Mummies staying at Fernvale

Qiqi, Ya.. thats realli shiong.. I got some mummies friends who's in your situation before... Need some time to wean off..

Yup, the girl is from other class..

Babycupid, you can refer this link for details:-

During one of my conversation with my boy's centre supervisor, she was actually lamenting that it will be very hard for her during fees collection as she will have to key in different amounts for different students.

***Don't know is it system problem or human problem. She don't like parents to apply for additional grant or do things that are out of the norm. Once overheard parents complaining about her at Koufu. lol
Qiqi, which cc your boy in?

I supposed it will be a one time set up.. so shouldnt be that difficult la.. sometimes we human just want to vent out our frustration.. hahaha..

I just wonder will the sch advise us on how much we can get in addition.. Or just see the deduction amt to know.. haha..
MSF said they are in the midst of tabulating the subsidies and will inform us via sms by approx 15th April.

My boy's centre supervisor say will refund us the following month if the additional subsidy amount is only known after the GIRO deduction date (ie: 1st April).
different centre policy bah. like some centre upon registration had to buy uniforms etc even though the kids might or might not really be studying in that centre due to various reasons.
qiqi, thats a very helpful info! Yes, the deduction will be on April 1.. so sch will actually refund us.. or use to offset May fees mayb.. Thanks!
babycupid: oh ya, to answer ur previous question. dun think it's a one time setup kind of thing. apparently childcare operators need to key in the fee amount every month for giro deduction.

Imagine now they only had to key $342 (for my boy centre) for each and every student. next month or may onwards they will have to key in varying amt. Think ichiban also like that cos last time ms kit will also tell me every mth she cant get thru for my boys' deduction although that are monies inside their account.
qiqi, its so inefficient lor.. what system is that.. sigh.. in current world.. still need to do it one by one every mth!? omg..
Hi All mummies,
I'm staying at fernvale 441, so happy to see so many mummies here.
Saw quite a few of your child is in Ichiban. Is it gd?
My daughter is in a CC ard Serangoon north cos I can't find a CC here a yr ago so no choice but now I was thinking of trying again to find one within walking distance.
I'm a sahm currently taking care of my 3 mth baby so very tired to send her to sch.
welcome to fernvale thread.. hmm.. personally find Ichiban not bad.. Initially I was told by frends non-aircon cc is better.. so the kids will get sick not so easily.. but I still prefer aircon.. cos without aircon my kids always being bitten by mosquitoes.. esp my girl.. So nothing is perfect.. but am glad my girl's teacher is kind, nice, patient.. my girl has difficulties in settling down but Ms Zurah teacher of playgroup didnt show any frustration or negative feedbacks on her.. just kept assuring me she will be fine. give her more time.. etc etc.. and now my girl is settling well.. from refuse food to eat on her own.. from refuse milk and nap to ok now.. So am happy.. it would be great if they can on aircon thruout for mosquito peak period..
Hi babycupid, my girl always kana mosquito bite too cos her sch is landed private hse.
Thks for your feedback on ichiban, it is really impt to hv gd teacher, glad your girl is in gd hand.
Maybe I should call up to check if got place for my girl or not. She loves her current sch so im in dilemma whether to change or not, guess if i change sch for her eventually she will get used to it ba.
May I know how much is the sch fee?
FYI, my boy started his sch in 2011.. the sch is at my in law place not fernvale.. i only relocate him this yr Jan.. at the same time enroll my girl in.. so my boy cried too for the 1st wk.. thereafter ok already.. now he enjoys each day in sch.. I have the same worry as u.. but now I koe kids adapt easily!
Ichiban sch fees is 650 after $300 subsidy.. I find it very ex.. but being Montessori.. its considered cheap le..
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Both my kids are there.. Elder started Jan 2013 (K1), younger started Mar 2013 (PG).. Both of them enjoy it.. Overall quite ok.. Only that my younger always got back items not belong to her..
Hi everyone ! So glad to find this thread . I'm a fernvale mum . Anyone can share some thoughts on :

star tots playgroup ? It's newly open opp fernvale lrt .

