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International Shipping:
- Shipping charge to be distributed according to item's actual weight.

Exchange rate :
Fixed at 1.34 (unless credit card reflects higher charge)

1) Yishun MRT or blk
2) Khatib MRT or blk
3) Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
4) Courier Service - S$6 or 8 depending on size
5) Singpost Mail
Please collect within 2 weeks after shipping charges is advised.
Self collection by appointment only.

Please be willing to wait up to A MONTH after spree closes
1) Items will be ordered only after payment is received.
2) Payment is to be made into my POSB savings 118-450-949 or uob savings 123-371-403-3 after orders have been posted/pm-ed. Receipt of payment will be made. Pls try to post on thread in case emails get sent to spam. happened a few times already =(
or email me at [email protected]
3) No cancellation or changes to order after payment is made.
4) Should price be increased at time of order, you would be contacted on whether to top up or drop item.
5) All received payments will be refunded should item be out of stock (oos).
6) First payment for items ordered. Second payment for International shipping charges. Third payment (if any) for courier or registered mail.
7) I will not be liable for any lost/damaged items during delivery process.
8) Join this spree only if you're comfortable and agreeable to all the terms above.


Collection Method / point :
Hp No: (pls advise if you have Wats App)

1) Item Name: Model with color and size
Alternative if OOS (out of stock) or drop?
Price in USD: US$

2) Item Name: model with color and size
Alternative if OOS or drop
Price in USD: US$

No of Items:
Total Amount in SGD (after discount): US$ x 1.34 x 0.8 = S$

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20% off total orders of $100

closes 1 july

last paid order to be in by (sun) 1 July 9 pm pls
Monkey & Shades PJ Sets for Baby
colour: daytona green
price: $9.99
size: 4T

buy 2 or more, $5 each
colour: Brown
size: 4T if oos 5T

colour: grey
size: 2T if oos 12-18months

item: "Maximum Rock & Roll" Dino Tees for Baby
colour: bright white
price: $4.99
qty: 1
size: 18-24months
If oos http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=26643&vid=1&pid=898772

total: $24.98 - 20% x 1.33 = $26.58

 Dear abby:
one of my colleague
Size: M
Colour: Bright White
Price: 5.00
Alternative if OOS: White Strip
Size: L
Colour: Pink Strip
Price: 10.00
Alternative if OOS: Yellow Strip
 everyday steal
Size: L
Colour: Red Tap
Price: 4.00
Alternative if OOS: Nil
everyday steal
Size: S
Colour: Robbie Red
Price: 4.00
Alternative if OOS: Nil
Size: S
Colour: Barbados Blue
Price: 9.94
Alternative if OOS: Bright White
item 1,2,5 = $24.94 - 20% x 1.33 = S$26.54
Item 3,4 (everyday steal) - $8 x 1.33 = S$10.64
total: $37.18

30% off sale

25% off reg priced items

ends 12 july

last paid order to b in by 12 july (thu) 9 pm pls
To Account POSB Savings
118-45094-9 rainbow_iherb
Amount S$19.95
Transaction Reference 9872508394
Hi dear,

Please take my order as follow.

Name: Boys Baseball Tees
Size: L
Color: Heather Oatmeal
Color: Robbie Red
Price: 2.97 x 2 = 5.94

Name:  Beach Slub-Knit Tees for Baby
Size: 12-18
Select Color: Tattle Teal
Price: 5.97

Name: Plain Front Khakis Shorts
Size: 12-18
Color: camelot
Price: 10
Buy 2 or more, $2.50 each
.Item URL: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=54943&vid=1&pid=605104
Item Name: Boys Classic Flip-Flops
Colour: Crimson Red
Size:  5/6
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 2.50
If OOS: Vermillion

Solid Heel Flip-Flops for Baby
.Item URL: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=54297&vid=1&pid=896427&scid=896427032
Item Name: Solid Heel Flip-Flops for Baby
Colour: Robbie Red
Size:  8
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 2.50
If OOS: Color Me Blue

Item URL: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=26068&vid=1&pid=898713
Item Name: Men's Classic Ringer Tees
Colour: Ink Blue Heather
Size:  XL
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 8.00
If OOS: Heather Light Blue/ XL

Thanks & Best Regards
Bernice SOH(Ms)
Bernice update

sorry dear,  i would like to change the below item to PRINTED FLIP FLOPS FOR BABY  - DARK STEEL, SAME SIZING TOO

Solid Heel Flip-Flops for Baby
.Item URL: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=54297&vid=1&pid=896427&scid=896427032
Item Name: Solid Heel Flip-Flops for Baby
Colour: Robbie Red
Size:  8
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 2.50
If OOS: Color Me Blue
Hi Bernice

Ur order Wld b

$30.97 x1.33

For the replacement item, is it ink blue? Cos no dark steel?
Hi Jimmie

Oh! U r right!

Is $5.97 x 1.33 x 0.8

For grey plaid

I saw it in brown plaid. Keke. Sorry
1. Ruffle-Back Princess One-Pieces for Baby
Size: 3-6m
Price: 8.97

2. Floral-Applique Bodysuits for Baby
Size: 6-12m
Price: 5.97

3. Graphic Bodysuits for Baby
Size: 3-6m
Price: 6.99

4. Jersey Tanks for Baby
Colour: Purple Floral
Price: 1.97

5. Ruffle-Back Leggings for Baby
Size: 0-3m
Price: 3.49

6. Princess-Crown Jersey Caps for Baby
Size: 0-6m
Price: 4.97


Kindly confirm. tks! BTW, wil u b able to take in orders for gap?


To Account POSB Savings
118-45094-9 abby benefit  
Amount  S$6.35  
Transaction Reference 9876760159  
Item 1
Name : Girls Cami-Bra 2-Packs
URL : http://m.oldnavy.gap.com/product.html?dn=op105696002&dv=0&shopid=1&pdn=oc36307
Size : L
Color : white Multi
Price : 8.97
If OOS/no discount : drop

Item 2
Name : Men's Patterned Cargo Shorts (10")
URL : http://m.oldnavy.gap.com/product.html?dn=op545558002&dv=1&shopid=1&pdn=oc26061
Size : Reg 36W
Color : Gray Camouflage
Price : 17.50
If OOS : drop

Item 3
Name : Men's Linen-Blend Shirts
URL : http://m.oldnavy.gap.com/product.html?dn=op897966002&dv=1&shopid=1&pdn=oc26061
Size : Reg XL
Color : Bay Bridge
Price : 9.97
If OOS : drop

Item 4
Name : Men's Loose-Fit Cargos
URL : http://m.oldnavy.gap.com/product.html?dn=op633497032&dv=1&shopid=1&pdn=oc26061
Size : Reg 36W
Color : American twill
Price : 22.50
If OOS : drop

Price in sgd : 58.94x0.8x1.33=62.71