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Fraud seller

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by tlcp, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. tlcp

    tlcp Member

    hi Admin,

    Like to check, if I had deal with a fraud seller, and if the seller refuse to refund me my money, what options do I have? I only have her nick, email account. She did not give me her telephone no.


  2. bee lee

    bee lee Administrator Staff Member

    Hi tlcp,

    Please PM me the details so we can look into this.

    If this is a fraud, you may want to approach the police. The police will likely need the bank account number you transferred to and proof that you have transferred money to her.
  3. PositiveLi

    PositiveLi Member

    If true that payment was made but goods not as described, please share the details with all here.

    At the same time, file a report online with your SingPass and attach the screenshots, and details of the alleged crime.

    There may be similar cases that the SPF are investigating relating to an individual or syndicate.
  4. hannahbear

    hannahbear New Member

    if the fraud seller gave you her or his bank account, police can trace who he or she was...
  5. ZonaO

    ZonaO New Member

  6. Tanhn

    Tanhn New Member

  7. DaintyMint

    DaintyMint New Member

    Please report to the police.

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