$175/mth , free for dec ,
2 hr daily ,
$40 uniform ,
$80 material
May I know if anyone send your child to the PAP kindergarten at Fernvale Blk 443?

My girl is currently in K1 in a school along Yio Chu Kang Road, thinking of putting her to the one at Blk 443 (just checked & was offered a vacancy at Blk 443) but was told have to pay now to secure the place.

I m in a dilemma becoz wanted to transfer her due to long distance traveling every morning to her current school. Furthermore, I have to bring my younger daughter wh s only 20 mths old. It's very tiring.

However, can't find any feedback on the PAP school @ Blk 443...
Would appreciate if anyone who has heard or have kids studying there can comment.

Many thanks.
Hi all mummies,

My son is Ichiban Montessori at Fernvale since January this year. I've noticed that there seems to be a serious shortage of working staff at the centre now.

Since my son joined their N1 class in January, his chinese teacher left in March and his form teacher subsequently left in June. Now, there is only 1 teacher (Ms Feng) left to take charge of the entire N1 class. The centre has also seen 2 principals leaving within a span of 6 months.

When I first attended the orientation and discussion session with the school, I was told by the principal (Kit) that N1 and N2 will have 2 teachers each class and 1 helper will be tagged to these 2 classes to help out. Montessori lessons will also be conducted in the afternoons very soon as they planned to hire a Montessori trained teacher into the centre.

However, I have not seen any sign of montessori teaching since the day he joined. I'm not saying the teachers are not doing their jobs. In fact, I applaude the teachers at the centre for their dedication and commitment towards the children. Can tell that they dote on the kids a lot. However, it is also very obvious that they are physically drained from handling so many children at one go.

Whilst I can understand the difficulties the centre may face with hiring of trained teachers, there still needs to be a reasonable teacher-student ratio to be maintained at a centre operating with their current intake. Mistakes like giving back the wrong milk bottle, missing uniforms, wrong towels given, wrong shoes worn, no medication being returned to me at the end of the day are some mistakes that have been recurring more and more frequently ever since the number of teachers in the centre have started decreasing. To me, these are signs that the centre is not operating in a efficient and effective manner. Not having my son's medication being returned to me is considered a serious issue as my son ended up missing his night dosage.

I paid for a set of story books for an English Reading Programme but till now I have not seen the storybooks yet. As my boy has speech delay, I can't find out from him what exactly happens in school and it can get pretty frustrating sometimes.

I seriously think there needs to be some form of transparency to the parents with regards to how the centre is being managed since we paid $650 a month (after subsidy) to send our children there. A simple example, my son is currently down with a serious case of stomach flu. I called the centre to inform the principal upon the doctor's recommendation and was told that there was 1 case of stomach flu in his class. In actual fact, there were already 3 cases detected from his class as of this morning as I managed to find out from 2 other mummies whose kids are in the same class who told me their kids are also vomiting and they did call the school to inform them in the morning and they too were told that there is only 1 case of stomach flu.

This is not acceptable to me. If there are so many kids falling sick with the same symptoms at the same time in the same class, something is wrong. The least the centre can do is to inform/update me on the actual number of cases and look into the matter instead of telling me that there is only 1 case noted so far (which is not the case in the first place). We mummies are responsible enough to quarantine our kids and inform the school but if the school is not informing the other parents then the rest of the kids in school might also get the stomach virus unknowingly.

I'm writing here to share some of the observations I have made with regards to the school's management since the day I put my son in there with the hope that parents who are considering placing their kids in the centre knows what to expect. I'm currently considering to withdraw him from the school and putting him back with the nanny for the time being while I search for another suitable childcare. Whilst I'm very happy with the teachers at Ichiban, the way the centre is managed and the teacher-student ratio currently does not really agree with me. Its a tough decision for me as my son loves to go to school and he loves the teachers there but when the hygiene issues and my son's health is at stake, I would rather withdraw him then having to worry all the time as I know he's not receiving the due care that is expected of a childcare centre. Sorry if this post is super long. Haha, I didn't realise I had written so much. ;p
I'm confused. Where is Ichiban exactly ? I only know of the Young Talents at 439.

