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Sharing your views on Bad/Good Overseas Spree Organisers

Discussion in 'Spree (Overseas Sites Only)' started by oppsgal, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    As advise from moderator, I have start a new thread on sharing your views on overseas site organisers.

    To view:


    To post:

    Please post your comments to share. Only selected comments will be posted in the forum to share.

    <font color="ff0000">Please be considerate when entering comments. </font>

    Thank you.
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  2. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    Please read before joining new spree organiser.
  3. jun3

    jun3 Member

    hi hi,
    What hapPen to the Previous thread?
    I can't find it.
    He he...
  4. hostet

    hostet New Member

    guess there are just too much argument &amp; attacking in that thread hence was removed.
  5. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Hi spree organizers, wat is your views on spreeist tt said purchasing on behalf of others yet the real intention is to sell in at BP at 100 to 200% profit or more... Yet we din not charge her any handling fees at all... Not once but a few times.. What r your views???
  6. jun3

    jun3 Member

    thanks for your info.

    how to know that they sell in BP?
  7. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    A mummy emailed me to ask if e items in e bp is e same as my spree cos she wanna order. I checked r person used 2 diff nick but a/c nos is e same lor..
  8. jun3

    jun3 Member


    oic.. hehehehe..
    for me, i never check.. lazy to check...

    but.. if i find out...
    i think i will priority the order for mummies first (not seller/BP)

    i think for BP, they need to pay certain amt for certain period.. that why they need to mark up the item a little bit.. hehehe [​IMG]
  9. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Hi not talking abt snit but 2 to 3 times e actual cost.... 100 to 200% profit
  10. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member


    I guess it is up to the buyers to do their "homework".

    Sometimes when I do drop by BP section to get some items, I noticed some BP organisers are selling same stuffs that overseas sprees are already organising. The same item that can be bought in Overseas sprees site but is selling at least few dollars extra.

    But then again, it might be the other way around too. Some overseas organisers are helping spreeists to buy items but is a few dollar more expensive than BP. Maybe BP is bulk purchase, so can reduce costs if more items are purchased.

    My point is, please do some "homework" before buying or getting things to save cost.

    When I am free and have come across some cheaper stuffs (same item that overseas organisers are trying to get), sold in BP at a cheaper price, I might inform them. But it is still their choice if they prefer to buy from BP/overseas sprees [​IMG]

    Some might prefer to pay slightly higher price for same items.
  11. jun3

    jun3 Member


    depend on you lor..
    u can reject them from ordering from u.. but i think s/he will order from someone else spree...
    hehehe.. [​IMG]

    like i said...
    if happen to me.. i will priority to those mummies first.. hehehe [​IMG]
  12. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    How abt spreeist who lie that they r buying for their Sis but real intention was to sell at higher price... Feels like being exploit by her... Personal use is alright as we all wanna save on shipping. $1 or less things selling at $3... If she Wanna sell in e first plc, shld not she ship in on her own??? Instead of making money at e expense of others eg spree organizer time, effort n smses cost...
  13. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Josephine: d prob is she created 2 nicksn lie tt ordering on behalf of someone else

    Hope e other spree organizer who is dng e same spree knows abt it

    Not 1 but 2 bp already...
  14. kerene

    kerene Member

    just to share, last year end Leapfrog had some great SALE going on. Many mommies organizes Overseas Sprees, which I think it was a great idea.
    Later, I notice a organizer started selling Leapfrog items in WTS.
    My question at that time was "Did the organizer charge other moms who joined her spree higher shipping while her own items without shipping"?
    Well, I guess the answer is forever unknown.

    I think the forum is a good platform is all mommies use it with good intention and appropriately. However, everyone has their own agenda and we can't control that.

    If I were you, I'll just let the spreeist join my spree. Being Spree Organizer, my objective is to share shipping cost among other spreeists so everyone benefit.
    If the spreeist can sell with profit <font color="0000ff">and there is buyers</font>, that is her choice. Maybe she wants to make some additional bucks for her family?

