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Jovial Confinement Lady - a great confinement experience

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Midorimaemae, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    I posted this before in 2018 thread and am re-posting this, because I am preggie with my 2nd baby and I am engaging Auntie Siew Kim again. Apparently she has many repeated customers like myself, so I am happy to share this with 2019 mummies who are looking for a great confinement experience!!!

    PS: I am currently based in China, thus my responses may be delayed. Best for interested parties to contact Auntie Siew Kim directly :)

    Original post:

    I am a FTM and will happily recommend my confinement nanny, Auntie Siew Kim (aka Auntie Wong) Her mobile number is +60163075628 - please feel free to contact her directly to enquire on availability.

    Auntie is a sprightly, cheerful and very approachable confinement nanny with more than 10 years experience.
    She is so proactive and she is very good in pacifying and taking care of newborn - I can see she genuinely enjoys taking care and playing with my baby. She is also more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge in looking after babies. I am very thankful to her.
    For breastfeeding mummies, she will cook nuitritious soups (eg. green papaya with fish) and dishes to help boost milk supply.
    For C-sec mummies who are keen to recuperate well from the delivery, Auntie will brew tonic soups which aid in rebuilding health.
    Auntie will also help to clean kitchen, mop floor once the cooking chores are done.
    Auntie is open-minded with mummies who prefer to shower during confinement and will take the trouble to boil water with either herbs or old ginger for the mummy to bath/wash hair.
    Auntie also gets along well with elderly people (I stay with my parents-in-law) and they enjoy her cooking too.
    I have some pictures of the yummy dishes Auntie has cooked for confinement - figuring out how to upload these. PM me in the meantime if you are keen to see the food pictures.

  2. Jesslynn

    Jesslynn New Member

    hi, is auntie Siew Kim still working now? as i need a confinement nanny on feb 2019
  3. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    Hi hi! Yes Auntie Siew Kim is still working. I am not sure if she already has an assignment for Feb 2019, please connect with her directly to confirm. All the best
  4. Jesslynn

    Jesslynn New Member

    okok ty
  5. heavensberry

    heavensberry New Member

    update= she's currently fully booked until jul 19
  6. Beanie2019

    Beanie2019 New Member

    Can I get some pics of the food that she cooked for you? Also, just to ask, is she good at guiding new moms in terms of what to do? Does she communicate only in Chinese, or can she also speak some English?


  7. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    No, don’t think she can speak English.
  8. singyen

    singyen Member

    Does she stay at your house?
  9. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    Yes she stays in my home during confinement

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