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IVF 2019 support group

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Rebeccazoe, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. eXj

    eXj New Member

    Is it advisable to do home pregnancy test post transfer and after many days post transfer or must wait for blood test ?

  2. littlemissjasmine

    littlemissjasmine New Member

    All the best! This will be my 2nd baby if it is successful.

    Just for sharing, I did not do any home pregnancy test as I feel that the blood test will be the most accurate one, plus it is already going to be paid for anyway. And I do not want to be in the guessing state before the BT, that feeling is unpleasant. Got a positive BT for my first child on my 1st cycle then I went back home to use the test kit just for the record since I never had a positive test before after so many tries before that. Haha..
  3. cheazoo

    cheazoo Active Member

  4. numbbb

    numbbb Member

    Hi ladies

    I’ve just returned 400 red eggs this morning to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang for blessing me a pair of twins. Spreading the baby dust!!

    1) Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Miao (Siong Lim Temple, part of Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery)

    184 Jalan Toa Payoh
    Phone: 6259 5292
    Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

    2) Giok Hong Tian Temple (Yu Huang Dian)

    495 Havelock Road
    Phone: 6733 5727
    Opening hours: 7am – 5pm
  5. littlemissjasmine

    littlemissjasmine New Member

    Am having slight fever 38.1 degree and bad headache. Can I take the off the shelve Panadol?
  6. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Hi, I just did a fet at kkh yesterday and test on 5 aug. The 2ww just started. I know how hard the wait could be so wondering any buddy out there with similar schedule?
  7. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Some said 9-10 days for 5dt. Some also advised not to do so to avoid disappointment.
  8. Wimct

    Wimct New Member

    Congrats! I also started taking blackmores about 5 weeks ago and really hope it will help me with successful cycle this time.

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