    For people like me, I also sell BN stuffs in the forum. Things that are gifts but I didn't use them. But nobody can determine if these are spree items or otherwise, right?

    Everyone has their own thinking and objectives. I think as long as we had serve our own purpose, that is good enough [​IMG]

    ... just my opinion la [​IMG]
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  15. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Ker, thanks your opinion.. greatly appreciated..

    Maybe the mummy should be more upfront &amp; let me know instead of saying for her sis n used 2 nicks...

    To think that i went an extra mile to help her but she has ulterior motive.. it just sadden my heart...
  16. prettycloud

    prettycloud Well-Known Member

    caljas, I will reject his/her order. But I cannot help it if she joins other unknowing spree organizers. Can you pm me her nicks?
  17. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    prettycloud: thanks. I know cant help if she joins other..

    At least by posting here, i see diff views.

    Thanks everyone.
  18. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

  19. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    She has more than 2 nicks... asked her, she dun admit but avoid the topic.. claiming it is her sis... Yeah right.. 2 person using the same bank a/c...disappointed...
  20. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member


    A comment in the spreadsheet on spree organsier - "Very disappointed, she is so irresponsible!"

    Can the person please elaborate in what way is organiser irresponsible? So we can at least have a rough idea what is going on. I have deleted the above comment. Please re-post with a short elaboration.


    Maybe you would like to stop the person ordering from your spree again?
  21. jun3

    jun3 Member

    hi oppsgal,
    maybe you can create another spreesheet about the spreeist.. hehehe [​IMG].. maybe that can help to avoid... hehehe [​IMG]

    hi caljas,
    i know it is disappointed and feel cheated.
    but it can not stop if she use other nick oso.

  22. cheche

    cheche Active Member

    Has anyone encounter your packages on hold at customs for checking/inspection?
    How long do they take to release your packages?
  23. atinarin

    atinarin New Member

    Caljas: What i encountered was even worse. A mummy buys stuff like tights for babies that go for 3 pieces/USD10 and then resells them on her blogshop.

    Thing is, she sells them for $19 a piece! That;s many 100s of % in profit.
  24. smalldreams

    smalldreams Active Member

    I think I've seen a blogshop like that before &amp; I was utterly disgusted! how could she?
    Felt sorry for the buyers who thought they were getting a good deal from the tights. Imagine paying $19 for children's socks :S
  25. atinarin

    atinarin New Member

    Haha that's smart of u to know it's not a worthwile price
    guess she's earning a living n that's how she's doin it
    to each his own
    as long as pple r willing to buy what can be done
  26. kerene

    kerene Member

    hello atinarin,
    your story somehow reminds me of the current HDB situation ... Sellers asking for super high COV (eg. $130k for a 10-year-old renovated EM @ Jurong which is already 20+years estate).

    Guess every1 merely want to try their luck to meet the 'blur' or 'filthy rich' buyer [​IMG] Hee!
  27. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    jun3: totally agree. a spreesheet for spreeist.. Anyone else agree????

    If they ship in on their own n sell at a higher price it is none of our business cos they put in effort.. NOT spreee with spree organiser then sell n earn profit.. We r like their FREE worker , "working" for them FOC n then they earn the PROFIT lor!!! We on the other hand, put in our time, effort &amp; $$$ to help them to BUILD THEIR BUSINESS!!!
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  28. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    Erm... if I create a list for bad/good spreeist than if I see my nick there under bad, then I do what? haha...
    No, I won't be creating one list for this as I won't be a spree organiser [​IMG] I only interested in bad/good spree organisers as I frequent spreeist, so need to check.

    Spreeists should check around for the amount to pay for before jumping in to buy from BP. For BP, I feel still alright if the organisers are making a little profit since they still have to pay some for placing the thread up?

