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Mummies staying at Fernvale

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by doreamon, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. hapieger

    hapieger Member

    thanks Pingping!!! your reply really helps!

    My girl is turning 4 soon and also playful type.. if thats the case, maybe should let her go for the trial first..

  2. katherine

    katherine Member

    Hi Hapieger, yuki_girl and pingping,

    Good to know that there are still Fernvalers in this thread!! The new mall is opening soon, we will have more shops around! Yeah...
  3. hapieger

    hapieger Member

    I'm. New to this topic too...
  4. umie2b

    umie2b Member

    Hi all, anyone can reccomend me a kindergarten ard sengkang area?

    Pcf @443, 437, 302 - all full
  5. Apple Cin

    Apple Cin Member

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2014
  6. xiaobaibai

    xiaobaibai New Member

    Hi i am staying in fernvale too. Will start following this thread. I am a mother of 2 girls, 4 yo and 15 months.
  7. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Im staying at fernvale also, first time mum bb turning 4 mths, is there any facebook group to join coz seldom come into this forum
  8. nsq31

    nsq31 New Member

    hi I'm new here ,Yeah with new shopping mall can get bb stuff conveniently:)
  9. Angiee

    Angiee New Member

    Hello mummies. I'm a ftm to a 18month girl. I received a call from ichiban Montessori this morning. I will be going down to give them the deposit at 1.30pm. Just like to know if it is the norm that they do not allow parent accompaniment even for first 2-3 days? Afraid my girl will be traumatised. She's only been with me all these while.
  10. xiaobaibai

    xiaobaibai New Member

    Hi angiee... not too sure about montessori but for childcare usually first day you can stay with the kid, 2nd day for a few hour and by 3rd day, cannot accompany anymore. You can watch the situation from outside. It would also be good to see how the teachers manage yout girl. I would say different schools different beliefs and therefore different practice.
  11. Angiee

    Angiee New Member

    Hehe. Yes. I believe so too. They're quite rigid. By not letting parents in and letting my child believe I'm dumping her in can be traumatizing. Sigh. Even though they are just across the road for me, I got to give it a miss.
  12. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Hi mummies I have a group chat for fernvale mummies. Any mummies keen to join in? Can pm mi ur no
  13. Angiee

    Angiee New Member

    Hi ! I've PM-ed!
  14. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Anybody needs NTUC points? I hv 2 to give away. Meet up at Fernvale road or Seletar mall(timing at my convenience). Pls pm me if interested. Thanks.
  15. Lengster

    Lengster New Member

    Anyone can provide some reviews for either sunflower ikids on saraca or Cambridge on tamarind?
  16. cinnamon23

    cinnamon23 Member

    Any feedback on a Sengkang Green primary school? How's the environment & academic performance so far?
  17. Rinko

    Rinko Member

    Hi all i m from fernvale too.
    didn't know that there's a thread for fernvale mummies.
  18. gpeihoon

    gpeihoon New Member

    Hi, nice to meet you. I am from Fernvale blk 450. would like to let my 6 and 7 years old boys learn WuShu. any recommended?
  19. cinnamon23

    cinnamon23 Member

    Any mummies here know what was the highest PSLE score for Fernvale Pri school this year 2015?
  20. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Are u referring to the what's app group that I mention?
  21. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Are u referring to the whats group that I mention?
  22. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Oh u need to pm mi ur hp no. Our group of mummies can be very noisy at times. They chat with anything under the moon. Hope u dun mind hehe
  23. spunkmom

    spunkmom New Member

    Hihi snow19 mummy.. I've pm-ed u my no., would like to join the grp too. Have a 5 yr old and almost 3 mth old. Thanks!
  24. adelynn21

    adelynn21 Member

    Hi all fernvale mummies,

    Im a mum of 2 girls (6 years old & 3 years old) and staying at 443A Fernvale road!
    Wanting to know more mummies so that my girls can have more playmates/friends
    @snow19 : would be PM-ing u my number, appreciate the add
  25. sansano

    sansano Member

    Hi Fernvale mummies, anyone has preloved S/M size Ichiban Montessori childcare boy's uniform to giveaway or for small token, please pm me, thanks!
  26. BabyK78

    BabyK78 New Member

    hi Everyone! I'm new and staying in Fernvale too :) was just wondering if there's any feedback/ reviews on the CCC around Sengkang West?
    Ichiban Montessori/ Sparkletots - thinking to send my 18mth for playgroup. Thank you for your feedback in advanced ~!
  27. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    U are looking for childcare or playgroup? Playgroup u can consider hokey pokey or star tots or little learner.
    Childcare sparkletot or mfs or campbridge. Ichiban the review not good according to the fernvale mummies
  28. BabyK78

