Sharing Mummies Struggles


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Hi Mummies

I'm a mother of 2 from Singapore.
My 2 daughters are 8 and 11 this year.

I'm opening this thread to share what are our struggles as a mother, a wife and a daughter.

I have been married for 20 over years.
Throughout my marriage there were up and down. The relationship has always been on the rock, I am always the giving in party. Staying happy in this relationship has been a challenge all along. Till date, I'm more of getting used to it instead of being in love.
Hub has not been bringing income for 2 years. And I have been struggling with work stress. I need to keep the job as I'm the only one bringing back income.
The way I have been treated, its like its my duty to look after the family while he can sleep late, watch his drama, take his afternoon naps and still complains that I didn't set priority to the family when I arrange to go out with friends.

Life being unfair?
Well I choose this man with family members against him 2 decades ago.

So who to blame. Myself of course.

I must say my sad moments took 70 pcts of my life before.
But now I am seeing changes.

I am a working Mum by profession and also a Digital business Owner.

I set to love myself more. I set to spend time with my kids more. I set to change my lifestyle to what I love and not love what I do.

I'm happier compared to the previous me.
Cos I set my goals and work towards them.

Sometimes when we have struggles. It's good to let it out and you will feel better. If you feel like sharing with me your problems. This thread is here for you. Don't keep things to yourself. Learn to let it go.

Hi mummy

Thanks for sharing your personal story, indeed more than often women would appreciate a listening ear, no advice needed.

For myself, my hubby and I were seperated as in he is in Seoul and me in Singapore. After my boy arrived till now almost 34 months, my hubby only get a chance to "bond" with him for 11 days . Mum's guilt made me left the workforce after maternity ended and soon i sank into mild depression after losing my earning power and to take on responsibilities as a 1st time mum. Knowing I left my job to take care of baby, my hubby did not offer any financial support. I think he really see me up quoting Spore GDP per capita is much higher than South Korea's... lame.

What made me pulled myself together is my love for my child and my strong family support. It is so important for women to have financial independence. I am so glad that an opportunity landed on my lap and I get to grow my boy and my biz from comfort of my home now.

A big shout out to ladies who are having a hard time now.
Remember tough times don't last, tough people do.
We as mums are much capable than we thought. We have the power of choice.
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Think it's good you have found a way to look on the bright side of things. There are many others who cannot. Let us moms support one another!
Well said.
Let us moms support one another.
Sometime ppl just need a listening ears.
Sometimes it's opening up to look at other options.