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Rock Climbing for kids

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by c00klemum, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. c00klemum

    c00klemum New Member

    Recently I just bring my 4 year old son to My Little Climbing Room. The rock climbing place is kids friendly and instructor there are super encouraging. It was a great experience and he had lots of fun there. I cant believe that he managed to reach the top and ring the bell. Will like to introduce this place to all mummies! :)

  2. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    Oh really.. where is it??
  3. c00klemum

    c00klemum New Member

    Its located at Kovan area! It's call "My Little Climbing Room" :)
  4. charlotteworld

    charlotteworld New Member

    oh yes! I went last week with my 4yo daughter! she enjoyed it very much! haha! I even got a 5x multipass for her! will recommend this place to all parents! :)
  5. kohjsj

    kohjsj Member

    im interested. how much does it cost?
  6. MistyCloud

    MistyCloud Active Member

    Click and climb at Tampines is fun too.
    . .
  7. carmen_88

    carmen_88 New Member

    Any in the west of SG?

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