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Looking for a Good Part-Time Maid

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by 1stdad, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. 1stdad

    1stdad New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a part-time maid to help 2 times a week. Paying market-rate of $50 for 4 hours.
    Please PM me if you have a good one to recommend.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. shearer

    shearer Active Member

    You can try mine, Chen Ming Xuan, 94481096
  3. dabee

    dabee Member


    any one using part time maid in telok kurau area? any good recommendation? thanks alot

  4. tiger_lily

    tiger_lily Member

    Hello Mummies,

    I am helping my current part-time cleaner to post here. She is good and honest. I am not getting any commission. Just help her post here.

    Her name and mobile.
    Xiao Huang
  5. coco_mama

    coco_mama Member

    Hi Mummy,

    If you looking for part time Aunty, I have 1 good & reliable been working for mi 2 years and I even pass her my house key to her. She's singaporean and her name is Yong, If you need 1 can call her directly @ this no's 91217735. She will charge $15 per hour & min 3 hrs & prefer in the North like Sembawang/Woodlands/Admiralty or Marsiling.

    Do contact her [​IMG]
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  6. tabletalk

    tabletalk Active Member

    Hi mummies

    This is my feedback of engaging this cleaner called Xiao Hung (90705189). She came to my house for the second time and every time she does the cleaning, she does not put all the things back to its original position and she does not throw rubbish away. And worst is on the third visit when she is suppose to come, she just come up with an excuse that she is sick and her husband does not want to her work anymore.
    I think she cannot be trusted
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  7. koala75

    koala75 Member

    Hi I am also looking for a good and reliable part time helper. Please PM me if any good recommendation.
  8. My part time cleaner have available slot for weekdays.
    Been coming to my house weekly once for the past 1.5yrs. per hour $15. min 3 hours.
    She a china lady married to Singaporean.
    Overall ok.
    First or Second time - Have to instruct her what u want to do n use. From there, she will auto do everytime she come.
  9. deerbambi

    deerbambi Member


    I have some feedback regarding this xiao huang (90705189) cleaner as well. Initially, she was coming to do weekly cleaning. Then seeing that my place is 90% in a neater state, she suggested coming twice a week instead so as help to save some money as well. But the twice weekly appointment was never kept as she mentioned she had to care for her son as her caregiver needs to entertain relatives coming to spore. Then waited another week, again saying she is not coming. Then after a third week, I am the one messaging her to ask if she is coming. She then said that she had gone for an operation and husband forbid her to work anymore. Ask me to look for another cleaner. Seriously, all these while, I a. The one pro actively messaging her to ask if she coming. If she really can't work, don't just MIA. It makes her not credible at all.
  10. sterntaler

    sterntaler New Member

    Hi all, I also need a part helper urgently in the east. Appreciate if u can pm me if u have contact.

  11. joopjoop

    joopjoop Member

    I need a part time cleaner in Hougang. Any recommendations?
    Thank you
  12. are

    are Member

    for part time cleaner, you can contact irene @ 98595244. msian married to singapore. 100% reliable.i am not getting any commission, just sharing cos i've gone thru the same headache before!
  13. angelle

    angelle Member

    Removed post
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  14. Alice Lee

    Alice Lee New Member

    Hi there, can check where are you staying? i think location is one Ah Qing is looking at as well. Thanks a million.
  15. princessgx

    princessgx Member

    Feedback on the Irene recommended above. She is fast and efficient. Quite clean too.

    But, not too happy with her attitude. Most of the time I have to sms her first to confirm the timing. Sometimes no reply. Also, even though in person she told me this timing is ok, she later said she didn't wanna work bcos of the timing. When I told her I will pay her the same to accommodate her timing, even though she would work 15mins less, she simply said she didn't wanna work anymore. So timing is just an excuse. And she did this a day before she was supposed to come and after I had sms her for a timing for 2 days. Very irresponsible. Should give me sufficient time to find a replacement even if she doesn't wanna continue.
  16. hj1234

    hj1234 New Member

    Hi, I am in clementi. Anyone knows a good part time maid to recommend? Willing to pay std rate of $50/4 hours. To come on a weekly basis.
  17. Narayanan

    Narayanan New Member

    Hi Am in Taman Jurong. We require part time on daily basis from evening 5 to 8. Have to fetch my daughter from day care and clean house. Mon to fri. Please let me know
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  18. kopibeanie

    kopibeanie Well-Known Member

    hi, anyone got recommendation for good PT maid? am staying in punggol area. need cleaning once a week, every sat morn 3hr, preferably 830am-1130am. thanks very much!
  19. mrschua46

    mrschua46 New Member

    Yes you are right.
    MOM has strict rules on hiring freelance foreign part time maid.

