[HELP]Any good Water Purifier Recommend?

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Sorry for the multiple posting. I'm new here, the previous portal I posted seems don't have a lot of active parents and I hope I could get more help from here.

Recently my son got red rashes, went to the doctor a few times, not helping. I heard people say this might because the water we use. We are staying in an old HDB, not sure if the piping was too old and unclean. Anyway, I'm looking for an affordable and effective water filtration system, any suggestion?

Thanks so much for helping.

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Hi there!!

I did my research on water filtration systems and found that generally, most filters do benefit consumers in terms of water quality, such as removing chlorine from tap water, to say the least. However, it is also very interesting that most brands overemphasise and highly market on that one particular trait their system has and therefore I would suggest consumers to really do their individual research carefully. Find out the sales volume of the water filtration system, know the technology behind each component and its relevancy in improving the water quality in your home and definitely you would want to look into the certification, inspection and accreditation of the water filtration system by renowned organisations such as NSF International and The Water Quality Association (WQA).

For residential drinking water treatment standards issued by NSF International

Get an idea of the different standards NSF International inspects and certifies and look up the water filtration system you have right now

For WQA, it issues the Gold Seal Registered Trademark

Similarly, look up the water filtration system you have right now

Comparing the water filtration systems, including Brand D, Brand T, Brand C, Brand K and more, I found out that one of the only brands that legitimately proves their certification and live up to their claims is eSpring. In fact, it is the only Point-Of-Use (POU) water filtration system that combines Activated Carbon Block Filter, Ultraviolet Light Technology, Smart Chip Technology and Wireless Technology in an aesthetically pleasing and ultra-portable water filter.

Honestly, it is rare to find a water filter having a smart chip technology that conveniently monitors the cartridge usage for you. It is also economical as the electricity consumption per year is S$4.50, utilising 2.5W when on standby and 80W when the UV is on and the cartridge can last up to 5000L of water (10 000 bottles of water) or roughly a year, unlike many filters where the cartridges have to be replaced every few months. Lastly, despite how advanced and effective this water filter is, it manages to retain the beneficial substances such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride from your water source, and these minerals are essential for your bone, muscle and oral health.

I hope everyone is more aware when it comes to being an educated consumer instead of a blind consumer that makes purchases based purely on hearsay. Do your research and maximise the value-for-money on your purchases.

I have a friend who is willing to lend his eSpring unit for you to experience a 3-day trial and test whether this water filtration system really works for you, at no obligation to make any purchase after the completion of the trial. Does it make more sense to test it out and see the results for yourself than to base your preferences on hearsay?

*eSpring comes with a 3 year warranty and it can be extended for an additional 2 years at a minute cost.


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You may want to try HYFLO. They have very good reviews.
No harm trying to call, no obligation no worries and they are having promos right now. I personally have just installed their system and so far so good. My kid enjoys too. :)

Hotline: 9277 2381/ E Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.hyflowater.com
Facebook: HYFLO



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Hi Mummy, both my SIL and I have been using 3M Hot and Cold water dispenser since the birth of our children. I would recommend that - easy to use and convenient especially preparing milk for LO but can be a little pricey. :)
So many in the market! Which one to buy? Mine is just a filtration system. I rented a brand new set, with them for 5 years already. Per month is only $50. Every 2 months they will have someone to clean the filtration system for you. So far so good.

I don't like those with storage tanks.


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Everyone in Singapore is convinced that they cannot drink water straight from the tap. There is a need to buy a good water purification system that will give you water that is safe for the body and will not cause any diseases. Many water purifiers are available in the market. You must find out the best one so that you can get the purest water for drinking. You must know what the water purifier must contain to make the water pure enough to drink. Certain necessary elements should be there so that you get pure water. Let us see the components that must be there in the best alkaline water filter.

Removal Of Solid Contaminants And Chemicals

Tap water contains a lot of impurities like sand, mud, rust, and dust. All these must be filtered properly before the water can be dispensed. For this, there must be a filter that is capable of filtering any particles above 5 microns. Such a filter should be the first one so that these solid particles can be removed first. You must check whether your filter has such a filter.
One of the most important contaminants of water is chlorine. Chlorine is purposefully added to water at the water supply tanks to disinfect it. But chlorine can become very dangerous when it mixes with other chemicals in the water. Moreover, it is chlorine that gives the bad smell to water which all of you must be very familiar with. The next filter in the alkaline water filter system must prevent the chlorine from coming along with the drinking water. The best filter for this purpose is the activated carbon filter.

The Best Alkaline Water Filter Must Provide Safe Water

There are various other chemicals in the water that can cause serious illness. Heavy metals mix with the water at the source itself. These metals from various industries will seep into the groundwater and pollute it. These heavy metals are very dangerous for your body. They will affect the function of the kidneys and the liver. Once they enter our bodies, it is almost impossible to remove them as they don't get expelled in the natural processes. These metals can even cause cancer.
A carbon block filter and a post-carbon filter are essential to prevent these chemicals to pass through. Such filters also ensure that the bad smell and taste of the water are completely removed. The water now is pure enough for drinking but it is not completely safe as the germs and bacteria have not been eliminated yet. You will need another filter for that purpose.

Removing Harmful Germs And Making Water Healthy

There are various kinds of harmful organisms in the water. These organisms can grow anywhere in the water delivery process. It could mix with water at the source. Bacteria could also infest the water when it is stored in your water tank. These organisms can cause various diseases. They are one of the main causes of diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, etc. There must be a filter to remove these bacteria. They cannot be removed by ordinary filters and will need an ultrafiltration membrane. The water that passes through this filter is better than boiled water.
All this is not enough to provide you healthy water. The pH level of the water must be raised to make it alkaline. Alkaline water has many health benefits for your body including slowing down the aging process. It also helps to keep you more energetic and that is why athletes take alkaline water. The water that the filter dispenses must also contain naturally occurring elements like sodium, calcium, and potassium.

The water filter in Singapore that has all the above qualities is the best and you can safely drink the water that it dispenses without fear of diseases or health problems.

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I was confused whether it is helpful to use a water purifier or no. Then I read reviews on a website Best Kitchen Buy to check how it will be helpful and good for my house and which one will suit the best!


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Hello, I wanted to post a new thread, but I have found this one and decided to write here. I had the same problem recently, but our doctor said we should purchase a humidifier for better climate in the baby room and after humidifier, not really much had changed. Btw, we decided that it could be the problem with air in the room and we were looking for a good air purifier for our house. These purifiers are not so big (as a rule), and we decided to buy two or even three of them for our entire house, but first we needed to install one in our baby room. Anyway, we are still looking for a good option, which will be not expensive, but good working and with the option of choosing appropriate mode. We narrowed the circle up to
Germ Guardian AC5350B. I don't think it's the best one, but I hope it will do its work good.
So, you may try to do the same thing and see if it helps to you.

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