    BabyK78 New Member

    hi Snow~

    thanks for sharing and appreciate the info but pretty much play group but with some lessons involved to get LO started. Will them out :)
  29. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Hi art at seletar mall has playgroup for 2 yrs n abv. Im bringing my boy for trial class on the following wednesday
  30. BabyK78

    BabyK78 New Member

    ahh ic :) maybe will consider for my LO when she's older. thank you!!!
  31. lizzC

    lizzC New Member

    Hi all, any reviews on the daily playgroup at Hokey Pokey? Just pulled my son out of another playgroup so I am looking for playgroups around the area. Sparkle Tots is full and my boy is too young for Apple Tree.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
  32. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Can try hi art? My boy is at hi art playgroup
  33. hazelnutmilktea

    hazelnutmilktea New Member

    Can share more about HiKids? Your boy enjoying himself there?
  34. lizzC

    lizzC New Member

    Thanks snow19. My boy is 21months thus still too young for hi art playgroup. Enrolled him in Hokey Pokey and my boy enjoys it :)
  35. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    My boy also 21 mths nw he's in hi art playgroup
  36. deediana

    deediana New Member

    HI, im currently staying at 453B. Send my 3 year old son at Chen Su Lan Methodist Childcare, thinking to register him to for the kindergarten at blk 436 next year.

    Can i also join the Whatsapp grp?
  37. acadia

    acadia Member

    Hi, any mummies have child in Whole Child Nurture Centre at 430C/D? Is it good? My gal is 8mths+, hope can secure a place for her childcare next year. I am keen to join the watsapp group too. :)
  38. Mammypok0

    Mammypok0 Member

    Hi mummies I will like to join the watsapp group too.
    Recently there's a dengue outbreak at fernvale. Pls take care and watch the little ones!
  39. serene8632

    serene8632 Member

    Hi mummies
    I'm staying at 443A. I have 2 gals, 5 and 1. Eldest is currently attending SK green MOE K1, and younger one would be going to playgroup at Initium Academy beside Greenwich next year in May.

    I am keen to join in the watsapp group too.

  40. KCHW

    KCHW New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    Want to check if there are any art classes for my little 3 year old girl near Seletar Mall. I know there are many art studios at Greenwich shopping centre too. There is also Hiart at Seletar mall. I have also noticed some agencies such as sgartlessons.
    But being too lazy to search can anyone point me to a suitable studio for 3 year olds? :D
  41. serene8632

    serene8632 Member

    Punggol Artitude is quite good... if you do not mind to travel a bit. My niece always comes back with awesome master piece.
  42. deediana

    deediana New Member

    Any one sending their Child at PCF 436 & 441 (Kindergarten)? Any review.
    Currently my son is at Chen Su Lan Childcare, but thinking to change him to PCF next year as nearer to our house and we have helper,dont see the need to send him to childcare.
  43. Twinkie0

    Twinkie0 New Member

    Hi all, I'm new here and also staying at Fernvale. Could I join in the watsapp group chat. Thanks.
  44. sansano

    sansano Member

    Hi Serene,
    May I know what do u think of Sengkang Green's MOE kindergarten? I am thinking of register my son there next year.
    Can add me to the watsapp group please?
    98169340, thanks so much!

  45. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Hi joann which blk are u frm? Coz i have another joann in my contact list so doesn want to mess up
  46. sansano

    sansano Member

    Hi this is Joann Chin, thanks for adding me. I m staying at Blk 439a.
  47. serene8632

    serene8632 Member

    Hi Joann, sorry for the late response.
    MOE SK Green is fine, I felt. The curriculum is more on holistic learning and children learns through play, role-playing, story telling and such. It depends on what your expectations of the school are - academic focus or holistic. If you are more incline to academic, then MOE SK Green may not be for you, as there is seriously no 'homework' each week, except for some family activity sheets to be completed over the weekends.
    sansano likes this.
  48. sansano

    sansano Member

    Hi Serene, thanks for the reply. Yup, that's the school I m looking for my son, holistic based. Is it difficult to get it?
  49. Rachel80

    Rachel80 Member

    Add me pls! I'm at fernvale Lane 404a
  50. lannabelle

    lannabelle Member

    Hi mummies

    I'm staying at 453 Fernvale and preggy.

    Thinking of looking and registering for infant care now.

    Which is near and good?

    Is PCF Sparkletots 441B or Ichiban 439 better?

    Any idea of it is very hard to get a place?

    Thanks a lot!!

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