to your child?

My baby is now 8mths old. Currently for home practice, I am doing:
Making energy balls
ESP games
Linking Memory
Flashcards (abt 6 categories of pictures, 2 categories in English, 2 categories in Mandarin, dot cards, the clock & time)
Speed Reading (going to start next week)
Some motor/coordination activities such finger play
Reading of 1-3books to her

What about other mummies here? care to share?

Hi Wei Ling,
Yes we should discuss!where did you get the sawako sets from? and the AEUIO Kiragana chart? My hubby went for the 1st session of the term which they showed the kiragana song. maybe I can try asking the sensei tomorrow and see if she mind showing me the lyrics?

How many cards in total do you flash to your child as I saw you have so many categories! What are the categories so you flash for picture cards? how many cards in each categories for all your flashing? how many times after that you retire the cards? do you reties one by one or sets by sets? do you re-surface the cards again after some time?

Hi Grace,
do the parents volunteer do hard sell of shichida's materials? or they make their own? I don't speak the foreign languages too, so I am wondering if I play the foreign lang CDs in the background for my girl, would she absorb them still? or she would need someone to speak to her frequently?

I am currently introducing 4 sets of words to her (followed on from GD previously), 2 sets chinese words, 2sets English words. She looked away for the English words after the 3rd day of flashing. Do you all think I should retire the sets of english word cards and introduce new ones? i.e. follow her flow since she seems to show me that she is bored? I don't mean to distrust my child but do you think she absorbs the words at a faster rate than what GD recommends like 15x of flashing?

When you flash the picture apple followed by the word "apple", do you say "apple" 2times i.e. "apple" when you flahs the picture and "apple" again when you flash the word?

From the way you explain how you flash the dot cards, do you mean to say after flashing random dots 1-10, you repeat 1-10 again straight after the random dots of 1-10 but this time using variety or organised dots? if it is this way, would baby be bored?
arielle: got my materials fr tensai store.
I do flash the level 1 of I CAN READ SERIES. This is my one & only chinese flashcards. =P

Actually the kiragana lyrics are given in the welcome folder. Just that I prefer to sing with my girl along with the music, in case I go out of tune. Hahaha....

Joining shichida is not a cheap investment. My hubby has been nagging the amt of money I spent on materials & lessons. Yet, he's still a firm believer of right-brain training. So contradicting hor.


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Hi Grace
For foreign language, I just bought a 2nd hand Japanese CD (Teach me series) from one of the SM mum. Thinking of playing to my kids as part of home practice.

Hi Arielle/ Wei Lin
For home practice (for 3.5 yr old DS)
I will do
1. Energy Ball
2. ESP Games
3. Flashcards (lots of pic cards + ave 5 chinese words + 5 english words)
4. Peg Memory
5. Linking Memory
6. Instant Memory
7. Speed Reading (1 to 2 times a week only)
8. Block games
7. SM worksheets
average session - 45min

Home practice for my 1 yr old DD is shorter.
1. Energy Ball
2. ESP Games
3. Flashcards (5 categories x 10 cards + ave 2 chinese & 2 english words)
4. Speed Reading (1 to 2 times a week only)

average session - 20min

Anyone tried the 5 min suggestion? Dunno whether it really works....
pooh: it's abt $65 per lesson. Once a week. Duration: 75 mins. Fees payable every 12 lessons.
As for materials, they don't force you to buy from their tensai shop. You can either get from them, or DIY or find other materials in bookstores etc.


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Hi mummies
Was told by my dd's sensai that some of her other classes mummies prepare and exchange flashcards among themselves to cut down preparation time. R any of you doing it?


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Hi to all the mummies

My gal is 17 months and I have been doing the flashcards on her currently. But seem like I am always flashing the same cards and she is getting bored. I bought most of the cards. Do you DIY the flashcards? I though of DIY the flashcards but do not know how to start. Izit very time consuming? Any tips from the mummies here?


Hi mummies,

What age do you all recommend sending the child to Shichida? Am afraid they wont behave n benefit if start at 1 yrs old. My niece started at 1.5 yrs old and the mum say some children were too young n were crying etc..



Going to enrol my gal for the oct got the price list from shichida..

Therefore your payment would be:
Weekday /Weekend Term Fees : $745.00 / $780.00
Registration Fees (Annual) : $50.00 / $50.00
(Assuming 1 pax for PEC) : $170.00 / $170.00
GST : $67.55 /$70.00
Subtotal : $1032.55 /$1070.00
Deposit : $300.00 /$300.00
GRAND TOTAL : $1332.55 / $1370.00


there are 12 lessons in 1 term. as per recommended by one of the mum here, it is better to send the kids when they are not so mobile, then they will not walk around during the class. So i am sending my gal when she reaches 8 ~ 9 months..


chupa, I am also considering at which age to send my boy to shichida. He is currently 5mths old and from the looks of it, he cant hold his attention on things for anything more than 5mins. (the furthest i can achieve is the duration for me to finsih a short story). when I am reading the story to him, he will hmmm along...I find this extremely amusing. But after a while, he will start fidgeting, wanting to stand, to grab things, to put stuff into mouth, to cry, to be carried etc.. Thus, I am wondering if 8-9 months will be too early?


