Looking to adopt a baby girl


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Hi all

Hoping to adopt a baby girl (Chinese) either locally or from neighbouring countries like Malaysia etc. We already have the approved HSR from MSF, and hope to find eligible child and engage adoption lawyer instead of through an agency. Reason is cos I'd rather the finances go towards the care of the child.

If anyone has contacts who can help, or know anyone giving up their baby girl, do email me or PM me, thank you! My family is waiting to welcome the little one into our home...we've lots of love to give. And this is a journey that has been in our prayers for a long time.

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Tony Cheong

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Hi All,

I am a 46 years old Chinese single man. I am considering to adopt a boy. My purpose is not to have MY boy. I noticed that they are a lot of unfortunate children without home hence I hope I can give one of them a home. I have stable income and am working in social service sector. If you have contact someone needs his/her child a home, I might be able to build one for him. I can provide detail personal information if child's family wants. It is right thing to do to safeguard the child's welfare. Please email me or PM me. Thank you.


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Hi playskool_mom, I am in the same situation as you. Adoption fees are ridiculous and definitely better used on the child's well-being. My husband and I are finding it tough to source for a child though. May I ask check if you've had any luck?


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Hi, I am due in September 2018 and giving up my baby girl for adoption. Drop me your number or email and I can provide you with more information you may require.