    Just put that spreeist under ban from your own spree? Maybe can put a sentence: Found putting items up for sale in BP that are bought from your spree, got charge for handling fees?
  29. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    But i dun know how to create one leh...anyone can tell me??? I can create the spreadsheet but not the one that other fill in then it will be automatically updated...
  30. jun3

    jun3 Member

    hi oppsgal,
    maybe u can teach caljas.
    hehehe [​IMG]

    me oso can not lah.. cos sometime become spreeist or organizer.. depend on the mood lah... hehehe
  31. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Glad that she cancelled her BP...
  32. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    oppsgal: maybe u can teach me how to create the auto link page... Thanks
  33. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member


    Try searching from online? Very hard to describe...
  34. kerene

    kerene Member

    you want to reconsider doing the spreadsheet for "List of Good/Bad BP Organizer" instead?
    This is similar concept as oppsgal's Spree Organizers.

    For me, as a consumer, I feel great to have this reference list cos I need to iBank organizers' my $ for the purchases in advance. I don't want to have bad encounter and spend lotsa time chasing 1 organiser for maybe $10+ purchases. It will be worse if I pay hundreds of dollars and that organizer runaway with my hardearned money ...

    With "Bad BP Organizer", mommies can list down those <font color="0000ff">scam, fraud, fake</font> BP or even highlight this BP organizers orders from Overseas Sprees with HIGH Profit.
    maybe can even direct those new mommies to join Overseas Sprees for cost-savings [​IMG]

    Maybe can state what Bank details too so that if they change their nick or sign-up with new ID in SMH, they are still 'trace-able'.

    Just my thought as a spreeist and shopping queen [​IMG] hope you find it helpful. Good luck!
  35. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    maybe u can start the BP organisers n i start the spreeist...
  36. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

  37. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    <font size="+1">This spreadsheet is for BAD/GOOD OVERSEAS SPREE ORGANISERS ONLY</font>

    If anyone is starting any new spreadsheet, please start a new thread too... so others won't be confused.

    Thank you.
  38. pooh3bear

    pooh3bear Active Member

    Personally, I think I should clarify some stuff that the spreeists had said regarding me n my sprees.

    First, when I hold the Kate spade spree, it's my first time holding it here but my countless time holding it for my friends n circle of friends.

    The reason why I m very used to sharing out the total shipping evenly becoz, all the spreeists I had earlier all buy the same range or almost same size of bag range. So it's fair n square that the cost of shipping is even out accordingly. This time at SMH spree, I was involved in YOG n didn't expect my working shift to stretch for more than 10 working hrs daily with no OFF.

    Under auto mode, I even out the total shipping forgetting that this round my spree had different shape n sizes that range fm IPhone covers to wallets n wristlet to small bags to bigger bags.

    After I post it online at wee hours, some spreeists SMS me abt the mistake which I took another night to rectify n recalculate accordingly to the individual weight by gram of the item.

    coz I m a spreeist as well as a spreer. I understand the need to save as much as I can to best benefit everyone.

    All my shipping inv was all shown on the forum for transparency.
    The shipping charges will varies each spreer depending on the way the merchant packed the spreeist items in manageable boxes or in ridculous box size that incurred all the unnecessary weight. Fm my previous spree as compare to the one I organized recently, the variance is already abt $10-$25 diff as this. Round got 3 batch orders are packed in a30kg box when the weight is less than 10kg. Imagine hw much extra is there already?

    Posting to YOG for work commitment was unexpected circumstances n I didn't tot that the time can stretch till sk late. Most if my posts R after 1230am n every night I tried to clear as much emails as possible to ensure that I m nt Mia as all spreeists fear when they join spree.

    I just feel very unjusted about the whole thing n felt the need to make my points across with a clear conscience frm the time I start the spree to I end the spree.

    I've said my piece.
  39. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    For RL spree, as said in my previous thread (before deleted by moderator), please do not post anymore bad comments in the spreadsheet. Please also do not post here in this thread, as this thread is on views of bad/good overseas organisers.

