Journey of a healthy baby


“A baby is like a bundle of pleasure and beginning of all wonderful things”. Newborn babies are little wonders crammed with overwhelming emotions.
As we all heard stories from our family and friends about the struggle faced by new parents. The journey of parenting starts before the childbirth. From baby-proofing the house till buying napkins for the baby. Parenting life is sort of a rollercoaster ride crammed with ups and downs and various emotions. We all may bear difficult, amazing, and sometimes hilarious situations as new parents while handling a newborn. It is normal for all the oldsters especially new moms to feel both blessed and stressed.
The most difficult and tougher part is to feed the baby with healthy foods which are essential for his/her proper growth and development. When it involves the baby's health every parent wishes nothing but the best for their little ones. Breast milk supplies all the mandatory nutrients in proper portions to stay your baby healthy. And it's advisable to breastfeed the baby till 16 months together with other healthy baby foods. Eat rainbow is the concept that each mother should remember.
Here comes the difficult task of
  • What food should I give to my baby?
  • At what age do babies eat fruits and veggies?
  • What is the best first solid food for a baby to eat?
  • Which fruit puree should be given to a 6 months baby?
  • What are fruits and vegetables that can be given to the baby?
  • Can we add salt and sugar to babies' food?
There are a lot of questions going into the mind of a new mother. So here is the answer for all those new mommies out there. The growth stage of the baby is differentiated into 3 stages
  • Stage 1: 4 months plus
  • Stage 2: 6 months plus
  • Stage 3: 8 or nine months plus
In all these stages growing babies need various nutrients in numerous portions which is essential for the baby's sound health.
The nutrition requirement of the babies is very much of fruits and vegetables. It is very important to feed the baby in the forms of purees and porridge of combinations like apple oats, spinach pear which will help in the growth and development of your baby. Always give organic baby food, that do not contain preservatives, salt, sugar, colors.