OCT 2020


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Hi mummies me too due in mid oct.
Now currently looking for a new gynae in mount A as my previous gynae no longer doing op.


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Hi all, tried to PM pinkhairclip and Xinz but I can't send the message :( content is spam-like. is there any other way I can join the Tele group?


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Hi anyone need confinement lady during end of Oct or beginning Nov 2020? I got one confinement lady to recommend. Currently she is working in Singapore, doing confinement with another mummy. But one of the mummy which book her for November 2020, last minute cancel her booking. So she has empty slot ard end Oct till Nov 2020. She will help me do confinement on beginning of Dec 2020. Her review is good. Please let me know if you are interest. Thank you.