Plan for #3


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Anyone here plan to have #3 or already have 3 kids. Mind sharing your thoughts for having 3 kids?

I have been thinking of having #3 but my hub doesn't want.


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Why doesn't he want? It depends whether you're financially capable to take care of baby #3. It's good if your babies are spaced/born years apart, too.


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I have a churchmate who got married at 40 and had two sons by the time he turned 45. :) I guess it's a personal decision and if the person really wants to have more kids. If you're financially able to support more kids, and if your hubs is 100% okay, then go for it.

There's a certain kind of happiness that comes with having many kids (I myself have 3 siblings and it's fun. I really love them.) You know you'll have someone to take care of you (and for them to take care of each other) in the future as well.