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**Routine Sugar Test on 7th mth of pregnancy?**

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by pinkmama, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. pinkmama

    pinkmama Guest

    hi mummies

    is there a routine test for blood sugar level in the 7th mth of pregnancy?


  2. mrsmorgan

    mrsmorgan Active Member

    my gynae didnt test me for that.. each visit i just go for urine test to check for sugar..

  3. pann

    pann Active Member

    My gynae say I have strong family history background of diabetes.. so will do a blood sugar level test for me when i am 28 weeks.

  4. ica

    ica Active Member

    dun think it's routine. only when you have a family history of diabetes, gynae will test when you're 28 wks

  5. atomickitten

    atomickitten Member

    I dun think its routine as well.. only those with family history or those who pile on too much weight too fast. I also have to do the test around 28 weeks[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

  6. pinkmama

    pinkmama Guest

    oh..i see..thanks guys

    no wonder my friend (slightly obese) who told me about this test she did around 7th mths for both of her pregnancies. however for 2 of my previous pregnancies i have no memory of dd this test...i tot my pregnancies wiped this out from my memory..scare me man

  7. augustie

    augustie New Member

    that is called glucose test and i've just done that. you have to fast overnight for at least 8hrs. they will take urine sample and blood from u the 1st thing in the morning and give u a bottle of glucose beverage to finish within 5 mins. to go back with urine sample and take blood again after 1 hr. continue to fast for another hr, then take the last urine sample and blood...

  8. pann

    pann Active Member

    OMG!! 3 blood test in one day.. I am going to faint.

  9. icedmilktea

    icedmilktea New Member

    Hi all, i went for the glucose test last week too. My bb dun like scanning so when my gynae did the routine scan for me he kick her lol. Gynae say it's a very strong kick for a 6 mths old bb so she send me for the test lor. Got the outcome today, i'm ok! Phew was so worried for 1 mth.

    Yeah got to fast from 12am till after the 3 blood tests. And i hate tat super sweet drink, it makes me nausea. And the worst part is i cannot puke, if puke must come back another day to re-do the test again. Heng everything went smoothly!

  10. winnie_gal

    winnie_gal Active Member

    i also need to go for this test leh... cuz i got family history..sob sob.. i hate to draw blood..

  11. jgal

    jgal New Member

    err.. depends on Dr. Mine will conduct this test for all his patients. i had glucose tests for both my pregnancies, thought i am perfectly healthy and not family history.

  12. jgal

    jgal New Member

    What can happen to a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes?

    A pregnant woman who does not have diabetes can develop “gestational diabetes” later in pregnancy. A woman with gestational diabetes will need to watch her blood sugar closely and balance food intake, exercise, and, if needed, insulin shots to keep her blood sugar in control. If a woman with gestational diabetes does not keep her blood sugar in good control, she could have several problems. She might have an extra large baby, have high blood pressure, deliver too early, or need to have a cesarean section (an operation to get the baby out of the mother through her abdomen). The extra large baby might cause the woman to feel uncomfortable during the last months of pregnancy. Also, it could lead to problems for both the woman and the baby during delivery. When the baby is delivered surgically by a cesarean section (C-section), it takes longer for the woman to recover from childbirth. High blood pressure when a woman is pregnant might lead to an early delivery and could cause seizures or a stroke in the woman.

    Sometimes gestational diabetes in women does not go away after delivery. These women have converted to Type 2 diabetes. A woman whose diabetes does not go away after delivery will need to manage her diabetes for the rest of her life.

    What can happen to the baby of a woman with gestational diabetes?

    A woman who has gestational diabetes has less chance of having a baby with a birth defect than does a woman with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Since gestational diabetes develops later in pregnancy, the baby’s organs are already formed. If her blood sugar is not controlled, a woman with gestational diabetes still has a greater chance of having a stillborn baby than a woman who doesn’t have diabetes.

    If the woman’s blood sugar remains out of control throughout the pregnancy, the baby likely will grow extra large. Out of control diabetes causes the baby’s blood sugar to be high. The baby makes more insulin and uses the extra calories or stores them as fat. The baby is “overfed” and grows extra large. Extra large babies can occur in women with any out of control diabetes, including Type 1, Type 2, and gestational.

    The extra large baby can cause problems during and after delivery. Nerve damage to the baby can happen from pressure on the baby’s shoulder during delivery. A newborn might have quickly changing blood sugars after delivery. A large baby born to a woman with diabetes might have a greater chance of being obese and/or developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

    If the woman with diabetes has problems that lead to a preterm birth, the baby might have breathing problems, heart problems, bleeding into the brain, intestinal problems, and vision problems. A woman with diabetes might have a baby born on time with low birth weight. A baby with low birth weight might have problems with eating, gaining weight, fighting off infections, and staying warm.

  13. shiyilau

    shiyilau Active Member

    yes got to take urine test in every visit to the gynae


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