Postnatal massage and Confinement Meals


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Hi Mummies,

I'm currently at week 27th and will give birth in 3months time, EDD on 10th Jan 2019, I'm looking for someone who can do my post natal massage, and a caterer to cater for my lunch for 28days. I was wondering how many days on post natal massage is required and who is really good at it, also because I have a small dog that can be kept in my mum's room during the process. Please advise!


Hi Cheryl!

I used Natal Essential for confinement food after having my 1st two kids. Found that their standard dropped so this time, I took up with Thomson Medical. You can order a sample meal to try before making the decision.


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I have tried postnatal massage with a private malay masseuse. Her name is Diana. She also does breast massage which helped my engorgement. She is attentive to my needs and show genuine concern abt me and my BB as she had jaundice. I can contact her at 94793566 (Diana) for more details :)