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Sharing your views on Bad/Good Overseas Spree Organisers

Discussion in 'Spree (Overseas Sites Only)' started by oppsgal, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. pandazy

    pandazy Well-Known Member

    Keeping this useful thread up for reference

  2. chenhs

    chenhs Member

    Thank you for organising the Overseas Coach Outlet spree.
    This was my first time joining your spree, the transaction was smooth and pleasant, your international shipping charges are reasonable too.
    The items were received in good condition and I am satisfied with them.
    Looking forward to joining your spree again.
  3. snowflakes2512

    snowflakes2512 New Member

    First time joining the Coach spree. Happy with the reasonable shipping fees. Overall, have a pleasant transaction
  4. oven

    oven Member

    Kittyspree is my default go to for Coach spree :)
    Great service as always! Can't wait to buy the next coach item!
  5. rebeccas

    rebeccas New Member


    I have joined your spree many times and always received my purchases in good condition. Appreciate the advice on pricing and offers. Pleasant shopping experience. :)

  6. Yanisa

    Yanisa New Member

    Dear kittyspree,

    Thank you for the great service!
    Efficient and friendly, also thks for helping me combine my 2 orders into 1 postage.
    Will definitely join your spree again.
  7. crayonmum

    crayonmum Member

    Dear Kittyspree,

    Joining your KS spree is a breeze and fuss-free. You updated promptly and my item was also sent out promptly, despite organising so many sprees concurrently! Will definitely join your sprees again! Thank you, Kitty for helping us "save" money. :)
    jayjayboy likes this.
  8. jenie_1979

    jenie_1979 Member

    Spree Organiser Kittyspree

    Was surprised to receive the items so fast after ordering .

    Good spree Organiser. Will order again next time.
  9. EmilyWuWu

    EmilyWuWu New Member

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  10. firecow

    firecow New Member

    Kittyspree is efficient from ordering till receiving the Kate spade item. Whole process was a Breeze and will definitely order from her again. Thank you, Kitty.
  11. KittySpree

    KittySpree Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your kind comments.
  12. chevy

    chevy Member

    Joined coach spree with kittyspree.
    Few times for past years.

    Her service is good and prompt. Very pleased with my items too Thank kitty.
  13. angel_devil

    angel_devil New Member

    I'm new here and first time join this spree... Happy with her service n item received in good condition.... Hope to See few diff brand :) will purchase agaib.
  14. KittySpree

    KittySpree Well-Known Member

    Keeping this useful thread up for reference
  15. katherine2302

    katherine2302 Member

    I highly recommend spreeing with RKmum. She's been my trusted choice for the past years!

    Rkmum is very responsible & punctual for her spree orders, also very prompt in dispatching out items when they've arrived. There was once whereby the amount stated on my order list doesn't tally with the amount on the website, she was so kind and took the extra effort to check with me if I still want to proceed with the order as the amount on e website is much higher than the price I listed. Thanks Rkmum!

    All my orders placed with RKmum were placed on time for the various promotions, all orders were also received on time and packed in well order.

    Highly recommended! Pls try spreeing with RKmum.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  16. tutu_san

    tutu_san Member

    Recommend kittyspree for the recent coach spree!

    Really can rest ur mind in peace and before u know it, u receive the email that ur items are reached.

    Really save alot of hassle. Thanks
  17. joannalym

    joannalym Member

    Highly recommended kittyspree for the recent Kate Spade spree. In fact, I have been spreeing with her since 4 yrs ago on Crocs as well.

    The items are very neatly packed. And she tried her very best for the shipping weight and fee.

    Thank u so much for accomodating me and clearing my doubts. Will continue to spree with you.
  18. shinylite

    shinylite Member

    I would like to highly recommend RKmum as the spree organizer. Have been joining a number of sprees organized by her (Carters/Oshkosh, Gap/ON, Gymboree, Disney).

    She’s very reliable, trustworthy and prompt in ordering, and punctual in the meet up. She keeps me posted of the sprees and tries to accommodate to include my orders when I placed it just after her intended spree timing ends. There was once which I ordered the same item again (because of mummy’s brain, I forgot that i had just ordered a few weeks back), and she informed me that I have ordered before and it was a duplicate order and asked if I wanted to proceed the orders. I really appreciate that.

    Will continue to join her sprees :)
  19. KittySpree

    KittySpree Well-Known Member

    Thumbs up for RKmum. :)
  20. pandazy

    pandazy Well-Known Member

    Propping this spree thread for everyone's reference, especially for new Spreeists.
    Do view or update your comment the file in spree post #1440 (previous page) to keep it going.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  21. tigger2010

    tigger2010 Member

    Great thanks to Kitty spree for the recent RL spree!
    Prompt response!
    Looking forward to more spree from u!
    Thank u!
  22. bearlong38

    bearlong38 Member

    Items already received in good conditions, thanks.
  23. jean_mum

    jean_mum New Member

    I have been making my Oshkosh purchases with KittySpree for many years. Transactions have been smooth, correct and prompt.

    For my recent order, transaction is smooth as expected.

    Thanks KittySpree!

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