Mosquito bite


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Dear Mummies, recently I bot my LO to a chalet and stayed, end up my LO was bitten by mosquitoes and have bites on his leg and hands. Worst is one of the bite is on his foot palm... Can mummies recommend which cream is good to cure mosquitoes bites? He is 14mths old. Thanks in advance.


Dear mummies. hope your LO is better from the mozzie bites already. That time my LO was having her 1 yo party chalet, I also get mozzie bite and i am mozzie fav. everytime will get it without fail. lucky I bring along my essential oil and the bites itch and sore recover fast. after using eo I stop using cream for bites. hope this help you. :)


Hi! I will paste the anti itcy patch for me & my LO. This prevent him from scratch & touch the bites if u apply those cream.


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Sorry for bumping this thread, but I suddenly stumbled upon it and decided to share my knowledge about treating mosquito bites. Usually, I wash the swollen mosquito bite with soapy water and then apply lotion to a bitten place (1 tsp. soda, 1 glass of warm water) for 10-15 minutes. But I don't know how it works with though. You may check also the article on pestcontrolhacks for more tips, hope this information helps anyone.


Most importantly is prevent him from scratching it and if there is any sign of a tear in the skin pls apply anti bacteria cream. I get the cream fucicort from PD . But I know in JB Watson’s you can just get from the pharmacy.

My gal suffered a bad mosquito infection when she was 15 months old . I think she must have scratched it and then subsequently it got infected and she fell down on it coz hers is on the knee . The bite became so infected that she had a fever and finally we had to admit into hospital. The doc had to perform a minor surgery to slit the bite and squeeze out the pus and put her on antibiotics. Worse is after the first surgery we realised her infection spread further down to her leg and she had to have her leg slit again second time . All these were done without any anesthesia as she was too young then .

Imagine the pain she went through. When we have a small paper cut it can hurt a lot already what’s more the doc just took the knife and slit her . Two nurses , my husband and me had to pin her down and listen to her screaming . I was sobbing and sobbing all the time to see her in pain . So these days whenever my girl has bites I will apply the cream immediately and cover up but if too many bites can’t cover all then just make sure their nails are cut and they don’t scratch