Luckily I Found Her


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I'm very grateful and fortunate to have found Aunty May, she was a life savour! My previous confinement nanny was a nightmare to the whole family. Some of it included no burping for my son and caused him to choke on his milk. Also did not wash baby clothes and prepare food for cooking. I did not even drink one bowl of tonic or herb soup. There are too many unpleasant incidents caused by the previous nanny.

Fortunately Aunty May was available at very last minute and this had at least helped me to complete my 28 days of confinement. Not only is she experienced, she's very helpful and easy-going with our requests. Most importantly she had her ways with babies and she is very willing to impart these knowledge and giving guidance. Not sure why but when baby reaches her hands, our baby just calms down. She give me a feeling not as a nanny but as an ah ma or rather my mum whom is constantly looking out for baby cries and wellness. She is always so fast in eating her meals and shower as she want to quickly come out to take care the baby. She also constantly nag me to drink the tonic soup everyday just like my mum which i felt very loved. In addition, she even prepare different breakfast for me every morning from mee sua to half boiled eggs and etc. She also prepares a variety of delicious confinement meals which I always look forward to. I was super impressed that she even go to the length to help me prepare prosperity cake and glutinous rice for our baby shower which is superb to eat that even my guests love it so much!! She reminds me of my grandmother whom always look out for young and old. Most importantly, my family and I finally can have peaceful sleep every night when she had took over. I am very thankful to have found her after our nightmare. We actually want to further extend her time with us but her schedule is fully booked which I am not surprise. Please feel free to contact her: 8393 2609 or +601127803938. Take care☺️❤️


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May i have her contact too? Also had a bad experience with my previous CL, really hope to find a good one this time. I'm also thinking if i should find a day time/part time CL as I don't really have a spare room unless she sleeps with my kids or in study room.