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Helium Gas for Balloon

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by bblove, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Need to inflate a few balloons for my boy's birthday next mth.

    Some florist charges $4-5 to inflate a regular size mylar balloon....

    Mummies, pls chare your contact & charges.

    Thanks a lot! [​IMG]

  2. hokeypokey

    hokeypokey New Member

    There is one party shop at Parkway Parade, and they charged us $2 to inflate the walking duck balloon.
  3. rhea

    rhea New Member

    bblove, how many balloons do u need to inflate?
    If your quantity is more than 30 round balloons, i suggest you can rent a tank yourself and inflate it from balloon company. If your quantity is not too much,You can get it from party shop at tekka mall or party with us.
  4. sankan

    sankan Member

    The party shop at tekka mall and party with us do inflate balloons but their charges are really on the high side. Florists in hospital do a better job. I got mine inflated in CGH and i was charged 2$ for a 18 inch balloon and 3 for super shaped one. That was the cheapest quote i got. I asked around a lot. But as Nancy suggested, if you r doing a lot then rent a tank from "party with us". They are quite reasonable. You need to reserve your tank early though.
  5. celwong

    celwong Member

  6. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Hi Neko, do you have the address of the party shop at Parkway Parade?
  7. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Hi Nancy, I only have ard 12 balloons to inflate. So renting the tank might not be cost effective?
  8. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Sankan, I agree some of the shops/florist charges are really high. Thanks, I'll check out the florist at CGH. [​IMG]
  9. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Hi Celine, I dun think twinkleballoons helps to inflate helium balloons.
  10. hokeypokey

    hokeypokey New Member

    hi bblove,

    80 Marine Parade Road
    #02-K2 Parkway Parade
    Singapore 449269
  11. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Thanks Neko.
  12. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Btw, the florist at HDB hub is charging $2.50 to inflate one balloon.
  13. camidi

    camidi New Member

    i have rented a tank till 13march, if you need, can share with me, i stay in jurong
  14. sbk

    sbk Member

    Hi Camidi,

    You have a helium tank to share? When is your party? I only need to inflate 10 balloons and my party is on 6 Mar. How much are you charging?

  15. joannepw

    joannepw Member

    Hi Camidi,

    How much and where did you rent the helium tank? Thanks!
  16. cc2

    cc2 Member

    anybody want to share helium for birthday party around 30 apr to 2 may?
  17. shu

    shu New Member

    Yes, I will like to share. My is 8th March.

    Can sms me 97657558.
  18. lisa_ng

    lisa_ng Member

    anyone can advise where to rent helium tanks for a reasonable price?

    thanks. [​IMG]
  19. lisa_ng

    lisa_ng Member

    i've called xpress flower at causeway point they charge $2 for each balloon.

    the price was quoted for those pets/walking balloons [​IMG]
  20. camidi

    camidi New Member

    anyone want to share my helium tank?..i have half a tank left, think can pump another 20 pcs of 18" balloons,
    I rented it at $80 and can pump 40pcs
    but coz i rented in my name, and paid a $200 deposit, i gotta make sure the tank is returned in good condition, else my deposit is forfeited, so to be safe, you gotta come my place to pump up at cost( $2 each). I stay in jurong west.
  21. harnee

    harnee New Member


    Anyone to share a tank? My event on 17 May. I stay Jurong West Street 25. Need inflate 17 pet balloons...
  22. fat_cat

    fat_cat New Member


    Just want to ask anyone get their walkingpet pump at Party Joy at parkway recently? Cos a young lady fm the shop refused to pump mine claiming that my balloon fm china their tank can't inflate this type of balloons! I'm very confused when I saw the above posting fm Neko. Or maybe it just simply an excuse as they are selling walkingpet too! Maybe it crushes with their interest! If that the case they should place a notice outside their shop saying they only inflate balloons sold at their shops! Any advice?
  23. estherholy

    estherholy Member


    Got below info from one of the balloon BP that I participated recently, HTHs.

    Shop you can go for Helium gas
    200 Turf Club Road,
    Turf City, #01-39A
    Singapore 287994

    806 upper serangoon road
    Call:62823916/96451069 Evan ($2.00 18")

    Party with us
    Centrepoint #05-01
    176 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238843
    Tel : 62350221

    Party with us
    Valley Point #01-10
    491 River Valley Road
    Singapore 248371
    Tel : 62350326

    Party Joy
    Parkway parade #02-k5 (opposite Mothercare $2.00 18")

    Party city
    252, North Bridge Road, #03-28, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
    Ph : 6336 2161

    Shophouse 277A, Holland Ave, Level 2, Singapore 278994
    Tel: 6462 6011

    KK Hospital (Astoria florist $2.50 18" / Gift shop $1.50 18")

    Thomson Medical Centre (gift shop)

