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Looking for Myanmar Transfer Maid

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by babyja, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. babyja

    babyja Member

    A Chinese family looking for an experienced transfer/direct hire Indonesia/Myanmar maid/helper.


    - Prefer no off day (will compensate accordingly)
    - Have experiences of take care of baby
    - Doing house chores and take care of a 8 mths baby.
    - Trustworthy, patience, honest and love children
    - At least understand and speak simple English.
    - Loan free maid
    - Cook simple dishes

    Pls pm for more detail.
    Welcome recommendation for direct employer.
    You may watapps me at 82two33nine39.
    Welcome any discussion.

  2. radish1

    radish1 Member

    If u 1 a Myanmar maid,bear in maid that they got very bad attitude,stubborn,slp early wake up late,break things like nothing...
    Now say no off days but later tell u they got the right to have off days...
  3. 81kitty81

    81kitty81 New Member

    Hi, do you still need a transfer Maid ?
  4. taregal

    taregal Member


    I am looking for transfer maid.

    Basic duties include housework and looking after a 3 yr old girl.
  5. radish1

    radish1 Member

    Gal so big send to cc la.
    She can learn gd things n education rather learn nothing from helper...
    Tamper will be bad,throw tantrum,cry n shout,no manners...funny actions...etc..
    Think twice before hiring.
    Ask for extra pay in just 2 mths,wkly off,oh off,birthday off,their new year off...etc...
    Now ,now helpers are very scary...kill if commit crime..stealing...send back employer things without knowledge...

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