Kid anxiety to school


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Hi dear parent ,

My daughter is 3 years old. She just start preschool last week . When start, she is fine to go to school and happy . However, last Friday , a kid push her in toilet and she fall and hit on her butt. She cried badly and frighten. School teacher has used ice to reduced her pain .

The principal says the kid misunderstood and thought my kid want to pee on floor, so the boy push her . But in fact , she just want to remove panty and pee in potty. School also give a connection time , and give remind all kids, hands are not for pushing . We also encourage her anything can talk to teacher or parent , or shout No, I don’t like it, if happen again .

But apparently , that make her phobia till now , poor baby even cry before bed and wake up saying she don’t want go school , scare the boy ...

I encourage her to be strong ,and she not the one should be sad, in fact should be angry . And we can give her hug and love and support whenever she need. .... but seems still hard to remove her anxiety .

Parent , any good way to help her ?