    SUNTEC (gift shop lvl 1 - ard $3.00 18")

    CAUSEWAY POINT LVL 5 ($1.50 18")

    TAMPINES MART LVL 1 ($2.50-$3.00 18")

    UNITED SQ B1 ($1.50 18")

    JUNCTION 8 (opp DBS $2.50 18")

    Rocher Centre (opposite Sim Lim Square) have many such party shop, their price is the cheapest compare to the above shop
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  24. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Hi estherholy,

    Thanks for sharing the long list. Definitely very useful for all. [​IMG]
  25. vinatan

    vinatan New Member

    I went to PP and CGH and both can't help me since my walking balloon is also from China. In the end, I went back to the lady who sold me the balloons and she did a wonderful job at $2 per balloon. My child loves his "pet" very much, nevermind if it's from China ($2) or Japan ($15). [​IMG]

    Thanks for the wonderful list of venues to fill our balloons. It's really useful.
  26. karths

    karths New Member

    hi karthi here i can get all kind of balloons and party needs at very low price . need help email me foxrell@hotmail.com.
  27. bblove

    bblove New Member

    Hi karths,

    Have PMed you.
  28. karths

    karths New Member

    what is PMed ?
  29. karths

    karths New Member

    Hi everyone i can get for you all kind of party needs and do up decoration for all event. Contact me at foxrell@hotmail.com or 81579707.
  30. karths

    karths New Member

  31. summer1979

    summer1979 Member


    Anyone stayin in the west wanna share helium tank with me.I need to pump 200balloons.

    My gal bday celebration is on 31st Oct 2009.

    I intend to get a medium 10L or large 40L depend anyone sharing.

    Pm me for discussion
  32. itemowner

    itemowner New Member

    Hi, anyone in the west has helium tank to share? Please PM me.
  33. bubblesyu

    bubblesyu Member

    Hi, anyone interested to share helium tank with me from 26-28 Feb 2010, pls pm me.
  34. bluegrapes

    bluegrapes Active Member

    Hi, I need helium tank on 7 Mar. Anyone interested to share please pm me..thanks.
  35. joycegian

    joycegian Member

    Hi, I have a large helium tank to share.
    I have around 150pcs of balloons.

    So still have half to share.
    Able to pump 150 - 200 balloons.

    My event is 28-30march.
    Tank can b rent till 4th apr.

    I stay jurong west.
    Birthday celebration will b at NSRCC.

    Can SMS me at 91880644.
  36. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    Hi anybody renting, can share. Please advise dates.
  37. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member

    anybody at east area renting helium in jan 2011?
  38. ivftwins

    ivftwins Member

    I am in the west intending to pump some balloons in end Jan 2011. If anyone would like to share, pls pm me.
  39. mama_annie

    mama_annie Member

    how long can helium be rented? my party is on 15 jan
  40. angelic8

    angelic8 New Member

    HI. Need to borrow helium tank just for 5-8 balloons. Anyone willing to share theirs? I can pay. It's for jan 3 2011. Or we can share the rental cost?
    e-mail me at angelic8026@hotmail.com or pm me
  41. banazz

    banazz Member

    Hi, i'm looking for someone to share helium tank. Anyone? I need a tank on 20 mar 2011, sun. Pls email me at hcteng29@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks.
  42. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    My cousin bought a small helium talk from Spotlight. Perhaps an alternative to renting large helium tanks?
  43. pinksea79

    pinksea79 Member

    Hi stacie's mom, how much did ur cousin paid for the tank? is it easy to inflat it yourself? tks!
  44. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    Hi pinksea79, it cost her $59.90. She didn't have any problems inflating the balloons.
  45. pinksea79

    pinksea79 Member

    Thanks Stacie's Mom!

    I went to spotlight last week and they say the tank is out of stock for months already [​IMG] Anyway I shall go to my neighbourhood florist to inflat it [​IMG]
  46. bÜgz

    bÜgz Active Member

    hi mummies.. .can I ask where you rented your helium tanks from?
  47. babyjass

    babyjass New Member

    Anyone know where to rent Helium gas, or anyone want to share? Thanks..
  48. rainibowbunny

    rainibowbunny New Member

    Anyone wan to share helium gas ... Birthday is jan 8
  49. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    I jut went to Xpress flowers. They no longer inflate helium for balloons. Any other places to check out for north or central area?

  50. hweehuan

    hweehuan Member

    Hi Lynn,

    For central area, u can try...

    U can Party with us
    Centrepoint #05-01
    176 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238843
    Tel : 62350221

    Party with us
    Valley Point #01-10
    491 River Valley Road
    Singapore 248371
    Tel : 62350326

    Very reasonable price $1 for 11"/12" latex balloon and $2 for !8" Mylar balloon.

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