Transfer Maid - Hire @ your own risk


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Be aware of this helper from 'The Branch Employmemt Agency' was used to be located in Yishun branch but now is permanently closed. They have 2 branches now, located in Far East Shopping centre & Bukit Timah.

She will be a transfer maid soon. If you are looking for a helper who can take care of your baby and toddler then my advise to you is no, she is not suitable as she do not have the patience towards younger children and will not even try to find ways to peace the children.

If you have an elderly at home. It will also be NO NO - Do not even consider her as she got irritated and agitated when the elderly repeated more than once.

Her tolerance level is so low and very calculative. She acts like a princess here. The very slow motion is in her. When you ask her to do things quickly, her face instantly changed.

You also will get involved in MOM as she will call in and check this and that and drama stories will come by.

Just a piece of advise for all the employers in Singapore who is keen to get a transfer maid in this agency. I am happy to share with any of you what my experiences are with her for the past 3 months.
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Please be cautious of this helper name Y from Indonesia. Even though i am about to give birth end of August and have a 18mth girl, we still decide to send her back to the agency. What she did is indescribable that is beyond our thoughts.
We have caught her doing things in our home webcams while we randomly view the clips. Some issues that we can put up with (e.g eating our toddler food) and some which must be told. Not only she denied it when asked but she continue to act in the same way. To keep it short, below are the two actions that she did that really crossed the line
- using her toes to pick up drying towel for my toddler foodware
- using my toddler facial towel to dry her armpits and hanging back to rack...without washing!!!!!
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I saw a newspaper article today on maid being charged with stealing from employer and thought i had to warn others of this maid whom i transferred out recently. My husband caught her with his wallet. And we noted things missing from our house. But we are unable to find items in her possession to report her to the police. She left unclean pots and pans in the garden and when i found out hid them at places where i cannot find and i had to do regular checks on her. I got so tired that i had to transfer her out. I was not keen to send her home as i have to pay out of my own pocket. My agent gave her to another agent as she feels it is against her conscience to transfer her to someone else. The last i heard she bypass that agent and went on to find her own job by attending interviews at another agency. She is Cambodian and her name is T V. Would like to warn her employer if they see this to be aware and to keep checks on her.
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