Sorry, am currently looking for a preschool with childcare services for my boy.
hi mummies, i just moved to fernvale. My kids are now at MFS in compassvale. Had place them on waitlist for ichiban n not sure if i wana switch.

Btw.. do u all have any FB group? =)
Hi Klara's mummy, my boy is currently in K1 at PCF 443. Hmm... not too sure what are the expectations. Previously he was in a childcare environment and of cos i can't expect the learning pace to be the same. But he did learn simple phonics, spelling tests on a weekly basis and now from term 2 onwards 听写as well.

hi mummies! letting go of these breastmilk storage bottles at $20 (U.P $24.90). not needing them cos im not breastfeeding anymore. definately brand new as seen in picture. interested pls pm or jus contact me @ 98190706. thanks! (FYI. im moving to fernvale crest in Aug! ^^)
Is this thread still active?? I will be moving to the vicinity soon and really headache over the childcare.
Are there any mummies here who have childcare in the PCF 441B? Have they finally begin to take in childcare from N2 to K2? :( I will be staying around blk 469 thereabouts....would be great if we can keep one another updated on the childcare vacancies around here!
Hi butterwaffles, PCF 441B only takes in kids up till 3years. The kids will be withdrawn and enrolled in the K+ programe opposite at Blk 443 from 4 years old onwards.
My child has been with sparkletots since 18mths @ 441B & now upgraded to 443. Teachers have been good so far. My child enjoys.
babylub> you can approach any aunties in the morning sitting around the area. Leave your contact number behind and wait for reply.
Hi cinnamon23, thanks for the tips. I do notice ladies sitting around downstairs in the morning but I don't see many aunties leh.. Anyway, i'm a researcher with a local university and ECDA actually tasked us to conduct this nationwide survey on early childhood parenting. My contact is 98766475 and if you want, I can drop by your gate and explain to you the research study! just walking distance away, I believe....
Hi mummies,

i have 2 set of ichiban childcare uniforms and 2 set of P.E attire.
Totally Brand New, still in plastic bag. All M size

Selling all for $40, $10 each set.

Interested parties, Please PM me.
Hi mommies in Fernvale, I have some Preloved baby to 8y clothes to give away
Drop by if u interests I am at 446b
Send me a pm for contact and full address. Thanks:)
Hi Mommies, i am giving home tution for pre-primary kids (5 & 6 year olds).
Its is either 1-1 or or maximum a pair.
It is very important to prep our little ones for the big challenge at

I'm looking to revive this thread. Any active mummies staying in Fernvale currently?? My boy is turning 2 end of this year so I'm looking for a playgroup for him and chanced upon this thread. Any one sending their kids to Star Tots or Apple Tree??

i am staying in fernvale too :) nice to meet you all.

Short intro: i am a working mum and i have a 4 yr old toddler.

hi mummies.. im staying fernvale too..

would like to know if the Jan & Elly at Greenwich isit good ?

anyone send their kids there for their english enrichment class?

Hi hapieger,

Both my kids hv attended the English enrichment classes at Jan & Elly Greenwich since last year. They hv discontinued the classes this year. The teachers are fine but the syllabus for primary school level is higher than neighborhood primary school standard.

I like the environment, but I find the standard a bit high for the primary school level. My son didn't learn much in the phonics class cos he is playful and the teacher is not very strict(he was a Caucasian). I feel a strict teacher would be more beneficial for him. For my elder gal, she can study with initiative and she is willing to try her best even though the syllabus is a bit hard for her. She did improve but her Chinese went downhill, so I stopped her class. They hv changed a few teachers but the overall experience with Jan & Elly has been pleasant.

You can let your child try out their trial class, not sure if they still hv it now. You can call and check with them. Hope my sharing helps. :)