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IVF 2019 support group

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Rebeccazoe, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. eXj

    eXj New Member

    Is it advisable to do home pregnancy test post transfer and after many days post transfer or must wait for blood test ?

  2. littlemissjasmine

    littlemissjasmine New Member

    All the best! This will be my 2nd baby if it is successful.

    Just for sharing, I did not do any home pregnancy test as I feel that the blood test will be the most accurate one, plus it is already going to be paid for anyway. And I do not want to be in the guessing state before the BT, that feeling is unpleasant. Got a positive BT for my first child on my 1st cycle then I went back home to use the test kit just for the record since I never had a positive test before after so many tries before that. Haha..
  3. cheazoo

    cheazoo Active Member

  4. numbbb

    numbbb Member

    Hi ladies

    I’ve just returned 400 red eggs this morning to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang for blessing me a pair of twins. Spreading the baby dust!!

    1) Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Miao (Siong Lim Temple, part of Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery)

    184 Jalan Toa Payoh
    Phone: 6259 5292
    Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

    2) Giok Hong Tian Temple (Yu Huang Dian)

    495 Havelock Road
    Phone: 6733 5727
    Opening hours: 7am – 5pm
  5. littlemissjasmine

    littlemissjasmine New Member

    Am having slight fever 38.1 degree and bad headache. Can I take the off the shelve Panadol?
  6. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Hi, I just did a fet at kkh yesterday and test on 5 aug. The 2ww just started. I know how hard the wait could be so wondering any buddy out there with similar schedule?
  7. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Some said 9-10 days for 5dt. Some also advised not to do so to avoid disappointment.
  8. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Congrats! I also started taking blackmores about 5 weeks ago and really hope it will help me with successful cycle this time.
  9. Pandorra

    Pandorra Member

    i'm diagnosed with premature ovarian failure..anyone having same problem with me? what shall i do if i wish to have my own child? i am just 35yrs this year.
  10. Gniyeewh

    Gniyeewh New Member

    I am so lost now. Today is my cd12 and due to low amh, i only have 3 follicles. Just did my scan this am and all 3 follicles are 7 to 9mm. The nurse told me that most likely will have to abandon this cycle cus they are not growing. Next scan on friday, cd14, after the scan they will decide if the cycle is gg to br abandoned.

    Anyone else face similar problem before? Is there anything which i can do today and tmr?
  11. Marni M.

    Marni M. New Member

    Hi, has anyone here had any luck with EmbryoGen?

    I had OR done yesterday by Prof Yu at SGH. 10 eggs collected with oocyte activation.

    Day 1 - Out of 10 eggs, 7 ICSI’ed, 4 fertilized. Quality yet to be determined.

    I’m 38, had 2 cancelled ETs previously at KKIVF due to poor fertilization. I’m a nervous wreck. Praying that my 4 eggs will develop well and hopefully we would have a transfer this time.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  12. Yummy858

    Yummy858 Member

    Can explain what is EmbryoGen?
  13. Marni M.

    Marni M. New Member

  14. Zigzags

    Zigzags New Member

    Hi everyone :) am looking to register for ivf at Kkh but just found out my thyroid has some issues - low TSH levels but normal T4 levels. Googled this and understand that I have subclinical hyperthyroidism. Doctor has suggested that I see a specialist to clear this before proceeding with IVF. Anyone heard of similar encounters? Am worried if this will hinder my chance at ivf. Thanks!
  15. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Anyone taken norE tablets before commencing ivf? Feeling moody and depressed... wonder if anyone felt the same and how to overcome it?
  16. miraclesdreamer

    miraclesdreamer New Member


    Anyone able to share on the ivf process in nuh? How long does it take from jab to retrieval and then to fresh embryo transfer? How does the timin differ for frozen embryo transfer?

