Gynae fees for c-sect at MAH/TMC


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Hi everyone!

I know this question must have been asked a million times before but I'm at a loss when it comes to planning for my delivery (in Feb 2022).

I am planning an elective c-section, and currently am a subsidised patient at KKH but would like to get an A1 or B1 ward for delivery since it's my first childbirth experience!

Among all 3, which are the cheapest for A1 or A2/B2 wards'?

Also, any idea how much gynae fees would cost for delivery? Their charges are not included in their website so it's hard for me to gauge. I am considering Dr Michele Lee from MAH.

Thanks so much in advance!
for this, you can ask the dr directly. I tried to find out in the past too but there's nothing black and white. Just ask the nurse at his clinic and they will tell you. I did try to find out from this forum but I dont think you will get the latest price. :)