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irregular cycles

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by jkids, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. jkids

    jkids Member


    should i be worried?

    for the past months, my period has been irregular. i have never have such short(16 days) or long (34 days) cycle b4. it could be due to stress. but i am also worried if there is other reasons for this.

    should i see a gp or gynae?

    any female gynae in the north (yishun, sembawang/woodlands) to recommend?


  2. ivyquek_84

    ivyquek_84 Active Member

    Does you have irregular period previously?
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  3. tinklebbdust

    tinklebbdust Active Member

    Hi @jkids

    I would suggest to go to a gynae directly to have a thorough check-up.
    It could be due to stress which ultimately leads to hormone imbalance but there are other possibilities also. Let the professional to assist you on this.

    Take care!
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  4. jkids

    jkids Member

    hi all

    I prefer a female gynae near north , so far no replies on that yet.

    anyway juz sharing about my cycles below. it has been quite regular last time, like 27 days + - then a year ago, my cycle shorten to about 23, 24, but still regular. could be stress, but stress is not something I never have.

    i recorded all my monthly cycles. .about 19 cycles here eg. 16 means 16 days before the next cycle comes. you will notice those with * is not too good. I never had a 32 days cycle in my life b4.

  5. tryingtoconceive2014

    tryingtoconceive2014 Active Member

    Hi jkids,

    I think you better see gynae to sort it out. 16 days cycle seems extremely short to me.
  6. stinzy

    stinzy Active Member

    Hi.. is the flow normal for all your cycle? Or was it light flow for some and heavy flow for others?
  7. chengsl

    chengsl Member

    Hi, sometimes, it is due to stress however, if visiting a gynae will be the best option for you as I am not the best adviser here. But don't worry so much, you will be fine:)
  8. Lydia Todd

    Lydia Todd New Member

    I have irregular monthly cycles. Sometimes it would be consistent, other times it would be months of nothing. Since my husband and I decided to finally TTC, I found out that my irregular cycles were absolutely annoying and unpredictable. I started BBT'ing to pinpoint my ovulation. That's when I found out that my hormones were out of whack. I didn't want to medicate myself. I heard too many horror stories. So I found Fertilemd supplement. In conjunction with my prenatals, I started taking fertilemd. I noticed right away that my BBT was beginning to regulate. It looked more regular. I'm on my second month and I'm happy that my hormones are regulated. We are going to start again next cycle. Baby Dust!
  9. Ania

    Ania New Member

    even though it is because of stress it might help you to visit your gyn. Might be good to calm down a little bit!
  10. my sister have irregular menses, I brought her to see a gynae at Bishan central.
    the doctor say its due to her weight issue.
  11. nanabananana

    nanabananana New Member

    Hi may I know which gynae u brought her to ? Is the gynae male or female ? Thanks

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