Morning sickness


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Hi its my first time being pregnant. I started to have very bad morning sickness since the start of weeks 6. Morning sickness starts to kick in at about 10am every morning and disturbs my sleep. After that i will feel very nausea and sick in my stomach. Unable to keep water or food down. Everything will jus throw up. Is this normal ? The only time i can eat is probably during evening and when night time comes its the same issue again.. can anyone advice what i can do ? I havnt visit the gynae yet our appt is tmr. Could it be jus normal morning sickness or Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) ? Thank in advance


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Yes it's quite normal for the 1st trim...I also had really bad morning sickness, but it went gone around 15w-16w.
You can try some sour food to relieve this problem, such as lemonade, yogurt and tomatoes...
I also took si shen chicken essence to provide my body more energy and relieve morning sickness. It's not the traditional can ones chicken essence, it's sachet ones and tastes more like chicken soup but not oily.



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Hi! How r u? Feeling better already?
I'm week 10 myself and going through very bad MS too.
Its my 2nd pregnancy.. my 1st one i had MS all the way until the day i delivered naturally.

Kinda depressed and discouraged for this 2nd pregnancy bcos foresee the MS lasting for the next 8 months maybe.. everything the forums or google suggested i've tried but nothing works.