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  1. S

    Seeking recommendations for post confinement meal caterer

    Hi Mummies, I've recently done my confinement with my nanny who has been taking care of my meals for the whole month. Now that she left I find it quite hard to manage my meals, so I am looking for recommendations on a post confinement meal caterer. I've searched for multiple tingkat services...
  2. V

    Asking for recommendation... Confinement Food

    Hi guys! Currently in my 2nd trimester and just wondering any mummies have recommended confinement food service? Done some research online but wondering about what everyone else experiences...
  3. Cherylcxe

    Postnatal massage and Confinement Meals

    Hi Mummies, I'm currently at week 27th and will give birth in 3months time, EDD on 10th Jan 2019, I'm looking for someone who can do my post natal massage, and a caterer to cater for my lunch for 28days. I was wondering how many days on post natal massage is required and who is really good at...
  4. J

    Awesome Confinement Nanny - Aunty Cheng Kim Lan

    Highly recommend Aunty Kim Lan if you are looking for a confinement nanny to help with your newborn. I was very lucky to have Aunty Kim Lan for my 2nd child and had the most awesome experience with her. I wasn’t expecting much initially after going through a not-so-good experience with my...
  5. chachacharine

    i'm grateful for my confinement nanny - highly recommended

    I'll like to share my personal experience with my confinement nanny i've engaged, with all mummies and mummies to be here. My confinement nanny is a godsend and i cannot be grateful enough to have met her in this baby journey. She is a teochew and she can communicate in Mandarin and...
  6. Kyra Kim

    Confinement Food Singapore

    Happy Mummy Confinement Food is providing Free Toast Box Voucher for your vote. While stock last, terms and conditions apply.