Currently, my gal is abt 6 mths old. when she is 4 months plus, i start flashing cards to her. its seems to catch her attention and i have start reading books to her as well, but the tone i use is not normal talking tone lar, the tone i use very dramatic, like opening my mouth very wide when i say wow, sometimes read out in very loud voice, sometime in very soft voice, sometime in high tone, sometime in low tone. All this catches her attention as well. i think dont read the books when ur bb want to sleep or when its almost feeding time, maybe the bb will not get fustrated easily...


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Hi Mummies: I'm a mother of a 3months old boy and am thinking of sending my boy to SM lessons when he reaches a "good" age. May I know what's the min age? Also, I bought the dots cards from SM through another mummy in forum, only to realise that we need to follow a particular sequence call the "65-day dots programmme"

Does anyone have that and would be kind to send me? THANKS to all kind mummies in advance!


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May i know what is the font size and the font that u r using to print out for English words?

Also how do u actually adjust (printer's setting or ms word's setting) to achieve the English words nicely printed in the middle of the flashcards?

What is the gsm of e paper u ordered?

Hi All, Any mother who like to order A5 paper to make flash cards for your baby? I am gathering orders and purchase from Hiap moh (the popular shop selling media to make flash cards). 1800 pieces for $44.94 (include GST). Self collect at Clementi MRT. Might get a lower price if order is more.

I have blank cards(purchased from Hiap moh too) to sell away. I have A5 and A4 cards. Do let me know if you are interested and stay at North area. Thanks!


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can anyone advise how long does a child need to attend the course? Is one term sufficient, or is it a few years etc?
Hi All,

I am arranging for a bulk purchase for blank cards to make flash cards. According to hiap moh (The cheapest supplier you can find), this is the last offer they can give. and OFFER ENDS TODAY. After today, the price is 10% increase.


Size: A5
Weight: 280 gsm
Min order quantity: 1800 pieces
Price: $42

After today, the price will be $47.

And i have checked with other suppliers, mostly more than $200 for 1800 pieces. So, hiap moh is still the cheapest.

Also bear in mind that you will need lots of paper to make flash cards needed for either Shichida or GD method.



hi Patrick,
Are the cards glossy on both sides or 1 side matt/glossy? Where are your places for collection?


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Can I know if anyone has Shichida's books in English to sell?
I'm starting my baby on Shichida next term, and am quite excited about it... very happy to find this thread too


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Hi all,

I'm attending the Preview Seminar this Sat and wondering if I can get some feedback from parents who currently already have children enrolled in the SM classes...

Is it really as "powerful" as they claim???

Thanks v much!


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Hi all,

i have also enrolled my gal to Shichida, starting at Toa Payoh Hub in Jul. I am also excited to start prep some materials and hope to purchase some poster cards as well. Anyone has lobang , can let me know....

Wondering also what are some of the other things we can start preparing first?

thanks :)


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Hi All

Last week, I have signed up for the SM for my DD currently 16 mths old but may only be starting in July intake as April is already full. Can I find out more info from all of you such as how do you make your own flash cards? Where do you get the pictures to print? Does the card contains both picture & word? WHat should be the font & font size?


Hi i am keen in getting 2nd hand Shichida books/ learning tools as well.

Can PM me?

Went to register in June and managed to let her attend the July intake. Hence now sourcing for 2nd hand books. Thanks


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Hi sleepbeauty,

my gal attended GUG (Growing Up Gifted)when she was 1 years old, up til 2 years old. I find their lessons not bad, a lot of singing, story-telling, artwork and zoophonics which will help in their language.

Shchida Method which my gal just started for a few weeks is about Brain Development skills, whcih trains them on memory work, language, senses (bringing out inner senses) , amongst the many others. After a kid is been thru such skills, they pick up things very fast and when they enter school , they find learning easy and comfortable. That appears to me like it is a foundation that's why i place her in SM.

GUG is at United Square, alight at Novena MRT.

you can check out more and see which you prefer :)
just my 2 cents view :)


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Hi mummies,

i have blank A5 flash cards for sale as I ordered a lot (in bulk).
200 pcs (per block) : $7

If interested can PM me.


hi edelmummy

Same here.. wat a coincidence. I let my gal join shichida and GUG as well
. She just started her Shicida lesson on July and GUG on June