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Mummies, anyone of you currently sending your toddlers to Shichida? The management of Shichida is forcing my child to go for online classes due to the current heightened alert restriction even though my child is only 1.5 yr old. Which parent will allow the child to stare at the computer for 1-2 hrs? They refuse to allow deferment of classes or give any refund. Anyone sharing the same problem?


Yes me. They are just ridiculous and go MIA with no response. They are so unethical which totally against the shichida learning method/concept which child learn through sensory, experimental. Also, expose long hour of screentime to children will cause brain damage and eye sight problem to the children.


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Yes. Same for me too. Initially we asked to pause the classes till we are able to get back to physical classes (that’s what we signed up for). They verbally agreed and acknowledged over the phone. After 2 weeks (2 missed lesson) we then received a mass send templated email to all parents stating any missed classes will not be refunded. Totally ridiculous and unethical. Worst still, they kept insisting that they managed to do hbl successfully for kids as young as 3 months old! We asked for actual proof or videos as reference, but they can’t provide. Best still, they aren’t answering phone calls nor replying directly to the parents concern on pausing the classes. Other school such as heguru are pausing the classes, I don’t see why SHICHIDA is forcing it on us. Probably they got some cash flow issue within the company?


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If you want your money thrown into the sea please consider taking up shichida. I rather join heguru as their management style are more caring towards our children unlike shichida who only cares about profit. They mentioned in their broadcast to us that our perception is beyond their control showed that there is a huge lack of effort and thought process to even communicate with parents.

I have lost my last bit of confidence in shichida and their way of handling by not acknowledging withdrawal of program showed they might be in serious cash flow issues.

Just waiting to see them shut down.


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Similar experience here. My initial request to them was for deferment but was irritated by the management constant drive towards further profiteering only and requested for withdrawal after a further delay in their response.
Was already sceptical abt the promoted benefits of the programme and regardless of that now, will not sign up for new term.
Teachers are great but management handling of this issue has been very unprofessional in every way.
Will recommend anyone to reconsider on signing up their programmes, in anticipation of further arrangements that may compromise the original essence of this Shichida programme.


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I have never seen a business being run like that. It’s to the extent that parents would rather lose money than sign up for another term with Shichida. And teachers quit during a pandemic. Parents feel scammed and teachers feel frustrated. There is an angry island of parents who are not addressed by the ever elusive management.


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Yes, this is totally a shocker for such a reputable school to do such an unethical act. There were so many enrichment schools out there that have done fantastic BCP since COVID started and this is ridiculous on how this May phase 2 was nothing new and yet Shichida did such poor management on going full HBL without considering how this format would cause problems to young children and how the parents are going to cope with a distracted kid and expect them to stay focus for an hour?

Total BS of their so-called proven alternatives. Parents were calling in and emailing to object HBL but were left in limbo since mid May till now; management has no guts to manage the parents and ditching it to the poor instructors to be the messenger where they were equally lost and yet the CEO could have the time to put up 2 news update with cocky content to rebuke the parents but no time to deal with us personally. I guess this is what happened when it is a franchise business (totally tarnishing Shichida branding) and they basically work like a scammer to scam our money by forcing HBL to our young children and when we complain, they just ignore us or throw us other "benefits" to lure us to renew for next term. CRAZY!!!


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Total disappointment on Shichida! The management simply think from their own perspective that HBL works for all even babies as young as 3months old will be able to do so. But hey come on, if it works then there won't be a group of more than 40 angry parents whom wish to seek justice. Called up Shichida since 19th May to request deferment of my daughter from online class and the staff told me the mgmt will contact us but no reply. Called up again on 23rd and the staff said there's no update from mgmt, but it should not be an issue for the deferment with no penalty on the sch fee. Email the school on 30th May, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th Jun and AGAIN NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Not to mention even my calls to them at TPY centre also no answer at all.

With all these frustration, I decided to withdraw my girl and I email them on 7th Jun and yet again no reply. Wondering if the school is even operating or not..

Yet this Alvin Khoo can still have the time to write all those bullshit messages and post on the shichida app but no time to reply to the parents to settle the issue. All the subsequent messges he posted are kind of done quietly unlike his 1st annoucement which was sent via email and post in the app. Btw, in one of his bullshit message, he quoted that "online was the only option" which we the parents totally disagree as the best option is to suspend the class for this young age group and not simply go ahead with HBL just to minimise their loss.

Attached all his bullshit messages!

Highly advise anyone parents who wants to consider Shichida for their kids PLEASE HAVE A 2ND THOUGHTS.