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December 2022

5 Spring Cleaning Services to get your Home sparkling for the New Year

Good news, everyone! This coming new year is the first in two years without any safe management measures or group size limits on social gatherings. Yay! But oops, it’s bad news if your home hasn’t had a thorough scrub down for two years, and you can’t help but imagine the look on Grandma’s face when she slides a finger down your living room shelf. Uh oh. 

That’s where these spring cleaning services will come in handy! The best thing? You won’t have to lift a pinkie to get your home sparkling clean and ready for visitors. Furthermore, another advantage of spring cleaning services is that they hit those hidden nooks and crevices that are often overlooked during general cleaning. Thanks to this, all the accumulated dust and dirt (from goodness knows when) will be eradicated as well. Phew! 

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1. Helpling 

This well-recognised name in the cleaning circles provides you with an experienced supervisor, as well as two or three cleaners, when you book their spring cleaning service. This includes cleaning of ceiling fans and normal light fixtures as well. Cleaning materials and tools are included for the two to four hour session (depending on house size), and you do not have to be at home while the clean-up is going on. You simply need to open the door/gate for the cleaning team, and sign a checklist after they are  done. 

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2. Luce

They don’t just wipe, clean, mop, and scrub. They will also vacuum your sofas,  clean your ventilation fans (as long as they are at a reasonable height), and clear your garbage. You can also opt for add-ons like cleaning the inside of windows, and cupboards, as well as disposing of your garbage and recycling. 

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3. OCD

With a moniker like this – which is short for “Obsessive Cleaning Disorder” by the way – how could we ignore this? OCD specialises only in professional deep cleaning services, hence it does not provide general weekly cleaning like other companies. They also use non-abrasive materials so as to prevent scratches and avoid causing damage to surfaces and furniture. What’s more, they’ll also degrease your kitchen stove, hood, hob, oven, and the microwave (one unit) at no extra charge. 

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4. SparkCleanz

The Chinese believe that spring cleaning the home before the Lunar New Year is necessary to sweep away all bad luck. But this can be a tough task, especially if your home is large, or if you simply have no time to do a deep clean for your house. SparkCleanz’s minimum spring cleaning duration is three hours, so you can be sure that their cleaners are putting in utmost care and attention to get every inch of your residence sparkling. Do note that you’ll have to provide all the cleaning materials and equipment.  

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5. Whissh

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Their trained, qualified and experienced Service Crew can do a thorough cleaning of the deep, dark, recesses of the house, for instance, behind the refrigerators, as well as the greasy kitchen hob. Cleaning equipment, solutions, and tools – even a ladder! – are included so you do not have to provide anything. By the way, Whissh is also the  first in the industry to use eco-friendly cleaning products. That’s something to consider if you have young ones, seniors, or people with allergies at home. 

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5 Spring Cleaning Services to get your Home sparkling for the New Year