    Tks in adv!
  17. natalie_c

    natalie_c New Member

    Does anyone know how long after a failed cycle of IVF will we resume our periods? My IVF result is negative but my period is 5 days late and I've been having brown discharges which were not the case usually before my period.
  18. Artzer

    Artzer New Member

    Hi all, nice to read all e sharings and kNowing that I am not alone. I am going for the counseling session on 7th, if everything on, will be starting e ivf procedure in Aug cycle. I had fail my iui in June.
    My 'egg reserves' is low when tested. Not sure anyone here having e same issues?
  19. Winter99

    Winter99 New Member

    Hi I also have low egg reserve when they tested last year. I'm going to do ivf in November this year. Hope all of us in this forum can have our wish come true :)
  20. Artzer

    Artzer New Member

    Btw I am turning 37 this yr, didn't realised that it's so difficult to get conceived.
  21. Artzer

    Artzer New Member

    Yes!! Agree!!!
  22. twooonethree

    twooonethree Member

    Hi ladies, anyone in the midst of 2WW? How are you guys coping?
  23. 期待好孕

    期待好孕 New Member

    we are at same age. and same mood..:( i am thinking to book an appointment for IVF this month, have not figured out where , saw some old comment regarding the Gleneagle , thinking to give a try. every month the expecing and disappointed mood rly tough n torture. Maybe plan it to be done is whats the better way now esp i am hoping to have a baby soon.
  24. 期待好孕

    期待好孕 New Member

    Hi, all ladies. also try to understand the package price including test, medi and surgery? if failed the 1st cycle and get over again, then rly costly to pay over again...
  25. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    I am. I had my transfer done on 7th Aug. I feel normal but i get cramps on and off. This is my first time on IVF.
  26. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    Prof Yu is my doctor as well very experienced!
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  27. twooonethree

    twooonethree Member

    Hello @Msofy cramps on and off is normal. Could be due to implantation? Which day embryo u transfer? And how many?
  28. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    I did a day 5 embryo transfer. 1 only and I have 2 more frozen. I had very little eggs. 7 extracted. 6 matured. 5 fertilised and all made it to day 5 but only 3 were good embryos. I am praying for the best but you know how this works.
  29. twooonethree

    twooonethree Member

    Wow. I heard day 5 embryo has higher chances but then i did 2x day 3 grade 4 transfer back in 2016. And my twins are 28mths now. I had 11 extracted. 4 fertilized. 2 insert in 2016 and now im doing 1 FET the other frozen. Im currently 11dp5dt(11 day pass 5 day transfer). Just went to the toilet and had pink spots. I dont have any other symptoms. Tested negative so far..=(
  30. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    Pink spots cld be implantation right? Awww u have twins! Anyways hoping good news for is both.
  31. twooonethree

    twooonethree Member

    I dont know whether its implantation or not. Had that pink spots abt 2 days ago also. On off. Baby dust to all! <3
  32. Artzer

    Artzer New Member

    Dear all, I have started my ivf cycle today. Jus took my 1st jab. Hope everything will went on smoothly~ Had a small hiccups earlier as detected a cyst during scanning. Took a bld test and luckily able to continue the procedure as planned~ Hope all of us who are going thru/ about to go thru this with all happy returns!!!
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  33. 期待好孕

    期待好孕 New Member

    Anyone experienced with Dr. Steven Teo in KKhospital IVF? I checked also seems he work in other hospital like sincere IVF center, Thomson medical center... is same doctor ? Trying to fix one doctor and make appointment for IVF consultant. Also any sister know the test cost for blood test / AMH and fallopin test in singapore? Also IVF cost ? thanks ya.
  34. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    Hey babe...just checking how are you and if you have had you BT done?
  35. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    All the best :)
  36. Pillowlim

    Pillowlim New Member

    Hi Ladies..
    Anyone on a 2WW?
    I have my ET done on 15th Aug and today is 6dp5dbt.
  37. J Kayla

    J Kayla New Member

    I did my iui on that same day!! But I suspect I ovulated only the next day so we are on a slightly different schedule here.

    Good luck!
  38. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    I just ended mine. All the best and rest well!
  39. Pillowlim

    Pillowlim New Member

    :):) it definitely the longest 2 weeks in my entire lifetime..
  40. Pillowlim

    Pillowlim New Member

    Wishing you good luck too! :):)
  41. Msofy

    Msofy New Member

    I totally get you but i slept fully during the 2ww and did housework as normal. The hardest thing is keeping your mind from overthinking. :p
  42. 期待好孕

    期待好孕 New Member

    So nice n lucky to have twins ! so did u come back to the same doc? anyone can recommend? i m rly confusing here, thanks.

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