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January 2017 Mummies Club

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by JXmangoXB, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Rachel Chieng

    Rachel Chieng New Member

  2. MaineMJ

    MaineMJ New Member

  3. serised

    serised New Member

    Hi would like to join the fb group as well, my Edd on 11 Jan 2017

    Email shiau_chui@yahoo.com

  4. dancelover183

    dancelover183 Active Member

    Hihi, any mummies looking for a function room to hold their mummy groups gathering or upcoming baby shower? Spring Maternity is looking to sponsor their new function room in Suntec city for these groups of people. If u r keen, PM me, will link u up :)
  5. jojojensss

    jojojensss New Member

    Hi, my edd is 27 Jan 2017. Please add my email to the fb group. Thanks! :)

    Email: gzxin86@hotmail.com
  6. whomovedmycheese

    whomovedmycheese New Member

  7. sharlyn84

    sharlyn84 New Member

  8. Yimama

    Yimama Member

    Hi new mummies n dads
    I'm an xp nanny staying at PASIR RIS.
    Full-time,part-time,before n after schoolcare etc....
    Hourly rated for short time service...
    All service only at nanny house..Pm me for more info...
    Whatsapp to 97327396....
  9. syddie

    syddie New Member

  10. J0jo

    J0jo New Member

    Hi mummies, my baby was born on 17 Jan this year, please add me at joyce_ws@hotmail.com :)

    Separately, anyone doing i) tingkat service, ii) engaging part-time helper/nanny after confinement, any recommendations?
  11. Belinda Lim

    Belinda Lim New Member

    Hi, please add me to the FB group. My delivery date was 20 Jan 2017. My email address is ruiting31@gmail.com.

    Thank you.
  12. Yimama

    Yimama Member

    Hi hi
    If u finding a nanny at pasir ris,can pm me for more info.
    I can cook gd food if mum need dinner tinkat when fetching bb..
    Very xp taking care of infants-school children...
  13. Snowlsy

    Snowlsy New Member

    Hi mummies, got any whatsapp chat group for Jan 2017?
  14. Luna15

    Luna15 New Member

    Hi, any kind soul able to add me to the FB group Pls. My son is born on 8 Jan 17 .

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