    No point putting same remarks as most spreeists are already aware of this.

    Kindly do post on the thread for the said spree so that organiser can take note and expedite your collection/refund, if possible.

    If any other new comments needed to post regarding the above spree, on the spreadsheet, please do post after 19 September 2010 (Sunday), as I am aware the collection is on Saturday (do correct me if I am wrong on the date). This is to shorten the comments in the spreadsheet for easy reference. Only selected comments will be posted up.

    Currently I have deleted a couple of comments on this.

    Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.
  40. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    <font size="+1">This spreadsheet is for BAD/GOOD OVERSEAS SPREE ORGANISERS ONLY.</font>

    <font color="ff0000">To view:</font>

    <font color="ff0000">To post:</font>

    Please post your comments to share. Only selected comments will be posted in the forum to share.

    <font color="ff0000">Please be considerate when entering comments.</font>

    Thank you.
  41. wolfgirl76

    wolfgirl76 Member

    Thanks for the efforts in creating the spreadsheet to keep mummies here informed about good and bad spree organiser. The spreadsheet becomes a good tool for me to check whether I can join a spree under a organiser whom I have never spree with.

    Just a little suggestion.. is it possible to include the organiser's bank acct numbers too.. just in case some changed their nickname/ have multiple nicknames... at least if we see the same acct number belonging to several people, we kinda know..

    thanks again.. (just a suggestion really)
  42. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. [​IMG]
    Some "bad" organisers might not have any bank account provided (as they are only using PAYPAL), so I don't think this will work and some also have multiple bank accounts (closing and opening bank accounts).
    Best is spreeists can do own spreadsheet to keep track if free.

    By the way, when joining a spree organiser whom spreeists have never joined before, how to know if the organiser is truly wanted to help spreeists order their stuffs, or are they out to "borrow" money for their own investments or other own reasons?

    So far, I am lucky as have met and have spree with mostly very good spree organisers... Thank you to all the good spree organisers for the good spree experiences I have been getting. [​IMG]
  43. lsntyl

    lsntyl Active Member

    v useful reference. thanks for all the effort. [​IMG]
  44. lemonon

    lemonon New Member

    In the case of tikumon, i have learned one thing (even thought i didnt join her spree).. better dont join those sprees with one organiser who open up so many sprees.. how can a mother handled so many batches on top of family, work commitment? things will sure go wrong...
  45. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    Depends on how well spree organisers are organising their work. Been joining TLL's iherb sprees, she does batch following batch for this, but so far, I have not see anything bad happened.

  46. lemonon

    lemonon New Member

    If i am correct, TLL will finish one batch/spree before she opens up another new batch. It seems that for Tikumom, she keeps opening the batches and ended up cannot cope. is she earning any credit card points?
  47. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    Usually organisers do batch by batch, finish placing one batch then do another.
  48. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Hmmm.. How come TLL is missing now? Miss her posting.
  49. lemonon

    lemonon New Member

    but there are 55 batches? isn't it too many for an organiser to cope? maybe 10 batches will be a more comfortable level... the problem is she didnt wait for a few batches to ship in and distribute before placing another new batch... she keeps placing batch after batch.. might be earning something.
  50. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    She is working, so busy?

    I think good organisers should have the time to do frequent updates, so there is no messing up of orders.

    I have deleted from spreadsheet:
    In Ref to my earlier post: this is an example.Small Coal Baby Bag Tetra / Avio 1400 (weight) $32.22 - from an organiser &amp; ur charges : brooklyn heights stevie (blue) 1386 (weight) - $51.94 . The weight is lower but ur charges is much higher. This is wat we meant by high shipping charges. Can u explain why is there such a GREAT difference???

    Please do not use spreadsheet for discussion. If need verifying on shipping charges, can pm/post in the thread directly to that organiser? Thank you.

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