    Read the facts about part time maid in Singapore:

    Remember to check for work permit if you are hiring foreign workers.
  20. Little KF

    Little KF Member

    hi, anyone got recommendation for good PT maid? am staying in Toa Payoh area. need cleaning once a week. thanks very much!
  21. mrslimck

    mrslimck New Member

    You might want try get a quote from Singapore Part Time Maid:

    They are quite reliable.
  22. xian186

    xian186 Member

    Hi if you are looking for one, can try this aunty, had been using her service for the past 2 years, so far so good, among the others part time cleaning aunties i had engage before, she's the most recommended one. Responsible and diligent. Can contact her at 94462124, auntie xian li.
  23. angelle

    angelle Member


    I'll like to recommend another china cleaner named Ah Hua which I used today for Cny cleaning. This is the 2nd time I'm using her already. I must say she had done a very good job for cleaning all my windows, kitchen and toilets. She is fast and detail in cleaning. She even brought along her own magic cloth for windows , mirrors... She is also not calculative if u need her to finish her job a little longer. Very friendly n nice personality china lady. Currently she is full on weekend n she stays in yishun . Pls contact her if you are looking for a reliable part time cleaner. Her contact is 8361 4307 . Thanks
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  24. kathyrine zhang

    kathyrine zhang New Member

    Hi, you can try my part time cleaner as well, her attitude is quite good, her contact is 94335718, she speaks mandarin.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
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  25. Jas Lee

    Jas Lee New Member

    Hi, U may like to use my cleaner. She is a Singaporean Chinese. She works very fast and clean. Most important thing is she dun waste water and electricity. U may like to call her at 97278553 (Jane).
  26. dnsy

    dnsy New Member

    Hi you can visit www.domiflex.com, its a online advertising platform for part time cleaners and they do not charge any agency fee.
  27. zeroyee

    zeroyee Member

    Hi there.. U might wanna get a quote from vertex cleaning sevices
    Here is their contact 82289229/ 98456344. I have tried them before and they r quite reliable also!
  28. Joanna Tan

    Joanna Tan Member

    Looking for FREELANCE domestic cleaner for home & Office?
    Rates: $60/4hours or $15.00/hr
    Contact person: Alice – 84690909 (Chinese or Hokkien only) Joanna – 90274885 (English)

    价格: $60/4小时或 $15.00 1小时
    联系人: 陈女士-84690909 (华文或福建) Joanna – 90274885 (英文)
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
  29. good_to_be

    good_to_be New Member

    I need cleaner weekly in Punggol. any recommendation or any one whose part timers willing to travel to Punggol?
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  30. zeng2014

    zeng2014 New Member

  31. essanna

    essanna Member

    Hi any recommendation for old airport road/ tanjong katong area? thanks!
  32. flyn

    flyn Member

    Any reliable PT helper to recommend for CCK area?
  33. babyja

    babyja Member

    Hiring Chen Ming Xuan now.
    She is good , not talkative, like her attitude.
  34. rainysunny

    rainysunny New Member

    Her rate is $18/ hour which is much more expensive than market rate?! but disappointed that she is not as good...
  35. imemyselfonly

    imemyselfonly Member

    Hi babyja how is her rates?
  36. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights Active Member

    Tried the numbers on the portal, but almost all of them are either unavailable or not working.
  37. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights Active Member

    Hi im interested, in the north area but may i know ur race?
    Cos i have a dog.

  38. babyja

    babyja Member

    Hi, i employed her since April 2013 and rate was SGD15 per hour.
    But she just informed me last week the rate will be increased to SGD18 per hour from May 2014, so I will pay SGD72 for four hour.
    You may check with her the rate for weekday and weekend.
  39. Joanna Tan

    Joanna Tan Member

    Which location are you at?
  40. candy_floss

    candy_floss Member

    I am looking for a part time help too. Jobscope is mainly vacuuming, mopping, dusting of the room and cleaning of toilets. No ironing required. Location is near Marsiling Mrt Station, preferbly weekends. Any recommendations of a good & reliable one ? Thanks a lot.
  41. tomydarling

    tomydarling Member

    I am looking for part-time cleaner @ Seng Kang area. Twice per month (every fortnightly). Prefer Sunday morning. 4hrs/session.

    Any good recommendation, please PM me. Thanks alot.
  42. fezalion

    fezalion New Member

    get Free quotes @ PlushHome.com.sg :)
  43. qingyi609

    qingyi609 New Member

    My part time cleaners are from www.edencleaners.sg - very reliable company which tailors to my needs. Although on expensive side, but good value for money. No need to worry at all.
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  44. maryannesito

    maryannesito New Member

    I have engaged a part time cleaner for about 4 years plus now and she's very hardworking and responsible. Singaporean Chinese. Her rates are $18/hr. A little on the high side but she's efficient in her chores. You all might want to contact her @ 96547890. Her name is Jenny.
  45. dheerra

    dheerra New Member

    Hi, I am in Jurong west Avenue 1, We need a part time helper who can work twice a week and also reliable one. We will pay the market rate..Can any one recommend? Thanks in Advance
  46. adryen

    adryen New Member

    I am staying at Eunos area. Any good part time helper to recommend?
  47. Catherine.low

    Catherine.low New Member

    Hi. I'm a sahm whose looking for some freelance jobs as part time help or babysitter. Min 2 hours. Prefer north areas like yishun, Khatib, sembawang. Rates at $15 per hour. Pls pm me if u do require my help. Thanks.
  48. Amazing-grace

    Amazing-grace New Member

    Reliable part time helper message me thank you :)
  49. grownup

    grownup Member

    I am provide part time cleaning .
    Mainly Dusting , Vaccum , Mop and Wash 2 Toilet and Basic Kitchen Cleaning.
    My Standard of cleaning for 3 hours.
    Per hour $15
    Please msg or whatsapp 93890563
  50. Annadonnahlim

    Annadonnahlim New Member

    I am looking for help to do a clean up on Friday 30 may for about 4-5 hours starting at 3pm in serangoon area.
    Wil pay $15 an hour.
    Must be reliable.
    If good will consider hiring on a weekly basis.

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