Any Remedy to cure Mosbite Scars?!?!


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Hi all mummies...

Do you have any remedy or cream to recommend to cure scars left behind by mosquitoes/insects?

My little girl always got bitten at her childcare. Even with repellents doesn't help at all.. Worse still her legs are full of scars and marks left behind by the bites...

Please help...


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I used MOPIKO when i was young. You may try to look for it at Watson or Guardian. It will help to soothe and relieve itching so that your girl won't scratch it anymore. Btw, below 2 years old I think not suitable. Please ask the advise from the Pharmacist over there.

For the scars, don't worry so much. I used to have it a lot. My mum always give me Vit C. You may encourage your girl to eat more fruit or veges. After I grown up a bit, the scars gone by itself. Now I don't have any scars.

Btw, please inform the childcare to do something about it for the mosquitoes else complaint to MOH.


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Hi u can use aloe Vera gel. Can buy from kiddy palace.
It's very good. Mopiko cannot be use for children less than 2 mths, u can read about it.. It will cause convulsion in some baby if inhaled too much.


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Feif: i found it but the pharmacist introduce any type Bio-Oil which is good for scars and black marks left behind from the bites but must use for at least 3mths to see the effect as new skin take time to grow. Anyway i bought both... Kiasu abit... Hehehe....

Niko: yes.i use mopiko also but she still scratch unknowingly when slping at night. As for the CC they have the mosquito trap and claim that they always do maintenance monthly.

Momo: Me too have aloe vera but aint helping much on my girl's skin. Dun knw why also!!

Thanks all for the advise.